The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday May 25, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Divider in Chief

Biden's Emotional Stephen Colbert Interview

Biden like Obama doesn’t make the attempt to unify Click Here for Story

Get Your Kids OUT of Public Schools?

New York schools keep pushing drag queens on little children Click Here for Details

Michigan Mother Sues for Info on Gender and Diversity Studies

Rochester district provided only partial material on hot-button courses, Mackinac-supported suit claims

Georgians Never Learn?

RINO Kemp wins his primary Click Here for Details

Brownouts Are Coming

Even energy rich Texas may have rolling blackouts and brownouts this summer Click Here for Story

Same Old Blaming and Shaming

Politicians look at gun control again but never realize criminals and those with evil hearts can’t be legislated out of existence. Its a culture problem NOT a gun problem Click Here for Details

The BIG I Told You So?

Fauci’s researchers find better immune response from natural immunity than vaccine Click Here for Story

Celebrity Idiots Come Out of Woodwork Again

Michael Moore back on his anti-gun crusade Click Here for Details

Inflation and the Fed

Two sides to every financial story but which one is right? Click Here for Story

Ending the Bush Dynasty?

George P. Bush loses to Ken Paxton in Texas AG primary Click Here for Details

Border Crisis

A closer look at the wide open border and the flood of illegals Click Here for Story

Canceled Flights

pilot shortage

More stupid government policy will make flying tougher this year Click Here for Details


Warn your children about scammers on the phone and internet Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday May 24, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Mixed Up Joe

Biden's Menthol Cigarette Ban Is Stupid, Will Hurt Black Communities

The White House is now walking back Biden’s comments about protecting Taiwan? Click Here for Story

No Way to Run a State

Mandatory water restrictions coming for Californians? Click Here for Story

More Teachers, Fewer Students, But Teacher Shortage Story Goes On

Bridge, Chalkbeat join the call for more

The Wrong Direction

Small business owners are increasingly pesimisstic on the direction of the American economy? Click Here for Story

New Bill Would Give All State Employees $2K Bonuses

Aims to reward ‘dedication’ and ‘incredible resilience’ Read more

Its the Economy Stupid

Americans less worried about Russia in Ukraine more worried about the home front being destroyed by Democrat policies Click Here for Story

No Voter Suppression

Early voting hits new record in Georgia despite absurd claims by Democrats that election integrity rules would hurt voting Click Here for Story

Hurting Red States

Miscounts in Census is undercounting Red states and overcounting Blue states Click Here for Story

Replacement Theory

Yes its a thing and te Democrats embrace it? Click Here for Details

Half A Million Illegals

Democrat allow half a million illegals into the country in the last 10 weeks alone Click Here for Details

2000 Mules

Watch the proof of Election Fraud Click Here for Story

Yes There’s a Recession…

ITs already started remember to blame Democrats in November Click Here for Story

Embracing the Enemy

Biden Admin is getting soft and supportive on terror groups Click Here for Details

Control Through Fear

Democrats and the Deep State want you to believe in domestic terror but in fact the only domestic terrorists are the Democrats and their liberal allies Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday May 23, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Committed to Taiwan?

Biden says yes to protecting Taiwan against Chinese aggression? Click Here for Story

What Was Mueller Doing?

All the time and money investigating the Russian collusion hoax and Mueller never found that the DNC and Hillary were involved? Click Here for Story

The Next Scaredemic?

Are Biden and the Democrats ready to push the next plandemic to control Americans through fear? Click Here for Story

Is Putin Really Sick?

Misinformation? Propaganda? What’s the issue with Putin’s health? Click Here for Details

A Win for Sailors?

Board finds in favor of US seaman who objected to mandatory vax Click Here for Story

Woke Medicine

Destroying our healthcare system with woke culture Click Here for Details

Our Biggest Economic Problem?

Spiraling energy prices due to Biden policies is pushing inflation Click Here for Story

Hold Hillary Accountable

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign manager testified Friday that Clinton herself gave the go-ahead to alert the media to the false claim that then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had covert ties to a Russian bank.

Hillary Clinton personally greenlighted the Russian Collusion hoax its time she pays the price Click Here for Details

Border Disaster to Worsen?

Ending Title 42 will make the border problem worse Click Here for Story

China And The Deep State Caused Covid?

This was no accident? Click Here for Story

Russian Success in East Ukraine

Russian forces make headway in eastern Ukraine Click Here for Updates

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday May 22, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Moving New York Red?

Court decision on congressional districts gives GOP some advantages? Click Here for Story

Arizona Election Fraud Update

Is ballot harvesting going to be investigated? Click Here for Story


Eric Adams

New York’s worst mayor yet wants to run for President? Click Here for Details

Schools Struggle To Spend Their Federal COVID Bucks Fast Enough

The lobbyist for West Michigan school districts says they need more time

Sex Trafficking?

