Tuesday May 21, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

We Don’t Care…

One Democrat understands…we don’t care about Trump tax returns Click Here for Details

Bill Authorizes Herding Cats — Literally

Legislation authorizes ‘community cat’ programs for ‘community cat caretakers’

Beyond the Fight over Social Studies Standards

Michigan families need more educational freedom

Buttigieg on Abortion

Another Democrats who supports abortion at any time? Click Here for Details

Time to Replace RINO Amash

Finally a chance to get rid of Rep Justin Amash Click Here for Story

Bad Blue Light

wearing glasses to block blue light waves can be healthy? Click Here for Details

Double Talking Pelosi

  Crisis or no crisis? Pick one Nancy Click Here for Story

Wallace the Wimp

Chris Wallace Doesn’t hold Buttigieg accountable during interview Click Here for Details

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Monday May 20, 2019 The Daily Drift

FBI Withheld Information

Gowdy says FBI withheld crucial info from FISA court Click Here for Details

Amazon Spying

Amazon admits its listening on you Click Here for Details

State Oversight Fails As Auditors Scorch Detroit Schools’ Accounting

Lawmakers said oversight provisions of 2016 state bailout would prevent such failures


Jeh Johnson says there is an emergency at the US Mexico border Click Here for Story

Regulated Enough? Bill Imposes Licensing Mandate on Hunting, Fishing Guides

Current guides say state should enforce existing rules, not write new ones

The End of Iran?

POTUS says a war with Iran would be their end Click Here for Details

Australia Goes Right?

Conservatism gets a win in Australian election ? Click Here for Details


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Sunday May 19, 2019 The Daily Drift

Just Become a Democrat

Justin Amash proves once again he isn’t a conservative Click Here for Details

Regulated Enough? Bill Imposes Licensing Mandate on Hunting, Fishing Guides

Current guides say state should enforce existing rules, not write new ones

Discriminated Against

White Professor wins in court Click Here for Details


POTUS  looks to pardon military members Click Here for Story


 Schwarznegger gets kicked in South Africa Click Here for Details

Migrant Crisis Worsens?

SwedenSweden might be heading for a new crisis Click Here for Story


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The Drift Radio Show May 18, 2019

The Drift Radio Show May 18, 2019

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss AG Barr, the Mueller report and news of the week  Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday May 18, 2019

Join us on The Drift Radio Show at 1 pm Saturday  on WAAM Talk 1600 or www.waamradio.com to discuss news of the week call in line 734-822-1600

Comey Leaks?

Who and how on dossier leaks being probed Click Here for Details

Billions In Michigan Taxpayer Dollars Flowing To Big 3

Shhhhh! State officials refuse to reveal how much

Cutting Hair or Working as an Athletic Trainer in Michigan May Get a Bit Easier

Bills would lessen some licensing restrictions

Giving It

Howard Stern pushes back on Joy Behar Click Here for Details

What About Flynn?

Will the public finally know more about charges against General Flynn? Click Here for Story

Illegals Moving Across Country

Dems refusal to fix immigration laws means ICE has to move illegals after release Click Here for Details

Setting the Stage?

President says spying on his campaign and Admin was treason Click Here for Story

Trump Immigration Plan

Things you need to know Click Here for Details



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Friday May 17, 2019 The Daily Drift

No Obstruction Here

AG Barr says its up to Mueller if he wants to testify? Click Here for Story and Video

Whitmer Approves Further Delay In Watered-Down Teacher Ratings

Public school establishment resists accountability

No-Fault Reform Plans Will Save Drivers Money

Both Senate and House bills empower Michigan drivers to reduce their insurance premiums

Hardball’s Matthews Finally Gets It Right?

Says Trump is winning and Pelosi is scared Click Here for Details

Sure Fire Loser

DeBlasio throws his hat in ring for Presidency Click Here for Story

Tories May Get New Leader?

Boris Johnson may seek leadership of British Tories Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

News on the cancer cure fight Click Here for Story

Baby Killer?

 AOC says women’s right to abortion more important than life of a child? Click Here for Details

Blame Game Begins

Comey, Clapper, BrennanClapper and Comey begin pointing fingers Click Here for Details

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Thursday May 16, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Alabama’s Huge Pro-Life Move

Bans all abortions after heartbeat detected Click Here for Details

Dems Playing More Politics

Steny Hoyer prevents Republican from testifying on climate change? Click Here for Story

Communities Again Say ‘No’ To Industrial Wind Farm Developers

But state’s big utilities look to install hundreds of turbine towers

On Road Funding, Voters May Not Be As Dumb As You Think

Bridge Magazine op-ed only considers tax hike option for more road funding


US Soccer Team Captain vows not to sing the National Anthem Click Here for Story

The Durham Curve?

AG Barr’s appointment of Special Counsel John Durham has Dems scared? Click Here for Details

And They Should Be Scared…

Ex-DOJ official says this new investigation is big Click Here for Details

MSM Hoaxes

What fake news  is the mainstream media promoting now Click Here for Story

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Wednesday May 15, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Common Ground?

Chuck Schumer backs POTUS on China tariffs Click Here for Details

Dems Cite U-M Report To Knock Similar GOP Auto Insurance Reform

Legislature’s reform bills contain key medical cost, coverage cap features recommended by U-M unit

Better Pension Assumptions Protect Taxpayers

Pension bills would take government retirement funds seriously

Don Jr. Agrees

he will testify for the Senate Click Here for Details

Investigating the Investigators

John Durham will investigate those who started the collusion hoax Click Here for Story

Dem Party Split

AOC sides with Bernie over Biden Click Here for Details

Lying Rashida

Changing history and facts is becoming Rep. Tlaib’s strongpoint? Click Here for Story

Biden Goes Extreme

Former VP goes for the far left of his party? Click Here for Details


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Tuesday May 14, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Top Dem Wants GOP to Apologize to an Anti-Semite?

Rep Steny Hoyer is once again siding with anti-Semites Click Here for Story


Some things you need to know about PFAS contamination Click Here for Details

Two Detroit Cops Each Collected $100k-Plus Just In Overtime In 2018

237 Detroit police employees each collected $40,000 or more in 2018 overtime

Unnecessary Regulations Prevent People From Working

New report shows licensing reduces the supply of workers by 20 percent

Ignore It

Senator Lindsey Graham has advice for Don Trump Jr. Click Here for Story

POTUS Will Meet with Russia and China Presidents

Trade and National security on the agenda at G20? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Predicting heart attacks? Click Here for Details

Not So Joe

Working Class side with POTUS over Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Another Democrat Wants You to Pay for Illegals Medicare

This is what is wrong with the Democrat party Click Here for Details

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Monday May 13, 2019 The DailyDrift.Com

Political Investigations

Dems continuation against Trump for Obstruction is just politics Click Here for Story

Repeat Business At State’s Corporate Subsidy Window

After first grant led to no new jobs, state gives company a loan

Wake Up America

Another Islamic Terror Training camp busted this time in Alabama Click Here for Story

DHS Wants Help

Homeland Security turns to Defense Dept for help on border Click Here for Details


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