The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday December 6, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

A Weak US Emboldens Dictators

How Maduro Survived | Journal of Democracy

Maduro will have his Venezuela take over neighboring countries while Joe Biden does nothing Click Here for Story

Fighting for the Irish Presidency?

Could Conor McGregor run for President in Ireland? Click Here for Details

Loser Needs to Drop Out

Chris Christie is being pressured to remove himself from the POTUS race. Like he had any chance anyway? Click Here for Story

Ya Think?

FBI Director says America is at high risk in part to Biden’s wide open US border Click Here for Details

Park Township short-term rental owners win court injunction

Township ban will be paused until case resumes in August 2024

Biden Impeachment?

Biden Impeachment inquiry is about to start? Click Here for Story

Michigan data privacy legislation exempts governments

Government services could gain an advantage over private businesses

Collusion Against Trump?

January 6th Sham Committee was working with Georgia Prosecutors against Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Financing the Covid Scam

Biden Admin gave$86 million to a company accused of having sold fake Covid test kits? Click Here for Details

More FBI Abuses

FBI arrests conservative actor for being at the Capitol on January 6th Click Here for Story

Outrageous Use of Tax Dollars

LA spends $67 million t house just 255 homeless people Click Here for Story

Whistleblower Outs the FBI’s Agenda Against J6ers

Same methods used against terrorists are being used against patriotic Americans Click Here for Story

What’s The Holdup on January 6th Video Release?

Speaker Johnson says they’re blurring out faces to protect participants from the FBI? But doesn’t the FBI already have the video? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday December 5 2023, TheDailyDrift.Com

Hamas Ended Truce Why?

Fact Check Team: What is Hamas, the terrorist group that rules the Gaza  Strip | WNWO

Because they didn’t want to release the hostages they raped mercilessly Click Here for Story

Joe Biden ON The Payroll

Joe Biden Anguishes Over Hunter, 'My Only Surviving Son' - The New York  Times

Joe Biden was getting monthly payments from Hunter Click Here for Story

Ford Marshall plant dubbed worst deal of 2023

Taxpayers spent $1.7B; governor’s allies ran expensive smear campaign against dissenters’

The Only Thing Democrats Have Left …Is Hate

Cheney says GOP House majority in 2025 'presents a threat' to US | The Hill

Democrats, Never Trumpers and their media allies look o demonize Trump for the 2024 election Click Here for Story

Michigan data privacy legislation exempts governments

Government services could gain an advantage over private businessesRead more

Public Service Commission ruling on the Line 5 Tunnel is a small pre-holiday win for Michiganders

One bit of good news to balance the glut of Grinch-like energy news coming out of Lansing Read more

They’re Scared of Trump

Guilt of the Democrats make them fearful of a Trump return to power Click Here for Story

Banks and the Feds Knew of Shady Biden Deals

Money was moving suspiciously but the Feds refused to investigate Click Here for Story

Microsoft Is Helping the CCP

Helping to spread Chinese Communist propaganda Click Here for Details

Pfizer Vaccine Was an Experiment…

The people of the world are the test subjects Click Here for Story

Excess Deaths…

They’re getting larger and you can guess the cause? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday December 4, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

No Science Behind The False Fossil Fuel Narrative

President of the COP28 Summit says there is no facts to push the world to stop using fossil fuels Click Here for Details

Shoring Up the Base of Democrat Voters

Democrat Governor Whitmer signs bill to allow convicted felons and teenagers to register to vote? Click Here for Story

The Climate Grift

American tax dollars go overseas to convince developing countries to not use coal. But they use it anyway (and rightfully so). So what is the scam about sending the money? Click Here for Details

The Corrupt January 6th Committee

Why did the biased and politicized January 6th committee destroy evidential video tapes? Click Here for Story

Elon Is Right…

Journalism today is mostly propaganda shaped by political entities and their corporate political donors Click Here for Story

Selective Expelling

The House expels one alleged criminal but leaves the rest in place Click Here for Story

Replacing America

Biden’s open borders is finishing off the job of destroying 200+ years of American culture Click Here for Story

Kiss of Death?

Liberal writer likes Nikki Haley. That’s more than enough warning to not support Haley as the Republican Presidential nominee Click Here for Details

Dictatorship in South America to Grow Even Larger

Biden and US Big Tech are supporting Venezuela’s invasion and takeover of neighboring Guyana. Just like Russia and China are? Click Here for Story

Gutfeld Going Rogue?