Yes its everywhere the Media just doesn’t want to talk about it? Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Starving US infants thanks to Democrats Click Here for Details

The Border Crisis

Even Hispanics know Biden is destroying our country’s integrity Click Here for Story

Still Think The Global Elite Cabal is A Conspiracy?

Davos elite caught on video talking about compliance of the population? Click Here for Story

Watch It, Share It: 2000 Mules

Americans need to know what happened during the 2020 election Click Here for Details

Corrupt Education System

Between the unions and the socialists your students don’t stand much of a chance Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday May 21, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Pattern of Lying

Clinton lawyer on trial shows a pattern of lying, sound familiarly like Democrats? Click Here for Story

Detroit Ballot Harvesting

Damning evidence with first video of ballot harvesters dropping stacks of ballots into drop boxes Click Here for Story and Video

While Whitmer Touts Job Gains, Michigan Has Yet To Recover From COVID Shutdown

Bureau of Labor Statistics undercuts governor’s sunny auto employment claims

Get Out of the Corrupt UN

US Senators urge the US to leave from the Chinese owned WHO Click Here for Details

Finally a Common Sense Judge?

Judge rules Biden can’t remove the Title 42 rules which would have increased the flow of illegals Click Here for Story

Elon Now Sees Democrats Are the Party of Hate?

Musk won’t vote for Democrats and their fascist hate filled rhetoric? Click Here for Details

Disney Propagandists

Pride-Themed Disney Plush Toys

Disney releases LGBTQ toys to warp children’s minds? Click Here for Story

Climate Scam IS Not About Science

Lies and nonsense are what the climate scammers are using to push their agenda Click Here for Story

Can SCOTUS Stop the Bureaucratic State

Growth of government is destroying the greatest nation on earth Click Here for Details

One Really Bad Catholic

San Francisco Bishop bans Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story

The Stupidity of Democrats

Anti-Trump impeachment witness Fiona Hill says Putin waited to attack Ukraine until stupid trump left office?? Click Here for Details

Finishing the Draining of the Swamp

Democrat failures show why the DC swamp must be drained Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday May 20, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Will Kemp Beat Perdue?

Can the Trump endorsement help Perdue overcome big odds? Click Here for Story

Will Detroit Schools Ever Unmask?

Easter came and went, but the mandate lives on

SCOTUS Leaker IS Known?

The liberal justices for sure know the identity Click Here for Story

At-Risk Funding Favors Poorer Communities

Pols make equity claims that are contradicted by the numbers Read more

Utterly Ridiculous

Democrats are losing their minds over their upcoming losses in elections because of stupid Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Is The Steal on In Pennsylvania?

Why the 3rd world counting issues and delays? Click Here for Details

The Results of Wide Open Borders

Huge drug bust in South Carolina Click Here for Details

Biden’s Destructive Economy

Skyrocketing diesel prices mean food shortages and inflation due to Biden and the Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Bush’s Freudian Slip?

Calls Iraq invasion unjustified? Click Here for Details

The Death of Freedom Starts in EU?

More lockdowns this time due to fuel shortages? Click Here for Story

The Real Enemy

China staging mock attacks on US Navy Click Here for Details


Democrat witness says men can get pregnant and have babies? Click Here for Story

2000 Mules Makes the News…Finally

Local station defies odds and corporate bans to show true evidence of the election steal Click Here for Details

Treasonous Bastard?

DHS Secretary is leaving America undefended and exposed Click Here for Story

Helping or Hurting?

Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Graeme Jennings/Pool via AP, File)

The Fed says it will act to stop inflation but will they really? Click Here for Details

Exactly What’s Wrong with Universities

Most graduation speakers like the professors and curriculum are liberal Click Here for Story

Failure to Launch

Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” collapses before it can launch Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday May 19, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Pennsylvania Primary

Too close to call yet? Click Here for Story

Sovereignity At Risk?

What’s up with the WHO getting control of world governments? Click Here for Story

Elites and Their Dark Money

Stopping the expansion of voter ID is what DC Elitists and their dark money funders want Click Here for Story

At-Risk Funding Favors Poorer Communities

Pols make equity claims that are contradicted by the numbers

Swamped Out?

Madison Cawthorn loses primary after repeated attacks by the DC swamp or his own past mistakes? Click Here for Details

WEF Owns the UN?

Why are we still funding an organization that does not have America’s best interests at heart? Click Here for Story

Missouri Stands Up Against Medical Insanity

Bill will protect Doctors who prescribe real treatments for Covid like Ivermectin and HCQ Click Here for Details

Did Twitter Lie on SEC Filing?

Elon Musk asks SEC to investigate Twitter’s real number of fake accounts and Bots Click Here for Story

Most Votes in American History?

President Joe Biden delivers remarks in Washington on Sunday.

