The News YOU Need to Know Sunday April 4, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Happy Easter

Easter Sunrise Service | OCNJ Daily

The “Neanderthals” Were Right?

Free states are doing better than the Democrat Closed states Click Here for Story

MLB Caved

Taking the All Star Game away from Georgia shows that Major League Baseball are a group of woke cowards Click Here for Details

How To Make A School District Appear Underfunded: Ignore Big Pieces Of Revenue

Michigan’s public school establishment and friends regularly do it

The Plan Behind the Crisis

Democrats look to bring in millions of Democrat votes Click Here for Story

Fight Back Against Insane Woke Culture

People with common sense need to boycott companies that support election fraud and cancel culture Click Here for Details

Another Joe Biden Lie

Its not just the rich the Biden Admin wants to raise taxes on Click Here for Story

Immigration Flood

The plan to change the country Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday April 3, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

MLB Goes Full Woke Stupidity

And Joe Biden pushed it …Click Here for Story

Ignoring The Border Crisis

Biden Admin is refusing help to border states afflicted by the illegal immigration crisis Click Here for Details

But Who Will Investigate It?

Hunter Biden admits the laptop involved in his scandal could belong to him Click Here for Story

Four Years Running, Auditors Ding Benton Harbor Schools On Free Lunch Accounting

Federal government appears no more diligent enforcing its rules

Florida Bans Vaccine Passports

Governor issues Executive Order Click Here for Story

Putting Illegals Over American Kids

Democrats prove they hate Americans once again Click Here for Details

Death At Capitol Hill

Suspect and Officer killed in attack Click Here for Details

Out of Control Government

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

136,000 new government employees added in March Click Here for Story

Time to Boycott Big Corp America

Tim Cook CEO of Apple laughing

US corporations are siding with the woke leftists against common sense election laws Click Here for Details

Democrats Profit from Pork Filled Legislation

Infrastructure plan is just another scam by big government to bilk the American taxpayer Click Here for Details

Trying to Take Credit

Democrats have tried to ruin Trump’s economy and now want credit for the recent jobs report Click Here for Details


Border Patrol Is So Overwhelmed That Nearly 1000 Migrants A Day Are Crossing Unpursued

Border Patrol can’t keep up with the surge of illegals at the border Click Here for Story

Twitter Protecting Pedo Bill?

Suspends Rose McGowan over Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein tweet Click Here for Details

When Is Two Weeks a Year?

When Covid and the Federal Government are involved Click Here for Story

Your Money…Wasted

New York Finalizing Plan to Send Some Illegal Immigrants and Ex-Convicts $20k Checks

New York giving taxpayers money to illegals and convicts Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday April 2, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Super Salesman

Biden anti-gun agenda makes Americans buy more guns Click Here for Story

Great News…But Does It Actually Mean Anything?

Arizona has some good news on election fraud investigation Click Here for Story

Flint Has 29 Cents For Each Dollar Needed To Cover Pension Promises

Annual income: $100 million; total pension promises: $388 million; result: misery

What the…??

CNN Reporter says you can’t tell a baby’s gender at birth? Click Here for Details

Just Getting Started

The invasion of the US continues as another caravan heads toward the southern border Click Here for Details

Prosecute Him…

Even gun rights advocates want Hunter Biden prosecuted for breaking gun laws Click Here for Story

Sheer Ignorant Hypocrisy

AOC gets caught in her own hypocrisy and can’t handle it Click Here for Story

Good or Bad

How will looser rules on Media ownership affect the market…and the truth? Click Here for Story

How Pathetic

More cheat sheets for Joe Biden to get through interview Click Here for Story

China Threat Growing

US struggling to maintain an advantage over China militarily Click Here for Details

Clearly Its the Green New Deal

The Biden plan is just a progressive wish list that will break America Click Here for Story

Constraining Big Tech

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott addresses the media during a press conference held at Arlington Emergency Management on March 18, 2020, in Arlington, Texas.

Texas joins Florida in attempt to stop Big Tech from censoring its residents Click Here for Details

Britain Finds Common Sense on the Social Justice Front

Impartial commission finds minorities are doing well and succeeding Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday April 1, 2021

Another Mask Mandate Overturned?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Governor Exceeded His Authority With Mask Mandate, Extended Lockdowns

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down mask mandate Click Here for Details

The End of Capitalism?

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on climate change and green jobs, in the State Dining Room of the White House, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Biden’s USA set to tax corporations higher than communist China? Click Here for Story

Underfunded? Detroit, Benton Harbor, Flint Schools Got Far More Than State Average

The average district got $10,687 per kid last year, but Flint got $26,916

The Climate Scam Gets Larger?

