Saturday September 21, 2019

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FISA Fight

GOP and Dems clash on Capitol Hill Click Here for Story

Unsupported Numbers In State Budget Impasse News Story

Cites Michigan League for Public Policy President Gilda Jacobs

Be Warned

Is Banks borrowing a sign of impending disaster? Click Here for Story

Its All About Biden

Alleged whistleblower complaint is about Biden abuse for profit? Click Here for Story

Using Children

Protesters hit the streets from London to the Pacific (AFP Photo/Ben STANSALL)Brainwashed youth being trotted out for climate scam Click Here for Story


Rate of illegal alien children showing up alone hits new high Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

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Friday September 20, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com


Never Trump Republicans are as evil as Democrats Click Here for Details

Amazon to Invest in Pontiac?

Old Lions stadium site could become new Amazon distribution center Click Here for


Coming to America?

Dennis Rodman: 'Kim Jong Un will be in America in 18 to 24 months' Kim Jong Un will visit America within the next 2 years? Click Here for Story

Despite Bluster And Bullying, 32,208 Left Teachers Union Since Right-To-Work

MEA suffered another legal embarrassment this month

Beto The Gun Grabber

O’Rourke doesn’t like being called out on his gun confiscation rhetoric Click Here for Details

The Next Attempt to Remove Trump ?

Alleged whistle blower says POTUS promised something?? Click Here for Story

Ohhh Justin

Justin Trudeau is shown wearing an afro wig and dressed in black face to impersonate Jamaican singer Harry Belafonte to sing 'Day-O' at a talent show at his high school. He graduated in the early 90sCanadian Prime Minister wore black face…repeatedly Click Here for Details

From the Science Side

Comet or craft? Interstellar object coming through solar system Click Here for Story

Scaring Children

 Climate activist kids have been scared and brainwashed by eco justice community Click Here for Details

Stop the H1-Bs

Silicon-Valley-Workers Visa program being abused by businesses to screw over American workers Click Here for Story

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Thursday September 19, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Score for Climate Scammers?  Zero

Not one climate doomsday scenario has come true Click Here for Details

Michigan Vape Ban

What to know  Click Here for Story  and Click Here for Full Rules 

State Law Restricting New Clinics May Limit Promising Cancer Treatment

Critic accuses health care rationing commission of mission creep

Economy Strong

Fed Chair says no  worries about a crash Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Roads Appear Middling-To-Poor, Not The Nation’s Worst

It depends on who you ask

Influencing the Election

James Comey wants to try and influence the 2020 election? Click Here for Story

Spendaholic Sanders

Sanders unveils $2.5 trillion 'Housing for All' plan Another wild and extreme spending scheme from Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders Click Here for Details

How Was It Missed

Saudi and American forces missed Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia Click Here for Story

Joe “The GaffeMaster”  Biden’s Latest Blunder

Says his child tax credit will put 720 million women to work?? Click Here for Details

New Sanctions on Iran

Trump Admin ratchets up more sanctions on terror state Click Here for Story

New National Security Adviser?

Trump Picks Hostage Negotiator O'Brien as National Security AdviserAdministration picks replacement for Bolton Click Here for Details

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Tuesday September 17, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Lies of the Left

Latest accusations against Kavanaugh are simply to open a possibility for impeachment IF a Democrat wins the Presidency? Click Here for Details

Drive In Comeback?

New Drive In theater to open with big new tech screen Click Here for Story

NOT Well Thought Out

Vaping Ban is just another feel good move with no facts behind it and bad repercussions Click Here for Details

GM Workers Strike

UAW strike target gets hit Click Here for Details

NY Times Retracts Latest Kavanaugh Accusation Story

Fake News IS now what MSM calls news Click Here for Details

Is War on Iran Inevitable?

Attack on Saudis like a Pearl Harbor? Click Here for Story


Manhattan DA subpoenas POTUS Tax records Click Here for Story

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Monday September 16, 2019 The Daily Drift

Libs Attack Kavanaugh Again

More unsubstantiated allegations against Justice Kavanaugh Click Here for Story

How to Fix Michigan Roads?

Prioritize the budget? Click Here for Details

Will Comey and McCabe Face Justice

GOP Minority Leader makes prediction Click Here for Story

Are Kavanaugh Attacks a Threat?

Libs and Democrats trying to force a Justice to make liberal decisions? Click Here for Details

Will Gas Prices Jump?

Saudi oil shutdown could cause big problems Click Here for Details

Another Fake Hate Crime

Edawn CoughmanFormer NFL start fakes hate crime on his own business Click Here for Story

Beto’s Gun Grab is Sound Constitutionally?

