Tuesday May 19, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Co-Opting Coivd

Democrats using the Pandemic crisis to push their socialist agenda Click Here for Story

Ignoring Whitmer

Another Michigan business defies Governor Whitmer’s un-Constitutional orders Click Here for Story

POTUS Uses Hydroxy Chloroquine/Zinc

And the media and bought off medical experts lose their minds Click Here for Story and Video

Lockdown Lies

We are being lied to Click Here for Story

Michigan vs. the Midwest: Reopening Plan Vague Compared To Neighbor States’

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois residents know where they’re going and when

Watch What They Do: Cell Phones Show Michigan Residents Travelling More

Despite a Whitmer ‘stay at home’ message on gas pump ads

Online Schools ?

Could teaching jobs be at risk? Click Here for Story

Lock Down Based on Faulty Data

Neil Ferguson

Was this an accident or just bad data? Click Here for Details

Big Tech Censoring

Truth tellers being censored by the social media giants Click Here for Details

New Details on the Pensacola Terror Attack

an air force team moves the remains of a sailor killed in a december 2018 shooting at naval air station pensacola

Info shows it was Al Qaeda related Click Here for Story

Democrats to Pay Illegals?

Once again Democrats side with illegals while Americans suffer Click Here for Story

Democrat Ties to China

Candidate Mark Kelly has ties to China funding? Click Here for Details

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Monday May 18, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why Republicans Fail

Senator Grassley asks why a failed politicized Inspector General was removed ? Click Here for Story

Yep CDC Has Phony Covid Numbers

Death count inconsistent at best Click Here for Details and Video

Nonsensical Decisions

Governor Whitmer is destroying an entire industry and not basing her decisions on factual data Click Here for Details

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Says Rebel Barber ‘Not A Hero,’ ‘Not A Patriot’

Says jail a ‘last resort’ but license suspended

Superstar Patriot

Richard Grennell shows he’s not backing down from draining the swamp Click Here for Story

A Tale Of Two Governors

Whitmer applauded by mainstream media, called ‘dangerous’ by conservative voices

Say Yes to Hydroxy Chloroquine

Doctors saying Hydroxy Chloroquine is working despite the media and vaxers dismissing it Click Here for Story and Video

Yes They Should Be Fired

Ron Jonson: 'I don't disagree with' administration over firing of State Department IG

Getting rid of corrupt IGs is long over due Click Here for Details

Lock Downs are Failing

The American people and the data show lock downs are not a solution Click Here for Story

Still the Divider in Chief

(Screen Capture)

Obama pushes his divisive brainwashing on our children Click Here for Details

Reopenings Safe?

So far no spikes in states that are reopening Click Here for Story

More Lies From Obama Employees

New documents suggest Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine lies under oath Click Here for Story

Stopping Huawei

Telecom company is just an intel arm of the Chinese Communist Party Click Here for Details

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Sunday May 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

You’re Joking Right?

5 Takeaways From Obama's Susan Rice Appointment : It's All ...

Susan Rice wants to be Vice President? Click Here for Story

Hearing on Whitmer’s EO

Judge hears arguments on the suit against Governor’s Executive Order Click Here for Story

And the Phony Statistics Continue?

New York admits to changing data on Covid again Click Here for Details

Contact Someone With COVID-19? Go Into Quarantine For 14 Days

And the government won’t tell you who it was

Pelosi’s Pork

Humdrum - Nancy Pelosi - Mug | TeePublic

House passes a $3 Trillion special interest and pork package Click Here for Details

Another Small Business ‘Dream’ Crushed By State Lockdown

Hastings musical instrument shop latest to close nullC

Its Called Facts…

President right , Media wrong again over reasoning for number of confirmed cases Click Here for Story

Can The WHO Get Their Funding Back?

Reports say the US may restore funding Click Here for Details

When Government Fails

3 of 5 biggest Covid outbreaks were in Government Nursing Homes Click Here for Story

Unused Test Kits?

LA has surplus going unused Click Here for Story

Critic or Seditionist?

Obama Criticizes Virus Response in Online Graduation Speech

Former President who spied on his predecessor now tries to undermine on Corona crisis Click Here for Story

Flip Flopping Fauci

The Left’s superstar on Covid has been wrong repeatedly Click Here for Story

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Saturday May 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Quiet on UnMasking

On the list of unmaskers, pressure builds on Joe Biden Click Here for Story

The Tighter the Grip the More You Lose

Whitmer Losing Control as Michiganders are done with lock down Click Here for Story

Locked-Down Gym Owner To Governor: ‘We Are Not Just Businesses, We Are People’

She doesn’t want to break the law but does want government transparency

More Corona Fake Death Count

Man dies of alcohol poisoning and is counted as Covid death Click Here for Story

Gov. Whitmer’s Latest Plan Lacks Detail

The public remains mostly in the dark

Women Increasing GOP Presence

GOP sees groundswell of women running in House races

More women running for office as Republicans Click Here for Details

Whitmer Frequent Fodder For National Conservative Humor Site 

Lampooned seven times during epidemic by Babylon Bee

Biden Struggling

Gaffes or declining mental ability? Click Here for Story

Space Force!

