The News YOU Need to Know Monday June 24, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Drug Test the President?

Former Presidential Physician says Jo9e Biden needs to be tested for drugs Click Here for Story

Fighting Back…

Wyoming is fighting back against Biden’s detrimental war on fossil fuels Click Here for Story

Trump Support Growing in Blue Areas

Traditionally Democrat strongholds are turning to Trump Click Here for Details

Never Forget…

The traitor Republicans who side with Democrats Click Here for Story

More Bad Vaccine News

As if vaccine related injuries couldn’t get any worse now this info… Click Here for Story

Replacing Zelensky?

How deep does corruption go and has Zelensky wore out his usefulness to the Deep State? Click Here for Story

More Biden Ties to China

Hunter Biden was being courted by China for a lot of reasons but they all lead back to guess who? Click Here for Story

Bills could force some Michigan landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers

Property group opposes the plan, citing bureaucracy

Teamsters Going Red?

The Teamster’s President will actually speak at the Republican convention Click Here for Story

Attacking Our Foundations

Democrats and Progressives are attacking the very fabric and foundations of America Click Here for Story

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