Progressives want to swindle another $10 trillion out of American taxpayers Click Here for Details

What In The World???

Is Rep Gaetz being blackmailed by the Deep State? Click Here for Story

Shameful Spending

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The US spending spree is shameful and its not ending anytime soon Click Here for Details

Lyin’ Biden

Four Pinocchios for Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Woke Idiot

AOC shows her complete stupidity once again Click Here for Story

Sensing Weakness

With a weak Joe Biden at the helm, Russia builds up forces for a possible attack against Ukraine? Click Here for Story


Democrats will stop at nothing to take every dime they can from working Americans Click Here for Story

Gun Support is High

A majority of US voters support legal gun ownership including Democrats Click Here for Details

ID Hypocrisy

Democrats oppose simple Voter ID because it is racist but want to require Vaccine ID? Click Here for Details

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The news YOU Need to Know Wednesday March 31, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Feds Aren’t Following Science?

An open Texas seems to refute what Biden and the CDC is pushing Click Here for Story

Stopping the Nonsense

Florida’s Governor isn’t buying the vaccination passport idea Click Here for Story

Michigan Has More Teachers Per Student Than 13 Years Ago

More favorable ratio challenges often-repeated claims of a teacher shortage

Kentucky Override

Kentucky’s legislature overrides Governor on appointments Click Here for Details

Fewer Students And More Teachers Means – A Michigan Teacher Shortage?

That’s what they say Read more

Waste of Effort

Mike Pence to run in 2024? Don’t Bother … Click Here for Details

Democrats Putting Illegals First

Illegal migrants get in person teaching while American students can’t go to school Click Here for Details

Home Prices Jumping?

Shortage of homes on the market Click Here for Details

Pelosi Touts the Climate Scam Lie

(Photo by John McCall/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Climate change is NOT pushing illegal immigration Democrat policies do Click Here for Details

On the Right Track

New Georgia voter laws can ensure a fair election? Click Here for Story

Academic Awakening?

Students join professors at Cornell to stop Chinese influence? Click Here for Details

Not Going Away Yet

Hunter Biden

Memos show more Biden corruption collusion in Ukraine Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday March 30, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Stop Hiding the Border Crisis

Senator Cruz tells Biden Admin to stop hiding and allow media in to see the Border Crisis first hand Click Here for Story

State’s Private Sector Workers Lost Income In 2020; Public Sector, Not So Much

That’s what an ongoing Michigan Capitol Confidential survey keeps finding

Graham Stands Up for 2nd Amendment

Senator Lindsey Graham supports AR-15 ownership Click Here for Story

3rd Round Scare

CDC director warns of 'impending doom' on potential new COVID surge

CDC back to doomsaying even as Biden Admin opens border to infected illegals Click Here for Story

Freed At Last

The Ever Given has been refloated this morning

Suez Canal reopens as ship is freed Click Here for Details


Blaming the murder victim? Click Here for Story

Full On Stupid

Woke cancel culture attacks another children’s book Click Here for Details

Just the First Step

Universal background checks is just the first step in gutting the 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

Giving Up on Public Education

Homeschooling on the rise amid Covid epidemic Click Here for Details

A Win Against Bump Stock Ban?

Appeals court reverses Bump Stock ban now on to SCOTUS? Click Here for Story

Public Disagrees…

Of Biden handling of gun rights Click Here for Details

Biden’s Vaccine Passports

Would require Covid passport to travel attend events and eat out? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday March 29, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Media and Democrats Lied Again About Boulder Shooting

It wasn’t an angry white guy and now police reveal it wasn’t an “Assault Rifle” that was used Click Here for Details

Filibuster Decision

Moderate Manchin could decide whether America has a future Click Here for Story

The AP Propaganda Machine

SP tells reporters not to use “Crisis” referring to border under Biden but it was pushed under Trump Click Here for Details

Legislator Calls For Funding All College Students Equally

State university lobbyists say we’ve never done it that way; call for more money instead

Hiding the Border Crisis

Biden operatives try to keep Senators from filming the problems at the border Click Here for Story


North Korea resumes missile launches sensing weakness of the US under Biden and Democrats Click Here for Story

Using Racism

pat toomey speaks at a lectern

Democrats use racism to attack voter ID. Identification is required for everything in life yet its not allowed for voting? Click Here for Story

Normalizing Satanism?

