The News YOU Need to Know Saturday January 15, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden’s Dishonest Speech

Disgraceful and pathetic describes Biden’s Georgia speech on election bill Click Here for Story

More FBI Funny Business

Why isn’t the FBI charging the most egregious January 6th violators? Why are they dropping searches for them? Because they were FBI plants? Click Here for Details

State Budget Loaded With Local, Special Interest Earmarks

‘Christmas-tree’ budgets return to Lansing

Sliding Extra Pork Into Defense Bill?

Did Senate Leader Schumer and Senator Lindsey Graham slide this provision into the latest defense bill? You have to ask about payback don’t you? Click Here for Details

Ignoramus Gets Suspended?

Ferris State University suspends professor who has gone off the deep end Click Here for Story

Vaccine Is Worthless?

Pfizer CEO’s admission should tell you what is happening Click Here for Details

Deep State War Drums?

Is Russia prepping for war in Ukraine or is the deep state looking to start one? Click Here for Story

Standing FOR The Filibuster: Senators Sinema and Manchin Stay Strong …

Only 2 Democrat Senators push back against Democrat agenda of undoing the Republic to gain control for the socialist agenda Click Here for Story

Who Hacked Ukraine?

Was it really Russia or something more sinister? Click Here for Details

Biden Calls Americans Racist

Most Americans want secure elections but Biden calls that racist Click Here for Story

The Secret Police Stalking You…

Biden looks to collect religious info on the non-vaccinated Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Consumer sentiment drops to 2nd lowest level in 10 years Click Here for Story

The New Axis of Evil?

China and Iran grow dangerously close? Click Here for Details

Go Figure…

Lies from Biden backed solar company? Click Here for Details

Being Right Triggers the Left


Ron Johnson in the Senate

Ron Johnson is always at odds with the left and his track record looks good Click Here for Story


Mitch McConnell is still looking to stop real conservatives from getting elected? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday January 14, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Mandate Gets Knocked Down

OSHA does not have authority to push private company mandates but healthcare ? Click Here for Details

Whitmer As Bad As Cuomo?

Did Michigan Governor undercount nursing home deaths? Click Here for Story

Walls Work…But Only for Democrats

Biden building concrete wall around the White House Click Here for Story

In Obscene Video, Ferris State Professor Tells Students Final Grades Assigned Randomly

They Can Use It But Not You America

Doctor said he has prescribed Ivermectin for over 200 members of Congress Click Here for Story

The Ultimate Hypocrite

Pelosi: McCarthy has 'obligation' to help Jan. 6 investigation

Majority Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants Minority Leader McCarthy to give info and testify to January 6th committee but refuses to hand over her own records Click Here for Story

Then What IS the Point of Mandates?

California fires the unvaccinated but leaves Covid positive workers on the job Click Here for Details

More China Lockdowns

A residents undergoes a nucleic acid test for the Covid-19 coronavirus in north China's Tianjin on January 10, 2022. - China OUT (Photo by AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

IS it Covid this time or something else? Click Here for Story

Divider in Chief

Biden continues to divide Americans even worse than Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

Guess Who’s Insurance Rates Will Rise?

Biden rules will cost Insurance companies billions and who do you think will pay for it? Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud

More video footage of fraud in Arizona election Click Here for Story

Ronald McDonald House Disgrace

Throw 4 year old child cancer patient and family out for not being vaccinated Click Here for Details Click Here for Story

Killing the Economy

Biden Admin shuts down even more oil production while gas prices surge hurting every American Click Here for Details

Glutton for Punishment

The Hillary America hates wants to run for President again?? Click Here for Story

Misuse of National Guard?

Was using National Guard units to lockdown the capitol illegal? Click Here for Story

Biden Projects Weakness and Russia Will Seize On That

Will we see Russian troops in Cuba and Venezuela? Click Here for Details

Biden Nominee Wants to End Independent Workers?

Contractors would get the shaft as big union nominee gets put up for Labor Department position Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday January 13, 2022, TheDailyDrift.Com

It Does Work And They Hid and Denied You From Getting It?

Washington Bureaucrats knew these therapeutics worked Click Here for Story

Americans Support the Filibuster

But Democrats try to get rid of it Click Here for Story

Follow HIS Money

Fauci: why the public wasn't told to wear masks when the coronavirus  pandemic began | TheHill

Fauci lied to the Senate again? Let’s see Fauci’s financials and where his money is coming from Click Here for Story

California Will Pay for Illegals Health Care

California recall election: What to know about Gavin Newsom's chances

Your taxes in CA are going up again and here’s one reason Click Here for Details

Completely Out of Touch

Joe Biden's 12 worst gaffes of all time

Biden Admin says they are helping inflation?? Click Here for Story

Inflation Soars, Thanks Joe…

Inflation now highest in 40 years due to Democrat and Biden policies Click Here for Details

Power and Control Forever

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer respond to Trump's speech - YouTube

Democrat plans to Federalize elections would put them in control forever, is that what America wants? Click Here for Story

Voter ID IS Common Sense

There is no valid reason not to have voter ID laws in place for elections Click Here for Details

Biden Admin Protecting Iranian Spies?