Will Fox News’ popular host and pundit get the ax from Fox for speaking the truth about his employer? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday December 3, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Call It Karma

Climate Grifting global elite get a heavy dose of Karma Click Here for Story

The problem with pork

Michigan lawmakers grant $1B in earmarks annually

Bad News for Biden

Michigan Muslims turning on Biden Click Here for Story

Another FBI Informant?

Yes and this one tried to kill wrongly convicted ex-police officer Derek Chauvin Click Here for Details

Who Could Be Trump’s VP

Hopefully not another deep state elitist like Pence Click Here for Story

Tuberville IS A Hero

Fixing our military by stopping woke DEI madness needs to be done Click Here for Story

Our DOJ Is Lawless

DOJ fines a trucking company for checking that applicants are in the country legally Click Here for Story

Ok Its Pretty Funny

The new Tesla Cyber Truck is faster than a Porsche? (while towing a Porsche!?) Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday December 2, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Senator Dick Durbin Protecting Pedophiles?

Why would US Senator Dick Durbin block a subpoena of the Epstein Flight logs? Is he or others in government on it? Click Here for Story

GOP Fails It’s Constituents Again…George Santos Expelled

Republicans shoot themselves in the foot and lose a vote in the House as they expel George Santos but allow Democrats to not be expelled for worse abuses Click Here for Story And Here for More Info


Venezuelans are about to vote on invading their neighboring country? Click Here for Details

The Real Racists? The Deadspin Writer

Deadspin writer who said kid wore blackface tries to keep story afloat. Disgusted social media users push back with contempt.

Phony journalist keeps trying to push a 5 year old as racist Click Here for Details

Bill Gates Still Pushing the Climate Scam

How much longer will the world keep buying the scam that makes Bill Gates richer? Click Here for Details

Hmmm What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

FILE - The logo for OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, appears on a mobile phone, in New York, Jan. 31, 2023. Lawmakers in Brazil’s southern city of Porto Alegre Brazil have enacted legislation written entirely by artificial intelligence. The experimental ordinance was passed in October and city councilman Ramiro Rosário revealed on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2023, that it was written by a chatbot, sparking objections and raising questions about the role of artificial intelligence in public policy. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

As if Socialist governments don’t make enough mistakes now they’re using AI to write legislation in Socialist Brazil Click Here for Story

You Can’t Trust Terrorists

Hamas breaks truce and gets pounded by Israel Click Here for Details

A Fetterman Says What?

Democrat Senator wants fellow Democrat Senator Menendez ousted like George Santos Click Here for Story

Congressional Censoring

House Members kept from freely Seeing news websites of their choice on the internet Click Here for Story

Democrats Only Path Forward?

They have nothing to run on in 2024 except to demonize Trump Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday December 1, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Trump NY Trial IS Railroading At Its Best

No victim no crimes yet a corrupt judge and attorney general are pushing forward for political reasons Click Here for Story


Over 200 FBI agents were agitating in the crowd on January 6th? Click Here for Story

Government Disinformation or Misinformation?

The real purveyors of misinformation and lies is the government Click Here for Story

Whitmer signs clean energy package; it will cost you

By 2040, Michigan utilities will be forced to run mostly on solar panels and wind turbines

Restoring America’s Energy

Being energy independent is a must for the United States’ survival Click Here for Details

Honesty…What A Concept

Stop shaming people for telling the truth Click Here for Story

Hold Them Accountable

Did White House Officials collude with Big Tech to censor Americans? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Mexican mummies have unknown DNA? Click Here for Story

Let’s See What the FBI Has Been Hiding

Court orders FBI to release Seth Rich’s lap top info Click Here for Details

Hamas Nazis

Of course these violent terrorists are Nazis… and it makes you wonder why so many liberals support them? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday November 30, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why Are We Spending US Tax Dollars Like This?

US funds the UN who in turn fund hate and terrorism Click Here for Story

Politicized DOJ

The DOJ is ready to attack any Trump supporters on Social media? Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Deposition First Public Testimony Later

Is Hunter afraid to be caught in a lie? Click Here for Story

EV battery maker lays off quarter of staff

Our Next Energy ‘on track’ to build facility after $237M welfare package

How to Save the US Military

Stop the wokeness via laws Click Here for Details

Tax Case for SCOTUS?