Not a chance, the math doesn’t work and over half of Biden’s twitter followers are fake Click Here for Story

Trump’s Kentucky Wins

Trump-Backed Kentucky GOP Primary Candidates Sweep

45’s endorsements are a likely bet Click Here for Details

The Wealthy Don’t Worry About Carbon Footprints

They want the common man to cut back but they never will Click Here for Story

No Science Here…

Why won’t the government run a study on natural immunity? Click Here for Details

Democrats Screw Up Everything

The bad news just keeps coming with Democrat control Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday May 18, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Unsecured US Border

Wide open on the service and cartel tunnels beneath the southern border Click Here for Story

Questioning the Pillaging of America

Republican Senators want to know where American tax dollars are going in Ukraine, All Senators should be asking that Click Here for Story

Finland Feels the Pressure

Russia shuts off electricity to Finland over NATO plans? Click Here for Details

Good Teacher Not Rewarded By Contract She Helped Negotiate

This year’s winner worked against compensating instructors based on job performance Read more

Biden Economy

Record high gas prices shake US economy

historically high fuel prices Click Here for Details

Nailing a Phone Scammer

Scammer picked on the wrong elderly couple and gets caught Click Here for Story

Electric Vehicle Subsidy Would Provide Relief For The Rich

Bills aim to let Michigan taxpayers help wealthy drivers get into expensive electric cars

DC Court Has No Justice?

John Durham Files Motion to Keep Michael Sussmann Case Alive

Obama appointed judge oks Clinton donors on the Sussman jury Click Here for Details

Outing Twitter

Project Veritas does it again with a video that outs the censoring employees and management of Twitter Click Here for Story

Blinded Justice?

Why Do the Feds and State Authorities keep missing obvious red flags on mass shooters? Click Here for Story

Elon Knows…

Joe Biden is a shell of a President, somebody else is in control Click Here for Details

Painfully Obvious

Democrats are just plain bad for America and ALL Americans Click Here for Story


Mayorkas admits he DIDN'T know 'disinformation czar' called Hunter's laptop  Russian disinformation | Daily Mail Online

Senate Dems cancel testimony of the “Disinformation Czar” Click Here for Details

Democrats Like NO Choice in Schools

Biden Admin hates charter schools they want all kids in the public indoctrination camps Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday May 17, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Durham Starts Trial

Clinton lawyer goes to court Click Here for Details

The Fraud Just Keeps Coming

2000 Mules ballot harvesting is just the tip of the iceberg Click Here for Story

Good Teacher Not Rewarded By Contract She Helped Negotiate

This year’s winner worked against compensating instructors based on job performance

Congress Is Just Plain Dirty

Stock trading and pathetic disclosures show how badly corrupt our representatives are Click Here for Story

Pushing Russia’s Buttons

What will Russia’s reaction be to Sweden and Finland joining NATO Click Here for Story

Fifty Million for Flynn?

Ex-Trump advisor Michael Flynn fuels pardon talk in Mueller case

General Michael Flynn readies for huge lawsuit against the government Click Here for Details

Buffalo Shooter Was Known to Authorities

Once again government failed to stop an obvious threat to the public Click Here for Details

Biden to Send Troops Back to Somalia

Democrats just can’t stop the warmongering Click Here for Details

More Gun Law Nonsense

Shootings that could be averted if government did their job only end up with Democrats looking for more useless gun laws and more reductions of rights for the law abiding citizens of the US Click Here for Story

The Lies About SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

The media and left are spouting nonsense Click Here for Details

China Not So Strong

As bold as China is acting their failures are mounting Click Here for Story

Is The Voting System Still Rigged?

How safe are your votes and our election system? Click Here for Details

Can the RINO Elitists Be Defeated?

RINOs have ruined the Republican party can MAGA candidates take it back? Click Here for Story

McDonalds Says Nyet?

people walk past a McDonald's resaurant

Fast food giant is leaving Russia Click Here for Story

NOT a Christian or Conservative

Buffalo shooter was not what the media is trying to shape him as Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday May 16, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Calling Out the Biden Admin Lies

Oil industry disputes the lies Biden Admin used to stop offshore oil leases Click Here for Story

Word Salad?

Who is worse Joe or Kamala ? Click Here for Details

Public Schools working Against Parents

These aren’t public schools they’re government schools and they are out of parental and taxpayer control Click Here for Story

Democrats Make Saudi Arabia Rich Again

Biden and Democrat policies have put Saudi Arabian oil companies back in the profitable driver’s seat Click Here for Details

Put American Security First

Congress should be paying for US border security before anymore money goes to Ukraine Click Here for Story

We Already Knew That…

Elon Musk says twitter is manipulating its users Click Here for Story

Fetterman’s Stroke?

Democrat Senate candidate suffers stroke Click Here for Details

Investigate It

Why is the Biden Admin giving baby formula to illegals while American babies suffer? Click Here for Story


…Against Pro-Life groups why isn’t the Biden Admin doing anything? Click Here for Details

Does Russia’s Fall Hurt the West?

Its complicated but change only brings more danger and new stronger enemies? Click Here for Story

Pennsylvania Senate Primary

Race gets tighter on the Republican side Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Antique hand grenades from the Crusades? Click Here for Details

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