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The Daily Drift is a media site designed to help keep people informed at the local, state and national levels with current news and opinion.

The Drift Radio Show, The Daily Drift, The Courant Newspaper and Courantonline.com are all common sense venues designed to cut through the non-sense of political spin and keep government on its toes as watchdogs for your tax paying dollars.

Gary Wellings is the Chief Editor of The Courant, Courantonline.com The Daily Drift and host of The Drift Radio Show

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Jim Thornton says:

    In that Glen Becks interview with Brad Thor called for a patriot taking out Donald Trump (killing), I would
    like to call for a boycott of WAAM from 9am to 12 noon, eastern time. Glen Beck has lost his mind and has obviously started supporting Hillary Clinton and Obama

    • Gary Wellings says:

      HI Jim

      sorry just saw this. You are not alone but finding a replacement for him is not easy, many of us aren’t particularly happy either which is why they have given the 11 to 12 spot to Founding Fathers. Give them some time. I was a big Glenn beck fan at one time. He has fallen off his rocker lol. Thanks for writing sorry it took so long but your views are spot on.


  2. bill Julian says:

    Hi Gary you just “liked” a tweet from me on Twitter. Thanks. I’m Gracious America on Twitter. Question: Since you are in media and I have sen this proposal to other media but do not know if it will take root. Question” I want to see if there is a way that Donald Trump can mention the Movie by Denesh Desouza “Hillary’s America at the next debate. I’m not sure of legal disclosure or things like that but imagine 70 million people hearing that advertisement. Could be a game changer. Let me know your thoughts and if you can get the message to Mr Trump’s team, Thanks Bill

    • devt6799 says:

      yes keep tweeting to KellyAnnPolls, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, VP Pence, Dan scavino. I told them Trump should just buy a half hour of prime time on any cable channel and talk about Hillary America and Clinton Cash with Dnesh and or/Jon Voight the ratings would be through the roof

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