The News YOU Need to Know Sunday June 19, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Happy Father’s Day!

Reflection on Father's Day - Portsmouth Daily Times

DC IS the Worst…

Worst economic disparity in the nation is in Washington DC itself thanks to the concentration of wealth power AND corruption? Click Here for Details

Where IS This on The January 6th Sham Committee?

Staffers of liberal Colbert show were at the protest and now have been arrested Click Here for Story

No Benefit for Kids…

There is no study showing a benefit to giving young children covid vaccines Click Here for Details

South Haven, home to short-term rentals for 100 years, has residents who want them gone

Tourism is a key industry for this West Michigan city

Why Your Gas Prices Are High…

Three big reasons you are paying record gas prices under Biden Click Here for Story

Holland government broadband proposal follows troubled history

Other cities have broadband projects short on customers and swimming in debtRead more

The Trillion Dollar Cost of Abortion

What is the long term economic impact of killing millions of babies? Click Here for Story

Waste and Fraud

Illinois finds billions in fraudulent use of pandemic funds Click Here for Details

Whitmer Wants to Force Bad Education on Michigan Students

Eliminate school choice and force children to remain in bad districts Click Here for Story

What’s Destroying Africa?

The same thing Democrats are forcing on America Click Here for Details


Biden has no idea what he is doing…or does he? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday June 18, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Corrupt DOJ

The Department of Justice has now shown its corruption as it blocks efforts to investigate Hunter Biden Click Here for Story

Lack of Oil?

Don’t blame the Oil companies Click Here for Details

Bucking Washington’s Lack of Science

Governor DeSantis won’t order vaccines for kids under 5, he shouldn’t. The risk of vaccine adverse effects are worse than Covid Click Here for Details

How Interest Rates Will Affect You

Fed raises in interest rates can cause problems Click Here for Details

China’s New Aircraft Carrier

In this image taken from video footage run by China's CCTV, sailors line up in front of China's third aircraft carrier christened Fujian before its launching ceremony at a dry dock in Shanghai on Friday, June 17, 2022. State media reported that China on Friday launched its third aircraft carrier, the first such ship to be both designed and built entirely within the country. Chinese characters on screen reads "Our country's third aircraft carrier launched into water, named Fujian" (CCTV via AP)

As good as America’s? Click Here for Story

Inflation Explosion

Its getting worse can anything be done? Click Here for Story

Land of Immorality

How bad has America’s morals slipped? Click Here for Details

Assange to be Extradited

UK will now allow extradition of Julian Assange to the US Click Here for Story

Guess Who Will Lead the Lying Disinformation Board?

Democrats can’t stop reaching for more power over your freedom of speech Click Here for Story

Protecting Lives

The 2nd Amendment is all about saving lives. Gun confiscation leads to the deaths of millions Click Here for Story

Wake Up Alaska

Lisa Murkowski is threatening your 2nd Amendment rights Click Here for Story

The Problem With Health Code Apps

The government can use it against you Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday June 17, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Electric Cars Are Not the Answer?

Democrats tell Americans to buy high priced electric vehicles to solve the gas crisis but what about upcoming electricity shortages? Click Here for Story

The Wall Street Party is Over?

Democrats have ruined just about everything Click Here for Details

Blame Pelosi

Capitol Police knew the risks weeks before January 6th and so did Nancy Pelosi who turned Down the National Guard troops offered by Trump Click Here for Story

No Longer a Conspriacy

The looming global economic crisis is designed to enslave the populace? Click Here for Story

Michigan has lost auto jobs since Whitmer took office

Whitmer touts addition of 25,000 auto jobs, but the net number is 1,600 jobs lost

With Biden The Lying Never Stops

Fact checking Biden is a full time job Click Here for Story

Making It More Difficult to Kill Babies is a Health Crisis?

The world has become a place of insanity under Biden Click Here for Details

Return of Bibi?

Could a snap election in Israel bring Netanyahu back to power? Click Here for Story

Too Little Too Late?

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell leaves after a news conference following an Open Market Committee meeting, at the Federal Reserve Board Building, Wednesday, June 15, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Did the Fed wait too long to fix inflation? Click Here for Story

Was It Really the Heat?

10,000 cattle killed in Kansas? Click Here for Details

Topsy Turvy

Russian consumers are now doing better than American consumers? Click Here for Story

Dirty Joe?

Joe Biden won’t answer questions on money ties between Russian oligarch he won’t sanction and his own son Hunter Biden Click Here for Story

Job Losses Coming?

