The News YOU Thursday June 20, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

GOP Battle

Incumbent Congressman in razor thin fight with Trump endorsed rival Click Here for Story

FBI Nazis?

Joe Biden’s brown shirt FBI is intimidating Americans Click Here for Details

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals remands Line 5 lawsuit to state court

Attorney General Nessel’s effort to close the pipeline continues

CNN Debate

Its all about protecting Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Tough and Stagnate

Half of Americans are finding it difficult to stay even with inflation? Click Here for Story

Biden Campaign Hurting From Videos of Joe Biden’s Dementia?

Joe Biden is 'not fine' | Sky News Australia

A new campaign task force designed to mitigate the problems Joe Biden is showing the public Click Here for Details

The Biden Economy

Its all about bankruptcies and problems for businesses Click Here for Story

Bond Problems?

Japan is liquidating some US and European Treasury bonds what does that mean? Click Here for Details

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