Tuesday June 18, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

One Hit Wonder?

AOC not liked in her own district…will she get re-elected? Click Here for Details and Video

Congressman Andy Levin Continues Tradition

Off the charts stupidity is a Democrat tradition Click Here for Story 

Private School Decline May Be Overstated

Families need more, not fewer, education options

All Quiet On The ‘Photo-Cop’ Legislative Front — For Now

Revenue-seeking municipalities and device vendors behind push to bring red-light cameras

Crazy Gender Bendering?

Gay journalist says the gender fluidity issue is getting out of hand Click Here for Details

Fake News Continues

Phony biased polling and ridiculous pundits want Americans to think Trump is un-electable Click Here for Story

This Is What to Watch

No matter the polls Democrats can’t match POTUS pulling power Click Here for Details and Video

From the Science Side…

Fountain of youth found in blood? Click Here for Details

Iranian Threats

Will break Uranium stockpile limits in 10 days Click Here for Story


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Monday June 17, 2019 The Daily Drift

Border Agents Getting Sick

Illegals causing sickness among border agents Click Here for Details

A Problem

Africans enter the country illegally and get dispersed across the country? Click Here for Story

Obama Knew?

Did the ex-President set up the Trump campaign? Click Here for Details

Black Out

South America experiencing electrical grid failure Click Here for Story

What The Dems Do

  Looking at slavery reparations Click Here for Details

Pelosi Losing Grip?

Should the Speaker be worried about her own support? Click Here for Details

Fake News or Bad Polling?

Polls show Dems ahead of POTUS  Click Here for Story

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Sunday June 16, 2019 The Daily Drift

FISA Timeline

The Carter Page FISA timeline Click Here for Details

No State Education Board Majority To Take $47 Million Federal For Charters

The schools get the money anyway


Former Obama Administration officials siding with Iran Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Anticipation

Many await upcoming SCOTUS rulings Click Here for Details

Fauxcahontas Rising

Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren rising in Dem polls Click Here for Story

More Fake News

Is the NY Times putting out story about US cyber attacking the Russian power grid fake news ? Click Here for Details




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The Drift Radio Show June 15, 2019

The Drift Radio Show June 15, 2019

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss news of the week with callers including Iranian Attacks in the Gulf of Oman, foreign intel in US elections and the hypocritical double standard applied by the Mainstream media and the Left Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday June 15, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Join us on The Drift Radio Show at 1 pm EST on WAAM Talk 1600 or waamradio.com to discuss news of the week  call in line 734-822-1600

Hispanics stick with Trump

Immigration stance is not affecting Hispanic community’s support of POTUS Click Here for Story

Money Hungry Governor

Michigan Governor won’t think about removing sales tax unless another tax replaces it? Click Here for Story

Mismanagement, Incompetence Made Benton Harbor Schools A Financial Basket Case

Auditor’s notes blast leadership at a well-funded school district

Saving the Lemonade Stand

Texas Governor Abbott tells local governments to leave kids lemonade stands alone Click Here for Details

Supporting KellyAnne

POTUS won’t fire KellyAnne Conway for politcal remarks Click Here for Story

Iran Denies Attacks on Tankers in Gulf

Ship owner also questions accusations? Click Here for Details

Democrats Defend Criminals?

Julio Castro says”crime happens” when discussing stolen Social Security numbers by illegal immigrants Click Here for Details

The Trump Economy

US Factory production jumps as China’s slows Click Here for Details

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Friday June 14, 2019 The Daily Drift

Is There War in the Gulf?

 An aerial picture showing the huge blaze raging on the oil tanker after the attack this morning Who torpedoed ships in the Gulf of Oman? Click Here for Details

Oil Glut for 2020?

Could huge oil supplies hit the global market Click Here for Details

Well-Funded Benton Harbor Schools Received 28% More Money Than State Average

District’s $13,098 per pupil in the top tier of school funding

Michigan’s Auto Industry Matters Less to the State Workforce

One out of 25 jobs in the state is in auto manufacturing

Did the Soviets Actually Win? …The Young Socialists

Has the next generation of Americans been propagandized into complete socialists? Click Here for Story

Manchin Leaving?