The left is no longer hiding their plans to disarm America Click Here for Details

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Sunday September 15, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Still Trumpin

Pennsylvania still on the Trump Train? Click Here for Details

Did Iran Attack Saudi Oil Fields?

Iran denies Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

Ontario’s Energy Woes Should Be a Warning

Providing affordable and reliable electricity requires more than just good intentions

Michigan Teacher Pay Scales: Top Out Fast, Then Go Nowhere

That’s the union contract most teachers accept when they enter the profession

Florida’s Nanny State

Catch Berry Bandits Click Here for Story

El Vigilante?

Mexican Cartel Assassin turns on the cartels Click Here for Story


  You can’t make up the nonsense the spews from Speaker Pelosi Click Here for Details

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The Drift Radio Show September 14, 2019

The Drift Radio Show September 14, 2019

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss upcoming IG report, illegal alien remittances, government abuse on FISAs and investigations by the Deep State Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday September 14, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Join us on The Drift Radio Show at 1 pm on Saturday on WAAM Talk 1600 or live on the web at  call in line 734-822-1600 to discuss news of the week!

IG Report Almost Ready?

Draft turned in but will it hold anyone accountable? Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

The Attack…The Cost

Did Julian Castro overstep bounds in attack on Biden at debate? Click Here for Story

No Such Thing As An Average Teacher Salary In Michigan

One teacher saw a $19,166 increase over three years; another, $435 over seven

Michigan’s Ineffective, Unfair and Expensive Corporate Handouts

The state should get out of the business of providing business favors

Hungry? China’s Tariff Exemptions

China exempts pork and Soybeans Click Here for Details

Don’t Mess with the 2nd

Conservatives warns GOP and POTUS about expanding gun control measures Click Here for Details

Tommy Robinson Gets Out

British journalist released from prison in UK Click Here for Details

Gun Grabbers

  Beto doesn’t hide his plans to take your assault rifles Click Here for Story

Stop This?

What is the Federal reserve doing about illegal alien remittances? Click Here for Details

Did We Learn Anything

18 years after 9/11 have we forgotten the lesson ? Click Here for Story

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Friday September 13, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Face Off

Biden, Warren and the Rest go off at the Debate Click Here for Story


Condoleeza Rice shuts down NBC newscaster on Russian collusion nonsense Click Here for Details

Teacher, Poet, Pizza Guy – At $82k Says Side Job Needed To Pay Bills

But also said his pay is ‘by no means terrible’ at the Ann Arbor school district

National Groups Push Music Therapist Licensing – Which Benefits Themselves

Michigan’s up next in considering music therapist bill

Stopping Activist Judges

Legislators look for bill to stop judges from enacting Nationwide rulings Click Here for Details

Go Ahead and Carry

Concealed carry holders to carry their guns Click Here for Details

They Got Nothing Else

Democrats keep pushing the dead Russian collusion hoax Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Win for Admin

High court backs the Trump Admin on new asylum rules Click Here for Story

Snake UFOs?

Whats up with the newest UFO craze? Click Here for Details

Oh No Lizzy!

Elizabeth Warren, Morning White DoveSenator Warren’s great great great grandfather was what? Click Here for Story

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Thursday September 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Never Forget…Who Did 9/11

Rep Ilhan Omar gets ripped at memorial for 9/11 Click Here for Details

‘Right Now’: Timetable For Group’s ‘Stop Burning Fossil Fuels’ Demand

But 75% of Michigan homes are heated with gas, and renewables produce just 8% of electricity

Mislabeled Good Jobs for Michigan Program Would Be Added to the Business Subsidy Scorecard

Corporate handouts continue to be ineffective

A Good Sign

Both Congressional NC seats go Republican Click Here for Details

Sue the Fake News

Maddow and MSNBC get sued by OANN for reporting fake news Click Here for Story

The Takeaway

What to know about Bolton leaving the Trump Admin Click Here for Details

Wall Street Doesn’t Like Socialists

Elizabeth Warren will be bad for Wall Street and Main Street Click Here for Story and Video

Back to Work

6.6 million no longer on Food Stamps Click Here for Details

Bernie Hates Gays?

Candidate Bernie Sanders attends Muslim event with those who threaten the gay community? Click Here for Details

The Sickness of the Main Stream Media

World Trade Center Attacked 9/11 september 11 2001New York Times tries to protect Radical Islam from being at fault for 9/11? Click Here for Story

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