Why is a rapper selling shoes made with human Blood? Click Here for Details

Stealing the Voter’s Choice

Biden supports Pelosi attempt to remove the voter’s choice for representative n Iowa Click Here for Details

Biden Lied About Border Crisis

Graham at the border

This is not the fault of Trump policy Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday March 28, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Free Speech vs “Woke Culture”

Professor wins in appeals court over “preferred pronoun” issue Click Here for Story

Vote Wars

Dems and GOP begin the war on voting process in Georgia Click Here for Details

High School Prom Planners Await Government Permission

Midland schools warn dancing may be banned

No Respect for Life

Teenage girls caught on video murdering Uber eats driver Click Here for Story

The Inevitable Decline?

Is our civilization deteriorating? Click Here for Story

Filibuster Hypocrites

Democrats call the filibuster racist but used it 300 times last year alone Click Here for Story

Idiot Leftists

Media finally fires a reporter who falsely blamed a white man for the terror shooting in Boulder Click Here for Story

Fuhrer Biden

Biden commemorates anniversary of Charlottesville 'Unite the Right ...

Biden will use EOs to go after 2nd Amendment rights Click Here for Story

States Must Do What a Corrupt Federal Government Won’t

Big Tech's Outsized Influence Draws State-Level Pushback

States look to hold Big Tech accountable Click Here for Details

Climate Corruption

The fleecing of America will continue with complete Democrat control Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday March 27, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Totally Scripted

From journalist questions to Biden’s answers this is not looking like a real Presidential press conference Click Here for Story And Here for More Info


6000 apprehended at border on Thursday alone Click Here for Story

No Common Sense

Rutgers University wants students vaccinated before school but NOT staff?? Click Here for Story

Media Off-Base On COVID Hospitalization Rate Report

Read more

Full On Lawfare

Dominion Voting systems is trying to hide its guilt in lawsuits to silence investigations into its 2020 election issues? Click Here for Story

Michigan Daily COVID Deaths: There Were 12 On March 21, Versus 133 On Dec. 14

Read more

Floundering Print Media

Kansas City newspaper has odd way of showing the community it could lose its newspaper Click Here for Story

Michigan Residents’ 2020 Employment Income Decline Is Nation’s Eighth-Worst

Read more

2nd Amendment Under Attack by 9th Circuit Court

Army Veteran says he will appeal to SCOTUS Click Here for Story

Showing Weakness

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, March 25, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The ChiComms have Joe Biden right where they want him Click Here for Details

Voter Integrity IS NOT What Democrats Want

States are moving to ensure fair elections but the Democrat Congress and Biden don’t want fair Click Here for Story

Senators Go to Border

Border Patrol Agents (BPA) assigned to El Paso Sector, El Paso Station (EPT/EPS) apprehended a group of approximately 127 illegal aliens. (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

To see the crisis first hand but no press allowed Click Here for Details

Racism Cash

Oakland California will give guaranteed income to the poor but not if you’re white? Click Here for Details

Fancies Herself The Queen?

Speaker Pelosi says she can remove and replace any Representative seat she wants? Click Here for Story

Covid Escaped from a Chinese Lab?

Former CDC Chief Redfield: Coronavirus 'Escaped' From Wuhan Lab

Now former CDC Chief says Coronavirus did escape from a Wuhan lab Click Here for Story

Lack of Transparency

Senate nomination discussions get cut off when GOP Senators ask tough questions of nominees Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday March 26, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Just Plain Embarrassing

Biden’s 1st press conference was obviously scripted and still went off the rails Click Here for Story

Poor Choice

Kamala Harris is not qualified to handle the border crisis Click Here for Details

Missing in Action

Where is this moderate deal making President? Click Here for Story

Dana Nessel Needs to Be Impeached

Abuse of Power has become the norm for Michigan’s Attorney General Click Here for Story

Michigan Residents’ 2020 Employment Income Decline Is Nation’s Eighth-Worst

Can Manchin Hold His Line?

Or will he bow to Chuck Schumer on gun control Click Here for Story

More Biden Corruption

And the Secret Service helps hide it? Click Here for Details

Massive Surge

42 million migrants want to get into the US? Click Here for Story

Not In Control

President Joe Biden puts Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of border security before a Cabinet meeting on March 24, 2021. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden turning cabinet meetings to others? Click Here for Details

Universal Background Checks Not Working…

No proof that more gun laws being pushed by Democrats actually stop mass shootings Click Here for Story

Was This Just an Accident?

Suez Canal blocked by ship jamming up world wide commerce Click Here for Details

What Weapons Are Used Most in Killings?

Its not the assault rifle Click Here for Story

Not On the Same Page

Fed chair and Treasury Secretary aren’t on the same page when describing the economy Click Here for Details

Permanent Control for Democrats

HR 1 will cause corrupt Democrats to win complete control of the government Click Here for Details

Paying Bribes to Iran

Biden Admin trying to stop investigation into payments to Iran Click Here for Story

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