Saturday October 19, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Eating Their Own?

Hillary calls Tulsi Gabbard a Russian agent?? Click Here for Details

Court Denies Records Request For Controversial Activist’s Texts With Mayor

Nikki Joly could get life for arson that killed five pets

Lawless Mexico

Cartel Gunmen free El Chapo’s son Click Here for Details

The Ceasefire

POTUS says sometimes fighting can lead to ceasefires Click Here for Story


Trump Campaign threatens suit over bias Click Here for Details

OUTRAGE: Time to Leave the UN

  UN gives Venezuela a seat on Human Rights Council Click Here for Story

Deep State Traitor

Admiral William McRaven (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)Retired Admiral and warmonger McRaven writes Op-Ed to remove POTUS Click Here for Details

Will Brexit Pass

Its go time on the latest Brexit attempt Click Here for Details

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Friday October 18, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Replacing Elijah

Rep Cummings death leads to new Oversight Chairman Click Here for Details

Politicians Bet Taxpayer Dollars On Soccer, Taxpayers Lose

Lansing mayor said games would bring in big-spending fans

An Update on Criminal Justice Policies in Michigan

By most measures, the state has been improving

Minimum Wage Failure

Target raises employee wages but has to cut employee hours Click Here for Story

Reforming Social Security

One idea to save the program Click Here for Story

Losing Patience

Angry Londoners pull climate activist from train roof Click Here for Details

Peking James

southparklebron1South Park goes after LeBron over communist China support Click Here for Story


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Wednesday October 16, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Ukraine Was Already Investigating Biden

Before phone between Presidents of Ukraine and US the Ukraine was already investigation the Biden connection Click Here for Story

Elite of Washington Wrong on Syria?

Sen. Rand Paul slams those wanting to keep troops in Syria Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Winter Weather

What will Michigan get this winter? Click Here for Story

A Global Climate Strike Isn’t Enough

Personal responsibility will do more for the climate than striking

The Coup Crime Family

Hmmm enough to make you wonder who runs Washington DC Click Here for Details

In Michigan, More Getting Richer, Poor Getting Less Poor

State has recovered ‘very strongly’ from Great Recession

Quid Pro Biden

Hunter Biden admits he wouldn’t be on boards if he weren’t Vice President Joe Biden’s son Click Here for Details

Senate GOP Stay Unified…So Far

Despite some criticism GOP senators are not backing impeachment yet Click Here for Details

NBA Player Supports Communist China

LeBron disgraces himself by supporting Communist China over Hong Kong protesters Click Here for Details

Brexit Deal Close?

Is negotiating coming to an end? Click Here for Story

What Rules??

  House Democrats making up rules as they go along in impeachment nonsense Click Here for Details

Democrats Want to Replace Americans

From left, Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. raise their hands to answer a question Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)  Dem Presidential candidates want to bring in immigrants to vote Democrat Click Here for Story





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Tuesday October 15, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

CNN Exposed!!

Image result for cnn  Project Veritas exposes the clear bias of the CNN Propaganda machine Click Here for Details and Video

What Are the Democrats Hiding

Eject a GOP Member of Congress from an impeachment inquiry meeting Click Here for Story

CMU Tuition More Than Doubled Since 2000; Revenues Up But Enrollment Stagnant 

State higher education funding is down, though

What’s Wrong with Washington DC?

Globalist Dems, GOP and Media would rather guard Syria’s border than our own US border Click Here for Details

Attacking Turkey’s Pocketbook?

Trump Admin says sanctions are coming for Turkey after their attack on Kurds Click Here for Story and Video

Syrian Forces Move Toward Turkey

As US forces pullout Syria moves in to confront Turkey Click Here for Details

Barr’s Warning

 America is under attack from within ? Click Here for Story

Google China Collusion

Google is partnering with China on an AI Manhattan Project Click Here for Story

Lying Lieu

Yet another Democrat Congressman has huge truth deficiencies Click Here for Details

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Monday October 14, 2019 The Daily Drift

Kurds Find Their Own Solution

Strike deal with Assad’s Syrian forces and Russia Click Here for Details

The Forgotten UP?

SNL skit forgets about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Click Here for Story

MSU Tuition, Overall Spending Up Big Since 2000; State Funding Down

More spending, higher costs mean more student debt

Fox Going Phony

Last week poll showing record numbers supportin gimpeachment was phony Click Here for Details

Defending the Syrian Decision

War mongers and Media are looking for war in the Middle East? Click Here for Story

Voters are Over Investigations

Democrats have overplayed their hand with endless accusations and investigations to get rid of POTUS? Click Here for Details

Going Ater Schiff

Tea Party and some GOP congressmen filing complaints against Rep Adam Schiff Click Here for Story

California’s Decisions Are Hurting the Poor

Power black outs hurt the lowest income earners Click Here for Details

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Sunday October 13, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Sign of Guilt?