Is Senator Joe Manchin retiring from the senate? Click Here for Details

Whistle Blowers Coming Forward

 As Dems look to further investigate Trump whistleblowers are speaking about fraudulent investigation? Click Here for Story

Immigration Crisis

NOGALES, AZ - AUGUST 30: U.S. Border Patrol agents, David Macias (R) and Kurt Dannawitz, process a group of illegal aliens August 30, 2005 in Nogales, Arizona. The governors of New Mexico and Arizona have declared a state of emergency along the border due to drug trafficking, illegal immigration and …No health vetting of those coming into the country Click Here for Details

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Thursday June 13, 2019 The Daily Drift

Baby Murder is A Right?

Illinois Governor signs bill making abortion a fundamental right? Click Here for Story

The Strongest Cancer Links

33 things to try and avoid? Click Here for Details

Forfeiture Reform, Legal Pot Could Cost Wayne County’s Sting $500k+ Annually 

‘They don’t even care about the criminal charges,’ says defense attorney

Countering Dem Stupidity

White House asserts Exec privilege to counter continuing harassment Click Here for Story

General Flynn Changes Direction

Hires new counsel Click Here for Story

Pinterest Censoring

Another Social Media site is hurting conservative groups Click Here for Details

For Pete’s Sake Joe

Biden says he will cure cancer if elected? Click Here for Story

Blame Jussie

Empire show canceled because of Jussie Smollett case? Click Here for Details

Joke Is On the Environmentalists

Glaciers are outliving those said they would disappear Click Here for St

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Wednesday June 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Obstruction…By Hillary

Even Bill Maher says Hillary Clinton committed Obstruction? Click Here for Details


What happens when the biggest company in town poisons the water? Click Here for Story

Uber, Lyft May Be Reducing Michigan Drunk Driver Crashes

But activist site seems to criticize ridesharing services as competitors to taxpayer-funded transit

More Fake Hate Crimes

Another claim of hate crime found to be a hoax Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

Stock market nears all time high…again? Click Here for Details

Underpaid? Pleeeease

Photo by: John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx 2019 5/31/19 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) returns to Bartending to promote fair wages in Queens, New York.AOC demands pay raise for Congress Click Here for Story

Booker Doesn’t Get It

  Compares illegals situation to the Holocaust Click Here for Details

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Tuesday June 11, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Mexico Freezes Accounts?

Human trafficking investigation is widening and bank accounts are being frozen but whose are they? Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Turns Silencer Case Away

Silencers are a gun accessory and not a gun protected by 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Story

Anti-Tobacco Lobby Disappointed: No Tax Hike In New Vaping Law

Governor has ‘significant reservations’ over signing bill banning sales of vaping products to minors

Michigan Road Funding at Record Levels Without Proposed Tax Hike

Lawmakers should be aware of the amount currently being spent on roads

YOU Foot the Bill

California will make taxpayers pay for illegal immigrant’s health coverage Click Here for Story

Nadler Not Up To It?

Dems wonder about Rep Nadler handling Trump Investigation Click Here for Details

Mexico Deal Is Good for Both Sides

Can Mexico benefit from controlling its border as well? Click Here for Story

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Monday June 10, 2019 The Daily Drift

Obama Crew Turning on Biden?

Image result for joe biden  No support for the Biden campaign Click Here for Details

Shady Actions

How bad was the Obama FBI as they went after Carter age Click Here for Story

What Dems Support Impeachment?

IS leadership losing control of House Dems? Click Here for Details

Riots in Hong Kong

Protesters and Police clash Click Here for Story

What Was Secretary Kerry’s Involvement ?

U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) listens to opening statements from fellow Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation members on Capitol Hill February 28, 2006 in Washington, DC. The committe held a hearing about the United Arab Emirates-based company Dubai Ports World's take over of the managment of several terminals … Was John Kerry Involved in Russian invasion of Crimea Click Here for Story

The Left is Causing Anti-Semitism

Rise in violence can be blamed on Democrat policies and attitudes? Click Here for Details



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