Why is the Biden team delaying Iranian spy trial for the third time? Click Here for Story

I Love You MaryJane? For Another Reason?

Cannabis compounds help fight Covid ? Click Here for Details

Fauci Should Be In Trouble for His Covid Connections

How much is being hidden from the public? Click Here for Story and Video

Ohhh So Therapeutics Like HCQ and Ivermectin Work Now?

Gates Foundation studies show efficacy that has been previously denied ?Click Here for Story

US Department of Education Is Corrupt Too?

Is there any part of our Federal government that is not screwing Americans over? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday January 12, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Doctors Who Fight Back Against Big Pharma Government Covid Scam

The government, media and Big Pharma are lying to the American public there are better alternatives than the alleged vaccines Click Here for Story

Was the Whitmer “Kidnap Plot” Just a Deep State Ruse?

More and more proof this was a Fed set up Click Here for Details

Fauci Lied and People Have Died?

New emails sow Fauci has lied and people are dying because of it ? Click Here for Story

‘Little Evidence’ Of Critical Race Theory In Detroit Schools? Superintendent Says District ‘Deeply Using’ It

Nonprofit’s claim contradicts its own previous report

Corrupt FBI Hiding Info On Federal Undercover Federal Agents?

An FBI Director refused to answer questions about whether FBI agents or operatives including Ray Epps were inciting and/or committing violence at the January 6th protests Click Here for Story and Video

The CDC Has Misled All of Us

Hospitalization data was twisted seemingly to push a narrative Click Here for Story

Out of the Ordinary?

Army to hold guerilla warfare drills across North Carolina counties Click Here for Details

Biden Supports Ending Filibuster

Flip flopping Joe now supports ending the filibuster to push the Democrats anti-American agenda Click Here for Story

Ivy League Communists

Yale board has prominent Chinese Communists on it Click Here for Details

Where IS the Money

President Joe Biden meets with members of the White House Covid-19 Response Team on the latest developments related to the Omicron variant, on January 4, 2022, in the South Court Auditorium of the White House in Washington, DC. - The US recorded more than 1 million Covid-19 cases on January 3, 2022, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, as the Omicron variant continues to spread at a blistering pace. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

GOP Congressman asks where did the $6 Trillion in Covid Emergency funding go? Click Here for Story

Witch Hunt

The January 6th committee has shown its a politicized witch hunt not a true investigation Click Here for Details

Stop Scaring Young People: The True Covid Survival Rate

Don’t believe the media and government hype for Under 20s Is 99.9987% Click Here for Story

Biden’s Folly

Taliban now threaten to flood Washington DC with suicide bombers Click Here for Story

Would McCarthy Really Hold Congress Accountable?

kevin mccarthy points during a news conference in front of the capitol

McCarthy says he mulls stock trade ban by members of Congress Click Here for Details

Facebook Hates America

Is Zuckerberg pushing this anti-American agenda on Facebook? Click Here for Story

Trump’s Social Media Platform

Will we see it soon? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday January 11, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

CDC Is Finally Telling the Truth?

CDC Director Fears 'Impending Doom' If U.S. Opens Too Quickly : Coronavirus  Updates : NPR

75% of Covid deaths have 4 co-morbidities so are they really Covid deaths? Have they been twisting and using data to control the public? Click Here for Story

African Americans Benefitted Under Trump

And suffer under Biden but the media is too jaded and angry to tell the public Click Here for Story

America’s Shame: The DC Gulag

Americans held without their Constitutional rights in Washington DC jail Click Here for Story

Midwest Threatened With Power Outages When Weather Turns Cold

AOC Tests Positive…For Studpidity

More hypocrisy from Democrat Congresswoman Click Here for Details

Can We Trust McCarthy?

House GOP Minority Leader McCarthy pledges no amnesty and no gun control if GOP takes the House Click Here for Details

Can Manchin Hold Out?

Is Democrat Senator Joe Manchin the only thing stopping the next wave of communism in America? Click Here for Story

Clear Nepotism in NYC

New York’s new mayor use alleged white supremacy to appoint his brother to police commission? Click Here for Details

How Deep Were the Feds in January 6th Protests?

Time to investigate the increasing proof of Fed corruption Click Here for Story

Its Plainly Un-Constitutional

U.S. supreme court at twilight

Are we arguing wrongly on vaccine mandates? Click Here for Details

What Killed Saget?