Hunter Biden steps down from board of Chinese company Click Here for DetailsHunter and Joe Biden.

To Impeach or Not Impeach

Will Speaker Pelosi hold impeachment vote? Click Here for Details

Keep Pure Michigan Spending at $0

The program is ineffective and a waste of taxpayer dollars

This IS the Democrat Left

The sickness that the left is spreading Click Here for Details

Does GOP Have The Guts to Deal with Impeachment

Or will they roll over to Dems like they always have? Click Here for Story

So? It’s True

  Rep Ilhan Omar complains that POTUS calls her an American-Hating Socialist Click Here for Details

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Saturday October 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Alleged Whistle Blower Worked with Joe Biden

More evidence of shenanigans Click Here for Details

Good Consumer News

Consumer confidence surges up Click Here for Story

Bye Felicia:Fired or Quit?

Shepard Smith leaves Fox News Click Here for Details

U of M Buys Into Fake News?


Hosts Hillary Clinton as she takes her Unfair I Lost Tour Click Here for Story

Falling on the Pelosi Sword

  Michigan Rep Slotkin risks her re-election to support crazy Dem impeachment Click Here for Details

Five Unionized Public Schools Excluded From Funding Hike, Union Silent

Employees unionized at just five of 300 Michigan charter schools; all excluded from state aid increase

This Is Higher Education?

Sponge Bob is racist says University professor Click Here for Details

The Duplicitous Lindsey

Exactly which Senator Graham are we seeing today? Click Here for Story

POTUS Popular

Even youth are joining Trump rallies Click Here for Details

China Controls the NBA

NBA Dupbows to pressure from China Click Here for Story


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Thursday October 10, 2019 The Daily Drift

Turn Out the Lights

California shuts off power to 34 California counties Click Here for Story

Make in the USA

UAW wants GM to make all cars in the US Click Here for Details

540 Apply For One Teaching Opening, Zero For Six Others

Union contract provisions narrow candidates for some of 184 open positions

Out of Touch with Reality

Hillary Clinton thinks she won the 2016 election Click Here for Story

Impeachment In Name Only?

House Dems won’t hold vote, Senate says its a no go anyway and Admin won’t cooperate Click Here for Details  Liberal Media Heads Explode Click Here

Real or Warmongering?

Is Turkey going to target Kurd civilians or is the media pushing for endless war? Click Here for Story

Obama IS Guilty?

 Obama knew and/or instructed the investigation into Trump campaign? Click Here for Details

Love Lost

China now tearing down NBA signage in Shanghai Click Here for Story

Dems Usurping the Impeachment Process

3rd world optics for the Democrats Click Here for Details



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Wednesday October 9, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Goose and Gander

Republicans should pull a play from the Democrat handbook and leak the whistle blower’s name Click Here for Details

POTUS Right Again?

The Associated Press Tariffs are not raising prices? Click Here for Details

Punishing Students

Governor Whitmer vetoes charter school funding increase Click Here for Details

Teacher Shortage? District Gets 1,177 Applications for 30 Openings

Superintendent says ‘abundance of applicants without proper certification’

Kangaroo Court

Democrat impeachment nonsense not getting played by Admin Click Here for Story

Rudy Would Testify

Senator Graham says he’d ask Rudy Giuliani to testify in Impeachment hearings Click Here for Story

Grab the Popcorn

Biden and Son could be forced to testify in Impeachment hearings? Click Here for Story

Enough Endless Wars?

Is POTUS doing the right thing ending America’s policing activity overseas? Click Here for Details

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Tuesday October 8, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Syrian Withdrawal

Understanding the US, Kurdish and Turkey relationship Click Here for Details


Image result for gretchen whitmerMichigan Governor Whitmer strip out pro-life funding from state budget Click Here for Story

Since Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal, Deaths Up, Injuries Down

Worst fears of repeal opponents appear unrealized

Raising Intolerance?

Image result for maga hat 25% of college students want to ban MAGA hats Click Here for Details

Leaving Syria Doesn’t Mean abandoning Kurds?

POTUS warns Turkey Click Here for Story

Trump Tax Returns to be Revealed?

Judge tosses attempt to keep POTUS tax returns from being seen Click Here for Details

Omar Files Divorce

Image result for ilhan omar and husband  After months of rumors Congresswoman Omar will be getting divorced Click Here for Story

What Are the Dems Hiding

Moving impeachment to Intel Committee to keep info secret? Click Here for Details

Obama Booby Traps?

Did Obama lay traps for Romney that are not being used against Trump ? Click Here for Story


Liberals and media attacks on the second amendment are causing increases in gun sales Click Here for Details

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