United States Space Force presents its flag Click Here for Details and Video

UnConsitutional Judge

DOJ needs to fight for the rule of law and force Judge Sullivan to obey the law Click Here for Details

Protests Grow

Americans rebelling against draconian Democrat lock downs Click Here for Story

Space Experiment

astronauts touching X37B

US Space plane taking experiments to orbit Click Here for Details

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Friday May 15, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Disgruntled Globalist

Another liberal bureaucrat testifies for more doom and gloom to affect the election Click Here for Story  And Not Under Oath? Click Here for Details

DHS Secretary Responds to Dr. Bright

Everything was done right Click Here for Story

Punishing Michiganders

Gov. Gretchen WhitmerTyrant Whitmer says protests will make her extend her lock down Click Here for Story

Whitmer Warns Protestors They Risk Lockdown Extension

Do politics play a role in governor’s response to lockdown scofflaws?

No Freedom of Speech?

Police Officer fired for supporting the Constitution Click Here for Story

Facebook Police Shut Down Michigan Anti-Lockdown Group

‘They will not silence us’

Whitmer Creates Business Reopening Panel 56 Days After Her Lockdown

Why the wait?

Senator Burr Under Investigation

Stock sales amid Corona pandemic being looked at Click Here for Details

GOP Win in California

But will it stand? Click Here for Story

Graham Promises Russia Flynn Probe in June?

Graham to start hearings on Russia probe, Flynn in JuneWill Senate finally look at the corruption in the FBI and DOJ Click Here for Story

Back to the Speak Easy

Bars opening on the sly Click Here for Details

Would Clapper Testify?

Remote Testify? Testify after Vaccine? Click Here for Story

Complicit Media

Are media figures guilty of colluding with treason and sedition? Click Here for Details

The Coup

Crimes of the Obama Admin are nothing short of a political coup attempt Click Here for Story

The Collusion

Russia trying to influence the US election is real but it was Obama allowing it Click Here for Details

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Thursday May 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Naming the UnMaskers

Obama Admin officials who may have been  involved in the unmasking of  General Flynn released Click Here for Story and Video

Governor Whitmer the Tyrant

Judge Rules Barber in WI Can OpenStrips barbershop of its license for opening under her unconstitutional order Click Here for Details

The Deep State Is Real…

And they tried to undo an election Click Here for Story

Don’t Trust Fauci?

Don’t let bureaucrats destroy the economy Click Here for Details

Blue Angels Over Michigan

Stunning video of the flyover Click Here for Details

Lawsuit: State Can Lock Us Down, Not Lock Us In

Law students argue travel ban violates due process, equal protection rights

Covid Lock Down Is Killing People

Mother dies during childbirth because of Covid restrictions Click Here for Story

Brewery Closes Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Big Cat Brewing served its last brew in a county with no reported coronavirus deaths

Shut Downs Are Hurting the Poor

Low income households being hit hard by state lock downs Click Here for Story

Michigan: 2,919 ICU Beds, 667 COVID-19 ICU Patients

Read more

Government Orders 500 Million Injection Devices?

Contract awarded is this for vaccines? Click Here for Details

Election Influence?

Are Blue State governors trying to influence the election with shutdowns? Click Here for Story

Open Up

Not opening schools is not an option Click Here for Details


John Brennan must pay for his treachery Click Here for Story

Straight Up the Chain?

Obama highly involved Click Here for Story


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Wednesday May 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Unethical Judge

Judge Emmet Sullivan shows complete hypocrisy in Flynn case Click Here for Story

UnMasking the Unmaskers

President Barack Obama confers with Samantha Power, left, Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs, and Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, before they attended a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial for United Nations staff killed in Iraq at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, N.Y., on …DNI Grinell exposing the Obama Admin criminals? Click Here for Details

Fighting The Tyrants

Democrat Governors have become domestic enemies? Click Here for Story

Winning Against Whitmer

Karl Manke, 77, walks out of his shop to speak at a press conference on Monday, May 11, 2020 in front of Karl Manke's Barber & Beauty Shop in Owosso. (Sarahbeth Maney | MLive.com) Judge sides with Barbershop against Whitmer and Nessel Click Here for Details

Whitmer’s Executive Orders Lead to Many Questions

Over 875 items on FAQ page

How Guilty is Obama?

