Monday June 24, 2013

 Don’t forget to catch this week’s The Drift Radio Show June 22, 2013 Join Gary’s guest hosts Patrick Tavolacci and Joe Vollmer as they discuss the weeks events in politics and interview Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck on stopping Medicaid expansion and Obama care in Michigan Click Here for Podcast

A2 School Cover Up?

  Ann Arbor Schools Administration knew about deficit for five months before telling School Board Click Here for Story

Howell School Board Has Its Own Conflicts

Can board members with relatives who teach in district participate in negotiations Click Here for Details

 Cornerstone Charter Schools

Play Video Below


Finally the ACLU is on the Right Side of an Issue

Telling Obama were a nation in fear Click Here for Story

Rand Paul Will Oppose Immigration as it Stands

The Border should be secured first Click Here for Details

Another Scandal for Menendez

IS this even news anymore? Click Here for Story

 The Senate Will Vote on Immigration Bill…Before Reading It

Seen this stupidity before? Click Here for Details and Video

Not the Religion of Peace

Islamic extremists slaughter 10 innocent tourists in Pakistan Click Here for Details

Total Hypocrite

Alleged Journalist  David Gregory wonders why Greenwald isn’t being charged after he wasn’t charged for violating gun charges Click Here for Story

Snowden in Moscow and Flying to a Third Country

Cuba, Ecuador or Venezuela? Click Here for Details

Fleecing Taxpayers

Sheep shearing subsidies Click Here for Story

Canada Flooding

Calgary floods; downtown damaged Click Here for Details

The Material Gun Girl?

Guess which pop superstar made a common sense gun statement? Click Here for Story


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