Comedian and actor Bob Saget died unexpectedly in Orlando hotel room Click Here for Story

The Government Big Tech Cabal

How much government control is there over Youtube and Google? Or is it the opposite? Click Here for Details

Teacher’s Unions Hurting Themselves?

COVID-19 school closures width=

Failure to send teachers back to the classroom could lead to a terrible backlash Click Here for Story

Separate the Tracking for Real and Effective Data…

Being “hospitalized because of Covid” and “hospitalized with Covid” are two very different things Click Here for Story

The Liberal Bullies

Who exactly is bullying Senator Joe Manchin to push the Democrat Communist Agenda? Click Here for Details

Euro Conflict?

Is the likely hood of conflict with Russia intensifying? Click Here for Story

Public School Indoctrinating Centers

Has “Woke” school administrations ruined our public school system? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday January 10, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

New NYC Mayor Supports Illegals Voting

Don’t expect thing sto get better in New York City Click Here for Story

West Coast Fascism

State of Washington mulls “Strike Force Teams” and internment camps to detain unvaccinated families? Click Here for Details

What Will SCOTUS Do?

what will be the answer from SCOTUS on vaccine mandates Click Here for Details

Democrats Still Scared of Trump

Looking to twist any old law or regulations to stop Trump from running for office Click Here for Details

Democrats Don’t Look for Unity

Rep Clyburn doesn’t want any dissenting opinions from his own party members Click Here for Details

With Democrats in Office You Get War?

Look for another conflict in the immediate future? Click Here for Story

Why Isn’t The Media Covering Kazakhstan?

This is a crisis but Western Media doesn’t want you to know about it? Click Here for Story

More Reparations Nonsense

But California keeps pushing ahead with it? Click Here for Story

Democrat Pushing on Voting Rights Bill is Anything But Good

Its not about voting but more about stealing elections Click Here for Story

Mandates Aren’t Working


Lockdowns, masking and vaccines aren’t working so why is the government pushing so hard for them? Click Here for Details

University Professor Brags About Threats to Trump Admin

Princeton faculty member is a former Iranian Official Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday January 9, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Building Back Worse

Thought 2021 was bad? Wait for it, 2022 to get worse Click Here for Story

9 Things Democrats and Media are Ignoring

They don’t want America to think about or talk about these growing problems Click Here for Details

The Truth About “Hospitalizations”

Hospitals aren’t filled because of just Covid Click Here for Details

Billions In Federal COVID Bucks And Detroit Schools Can’t Provide Some Pencils?

The story that teachers pay out-of-pocket for supplies even less plausible than usual

Weakening America

Biden’s woke generals are weakening the US military while Russia and China grow in strength Click Here for Details

Lyin Biden Admin?

Most jobs ever under a President? Sorry Joe…. Click Here for Story

High Covid Rates?

new york city mask

Yes the most are in blue states? Click Here for Details

Florida Has the Second Lowest Deaths in the Nation

DeSantis and company are running Florida right when it comes to Covid Click Here for Story

Biden Hiding Border Report

IS the crisis so bad the Biden Admin is delaying report? Click Here for Details

Democrats Dividing the Country

A house divided amongst itself cannot long stand Click Here for Story

The Schumer Power Grab

Ending the filibuster is about Democrats seizing power from average Americans Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Stupidity

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor pushes false Covid information Click Here for Details

Elitist Incompetence?

Biden and Pelosi

Why does America a seem to allow itself to be ruled by the weakest and dumbest? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday January 8, 2022 TheDailysDrift.Com

DON’T Be Hiding the Data

Judge denies FDA request to hide Covid Vaccine data for 75 years, why would they want to hide that? Click Here for Details

Biden’s Faltering Economy

Less than a year into his Presidency Biden has destroyed America’s economy Click Here for Details

And Yet Another Devastating Blow to the Economy…

Vaccine mandate will crush trade with Canada Click Here for Details

Teacher Active With Union Got $95,000 Last Year, Says More Respect And Money Needed

District 20 miles from Ann Arbor

The Data Says…..

UK tracking shows the vaccinated are getting sick and spreading Covid Click Here for Details

No, January 6th Was NOT Worse Than 9-11

Despite the rhetoric from Biden, Media and the Democrats the January 6th protests were not an insurrection or on par with the September 11th attack Click Here for Story

Democrat Policies Are Hurting the Black Community

Unemployment for African Americans is plummeting under Biden after reaching record highs under Trump Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Weighs Mandates

Supreme Court is hearing vaccine mandate cases Click Here for Story

Cruz Hurt Himself Politically

When Senator Cruz called January 6th a terrorist attack did he put his political career in jeopardy? Click Here for Details

Worthless United Nations

UN is mum on human rights violations in Kazakhstan Click Here for Story

Do You See The Biggest Drug Pusher Yet?