This is huge for taxpayers Click Here for Story

Gaza Is NOT Stolen Land

There s no Palestinian land that was stolen? Click Here for Details

Wake Up Ireland

Don’t let the left lie to you about who is causing violence in Ireland Click Here for Story

Fish Over Humans

Biden Admin is putting fish over people Click Here for Story

Oh Really? What Destroyed South Africa?

Equity and Diversity? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday November 29, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

America Last…Again

Your tax dollars are paying for benefits for illegals NOT fellow Americans Click Here for Story

The Next Amnesty

Now you know why Biden is leaving the border wide open for his new voters. Up to 30 million illegals could get Amnesty? Click Here for Details


Biden will put Kamala Harris in charge of garnering Latino support? Click Here for Story

Selective subsidies are a losing strategy for Michigan

Corporate welfare does not fuel high-growth states, and is not the answer for Michigan

Why Bother?

Why is Fox wasting time on a debate between third rate POTUS candidate DeSantis and Governor Newsom who isn’t even running? (allegedly) Click Here for Story

Why Monitor If Not Guilty of Something?

Why is Moderna monitoring the social media accounts of anti-vaccine celebrities? Click Here for Story

Expose Shady Air Force Personnel?

Congressman Matt Gaetz wants to know who in the Air Force told airmen not to attend conservative political rally Click Here for Story


Who Poisoned Ukraine Military Intelligence Head’s Wife? Click Here for Details

Stop Eating Meat??

And other nonsense from the elitist owned and CCP controlled UN Click Here for Story

Will We Get Anything New?

Hunter Biden will have to testify to Congress but who exactly is Lesley Wolfe? Click Here for Details

Can We Remove Ronna?

RNC Head Ronna McDaniel is a failure by any standard so what will it take for Republicans to get rid of her? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday November 28, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Donors Return to Trump

Top GOP donors know who the real candidate is Click Here for Story

Maryland’s Lawless Police?

Blue state cops are enforcing an un-Constitutional law Click Here for Details

Buy Our Junk…Or Else

Pfizer and BioNTech to Seek FDA ...

Pfizer files lawsuit against Poland for not buying more of their useless vaccines Click Here for Details

Two Detroit museums net $4M each in state budget

Detroit museums awarded money from the state budget two years in a row

Insanity in Ireland

Conor McGregor - Wikipedia

When speaking up against stabbings of children becomes a hate crime. Irish police show complete hypocrisy Click Here for Story

Democrats Hate America

And it shows Click Here for Details

Shots Fired

US ships come under fire again from Yemen Click Here for Details

The Left IS Scared

Donald Trump would gut Joe Biden's ...

They’ve done everything to destroy the west and the US is this why they are scared of Trump getting back into power and exposing them? Click Here for Story

Northern Exposure

The US northern border is as exposed as our southern border? Click Here for Details

CDC and FBI Are Corrupted?

Why wouldn’t the FBI and CDC investigate a Chinese biolab on American soil? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday November 27, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why It Is Time to Leave the UN…

Moral decay, corruption and a difference in basic human values has distanced the United Nations from the United States Click Here for Story

America’s Political Prisoners

The Democrats have turned the US into the Soviet Union Click Here for Details

The missteps of the Michigan Legislature were many in 2023

Forced unionization, pork, and corporate welfare are the story of first half of the 102nd Legislature

New York Anti-Semitism?

Riot in Queens High School over Jewish teacher Click Here for Story

What About Vivek?

POTUS candidate has a controversial background despite taking a lot of MAGA positions Click Here for Details

Romney Proves Again He’s Nothing but A Democrat

Disgraced Senator Mitt Romney proves why he’s not worthy of being elected as a Republican and why his niece isn’t trustworthy to run the Republican party Click Here for Story

The US Needs to Follow Argentina

Javier Milei ran on fixing Argentina and we need a candidate to save the US in the same way Click Here for Story

The Real Threat to America

Its the debt stupid...Click Here for Details

China Problems

US Ship in China Confrontation

US ship confronted by China in controversial waters Click Here for Story


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm violated Hatch Act

Biden’s Energy Department woefully unprepared to prevent fraud Click Here for story

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