Did he orchestrate a coup? Click Here for Story

State: Many Rural Hospitals ‘At Capacity’, Hospitals Report Otherwise

Read more

Covid Vaccine Update

What you need to know Click Here for Story

HR 6666 Devil Supporting Democrats?

As anti-American legislation as you can get Click Here for Details

What’s Happening in Brazil

Possible military takeover? Click Here for Story and Video

Democrats Using Pandemic for Politics

Slowing down reopening to keep economy down Click Here for Story

No Longer an Epidemic?

UK researchers say Covid19 is no longer a pandemic? Click Here for Details

Leaving Cali?

Elon Musk threatens to take Tesla out of California Click Here for Story

The Hypocrisy of Democrat Policies

Ticketing older folks for being outside while letting sex offenders free Click Here for Details

Haunting Past

Mexico now asking about Obama Fast and Furious scandal Click Here for Story

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Tuesday May 12, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bad Cure

The Untreated Epidemic Of Medical Student Depression | Health Affairs Lock down itself is causing death Click Here for Story

The Health Costs of the Shutdown

Stopping other health care services for Covid is now costing lives Click Here for Details

Is There Whitmer Biden Corruption?

Biden Confirms He's Considering Gretchen Whitmer as His VP Pick ... Expose’ on the Cherry Health scandal? Click Here for Story

Make China Pay?

Will tariffs punish China for its Covid 19 actions? Click Here for Story

Michigan Falling Behind On ‘How Open For Business’ Ranking

New York last, South Dakota highest on 11-factor test

Opposing Whitmer

Michigan Militia says it won’t allow police to arrest barber for opening his shop Click Here for Details

The Emergency Administration

Gov. Whitmer made wide use of emergency powers before COVID-19

Ring of Fire

Earthquakes rattle the Pacific ring of fire Click Here for Story

Good News?

Larry Kudlow is director of the White House National Economic Council. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/AFP via Getty Images) 80% of current layoffs are furloughs for Covid? Click Here for Details

Fake News Guy?

Chuck Todd caught deceptively editing interview of AG Barr Click Here for Story

Facebook is The Enemy

Facebook is putting all the wrong people in charge of censorship Click Here for Details

Trump Right Again

Crazy how often the President is right and the media is wrong Click Here for Story

Elon vs The Democrats

Tesla FOunder Elon Musk running at odds with Democrats in California Click Here for Details

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Monday April 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

What Did He Know? What Did He Order?

Why Barack Obama and most of the U.S. Congress are Guilty of ... Obama was in on the plot to frame General Flynn? Click Here for Story

Biden Will Go for  Women of Color

Val Demings talked about as potential Biden VP - Orlando SentinelWill V al Demmings be Biden’s VP pick? Click Here for Story

Restaurant Association’s Reopening Guidelines Look ‘Totally Impractical For Many’

Some, maybe many, ‘aren’t going to make it’


Dr. Birx sees encouraging signs, but warns people of second wave ... Dr. Birx doesn’t trust the CDC data Click Here for Story

What Data is Driving Gov. Whitmer’s ?

Explanations from the governor are confusing and lack detail

Bring Back Flynn?

VP Pence says he’s welcome Gerneal Flynn back to a government position Click Here for Story

That’s Nancy Stupid

(Screen Capture) Speaker Pelosi says food stamps stimulate the economy Click Here for Details

Cheat by Mail

Pelosi will try to get mail in voting in next stimulus package Click Here for Details

1 in 3?

30% of Corona deaths were in nursing homes? Click Here for Story

president xi and director general tedro adhanom ghebreyesus shake hands

New report says China told WHO to delay reporting on Covid 19 Click Here for Details

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Sunday May 10, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why We Need Rapid Decentralization

Food processing has become centralized and thus the weak link in our supply chain Click Here for Story

77 Executive Orders, 16 Lawsuits


More proof that Tara Reade allegations have some merit Click Here for Details

Court Of Appeals Shuts Down Saginaw Administrator’s Special $144K Union Deal

Judges school litigants on definition of ‘at-will

Election Cheating

Vote by mail will allow Democrats to cheat in 2020 election Click Here for Story

FBI Manufactured a Crime

Flynn wasn’t being investigated he was being set up Click Here for Details

When Was US First Corona Case?

Earlier than you’re told Click Here for Story

The Guilty Mouse Speaks

Obama begins to rattle as evidence mounts of his treason Click Here for Story 

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