FILE - Pharmacist Kenni Clark prepares a booster dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine during a vaccination clinic at City of Lawrence's "The Center," which serves seniors, families and the community, Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2021, in Lawrence, Mass. U.S. regulators, on Friday, Jan. 7, 2022, are shortening the time that people who received Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine have to wait for a booster — to five months rather than six. The Moderna vaccine is open to Americans 18 and older.(AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

Big Pharma is milking Covid for all its worth Click Here for Details

Biden’s Gestapo

Has the politicized FBI become a Gestapo team for the Biden and Democrats? Click Here for Story

Never Ending Farce

Fauci wants to perpetuate his Covid control forever Click Here for Details

Lies At The University

Professor outright lies about Kyle Rittenhouse shooting 2 black men. will he now get sued as well? Click Here for Story

Rationing Based on Race?

States now rationing Covid therapies based on race Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday January 7, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Divider in Chief

Joe Biden | TheHill

Biden shows his disdain for half of America as he denigrates Trump supporters and blames Trump for the phony “Insurrection” Click Here for Details

Postal Workers Know?

US postal workers unions want out of the Biden vaccine mandates? Click Here for Details

January 6th Was a Deep State Set Up?

Feds knew and were involved with their Antifa partners? Click Here for Details

Michigan Backslides In Moving Company’s 2021 Migration Data

United Van Lines moved more people out of the state than into it

The Takeover of America

Getting rid of the electoral college means liberals on the east and west coast will control government forever Click Here for Details


Vaccine adverse events are mounting in the US Click Here for Story

New Trial for Maxwell

Could a juror be the cause for a new trial and more importantly would the public actually see it this time? Click Here for Details

Politicized Hysteria

Democrats look to deflect from their failures by beating the dead horse of a phony insurrection Click Here for Details

Nuremberg 2.0?

Could forced vaccinations lead to new Nuremberg trials for those forcing untested vaccines on the world population? Click Here for Details

Revolution in Kazakhstan?

Protesters and police killed in riots Click Here for Story

Merck’s Covid Pill Not Welcome in India?

India won’t be adding Merck’s new Covid pill to the national treatment protocol over dangers Click Here for Details

Pelosi Is Hiding January 6th Information

This Week' Transcript 1-12-20: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, National  Security Adviser Robert O'Brien - ABC News

Why not open up Pelosi communications to investigation and the public? What is Pelosi hiding from the public? Click Here for Story

Can Biden Sterilize You?

Federal mandates affect YOU and your right to life Click Here for Details

America in Decline

Once again Democrats and its socialist and globalist allies are leading America to its demise Click Here for Story

Let Nature Run Its Course

Omicron is not as deadly and can bring us to heard immunity (unlike failed vaccines) like nature intended? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday January 6, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Time To Un-Elect Elissa Slotkin

Slotkin slams media for 'age-old catfight story' pitting her against AOC,  progressives ⋆ Michigan Advance

Democrat Congresswoman in a conservative district has followed Biden, The Squad and Pelosi on almost every vote Click Here for Story

The Cheat in Georgia Was Real…

And really bad as thousands of ballots were trafficked and harvested illegally Click Here for Story

Parents Request School District’s ‘Critical Race’ Records, Get Bill For $409,000

Kent County district says it has 4,400 pounds worth of documents

Decriminalizing Crime?

As Crime skyrockets Manhattan DA makes it easier for criminals Click Here for Story

Michigan Hospitals Holding Their Own Against COVID Surge

Read more

Democrats Look For Complete Control by Ending Filibuster

Their bad ideas don’t have support so they now want to change the rules so they can ram socialism don’t the throats of Americans Click Here for Details

Tesla’s Newest Competition?

Has Mercedes developed the Tesla killer? Click Here for Story

Democrats Go Full Communist

Red Star of Communism Over the Democratic Party by American Liberty with  Bill Lockwood | Podchaser

Trying to disqualify GOP candidates to maintain their power? Click Here for Details

Hear Problems and the Vaccine

Young healthy students and athletes are having unexpected heart issues after being vaccinated Click Here for Details

French Tyrant

France’s President Macron vows to punish and alienate the unvaccinated ?Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice For Sure

New York Prosecutor drops sexual allegation case against Andrew Cuomo Click Here for Story

What IS Nancy Pelosi Hiding About January 6th?

Obstructing her own “fact” finding committee? Click Here for Story

Ending Big Tech Stranglehold

People need to follow Joe Rogan and Rand Paul away from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook Click Here for Details

Omicron Symptom?

Is night sweats a symptom of the Omicron variant? Click Here for Story

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