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Michigan Democrats Look to Stop Election Investigations

Democrats in Michigan just made it harder to investigate election fraud? Click Here for Story

Biden Campaign Violation?

Why is the public paying for Biden campaign signs? Click Here for Story

Michigan House scheduled to vote June 20 on diverting $670M from teacher debt to other projects

Teacher pension retirement system nearly $30B in debt

Equality Has Its Down Side?

Furor over women having to register for the military draft? Click Here for Details

Biden Wasting Billions

Over $42 billion and 3 years later, Biden's rural high-speed internet plan hasn't connected a single home

Biden and the Democrats spent over $42 Billion to connect Americans to high speed internet. And didn’t connect anyone Click Here for Details

Gain Of Function Apocalypse?

Why are so many working on something that could eliminate the human race? Click Here for Story

Hurting Children and Bilking Medicaid

Whistleblower says Texas Children’s Hospital has been charging Medicaid for gender transition of children? Click Here for Details

How Is THIS Not Already the Law?

Only Citizens of the US should be voting in US elections Click Here for Story

Red Sea Attacks Not Done?

The Main Stream Media is ignoring it but Houthi Rebels are now sinking ships in the Red Sea Click Here for Details

The Outright Lies of the January 6th Sham Committee

Time to fact check the DemocRat’s phony narrative of January 6th Click Here for Story

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