Recession will bring an end to the plentiful job market Click Here for Details

When Is a Fact Check Goes Horribly Wrong…

AP uses alleged comment from a person who died two years previous? Click Here for Story

War in Ukraine Destabilizes the Surrounding Regions

Will Turkey re-invade Syria? Click Here for Story

Leave the Kids Alone

Person in medical exam room

Science rebukes transgendering children Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday June 16, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

More Evidence of Hunter’s Lawbreaking

His own texts implicate him in having and illegal gun and how the Secret service and/or FBI may have helped cover it up? Click Here for Story

Michigan School Hides Student’s “Transgendering” From Parents

Schools are crossing the line in pushing trans and grooming on students without parental consent? Click Here for Story

Bad News for Dems

Special election in Texas gives long time Dem seat to a Republican Click Here for Story

Fund roads through fees on miles driven, not gallons of gas purchased

Mileage-based user fees finish first in new study

Biden Will Punish the Innocent

Psaki Announces Border Patrol Agents Will No Longer Use Horses in Response  to False 'Whip' Narrative | National Review

Falsely accused Border agents will be punished anyway Click Here for Story

Tough in Arizona

GOP battling out in their Senate primary Click Here for Details

NIH’s implicit bias training commits the social sins it warns against

Jingoism, ableism, cultural appropriation tar the program’s aims Read more

Blaming Oil Producers for His Polices?

Biden warns the oil industry he threatened to destroy to now produce more oil? Click Here for Details

Are We Giving Food Stamps to Illegals?

With an out of control economy why i sthe Federal government giving assistance to non-citizens Click Here for Story

Democrats Bring Stagflation

Economy will sour even more thanks to Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

Americans Don’t Trust Their Government?

Support for assault weapon ban is at lowest ever? Click Here for Details

Investigate Fauci

Fauci says Coronavirus pandemic diverted resources from fighting AIDS |  Business Standard News

Could Anthony Fauci’s royalties amount to kickbacks? Click Here for Story

Not Really Unexpected From Those Who Are Watching with Open Eyes

Retails sales plummet in sign of worsening economy Click Here for Story

Christians Being Attacked

But the Mainstream media won’t talk about it Click Here for Story

Soros Is Dangerous

Global Inflation Could Bring a Worldwide Depression, George Soros Says |  Barron's

Truly evil doesn’t begin to describe a man who wants to destroy the US and our way of life Click Here for Details

Dirty Garland

US AG Merrick Garland has politicized and weaponized the DOJ against Trump supporters and now is threatening Donald Trump as well? Click Here for Story

Election Consequences? High Gas Prices

EVs won't save us from high gas prices - The Verge

Those that voted for Biden or refused to vote for Trump are now paying the price along with the rest of us Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday June 15, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Obviously The Biggest We Told You So in History?

Amazon - Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets  the President Tried to Hide: Devine, Miranda: 9781637581056: Books

Hunter Biden’s lap top reveals more corruption in the Biden family Click Here for Story

We’re Not Laughing Mr. Barr…

Bill Barr

Bill Barr laughingly says he never intended to investigate any election fraud Click Here for Story

Michigan Has Low Gas Tax — Except When It Doesn’t

Advocate for increased spending on roads understates tax burden Michiganders bear for road construction

DC Mayor Never read the Constitution?

D.C. Mayor Trolls Trump With Giant “Black Lives Matter” Message In His  Front Yard | Vanity Fair

Added her own 51st star to the American flag to represent DC? Click Here for Story


Wholesale prices rose over 10% in May thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrat’s policies Click Here for Details

January 6th Sham Committee Caught in Yet Another Lie

Trump Ally Pushes to Banish Cheney From House GOP Conference | Crain's  Chicago Business

It just gets crazier with the amount of fraudulent info the committee is spouting Click Here for Story

Stockmarket Gains Wiped Out

Retail investors bailing on bull market

Biden is now destroying Wall Street like he has destroyed Main Street America Click Here for Details

So Much for the Monroe Doctrine?

Russian troops in Central America Click Here for Details

Promises To Be Broken

Unfunded Social Security obligations are growing and putting the system and retirees at risk Click Here for Story

Its All About Stopping the People’s Choice

Democrat’s January 6th nonsense is all about stopping Trump from running because Democrats know people will vote him and his America First agenda into office Click Here for Details

Obviously Two Tiered Justice

Hillary Clinton on TODAY

The Hillary Clinton Russian Collusion scam is a far more serious problem than any FBI conspired January 6th protest Click Here for Story

The Dangers of Bad Immigration Policy

Biden Admin is bringing enemies of the US into the country Click Here for Details

Why Do Democrats Hate America So Much?

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams funneled money to terrorist sympathizers? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday June 14, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

3rd World America

Corrupt S AG Merrick Garland who was spurned from SCOTUS wants revenge and will try to prosecute Trump in retaliation? Click Here for Story

Bad Boss

Border Patrol Ramps up Patrols in Otay Mountain Wilderness | U.S. Customs  and Border Protection

Border Patrol has low morale because of the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

Losing the Youth

Even woke Youtubers are getting fed up with the stupid decision making of Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

Rich Community Falls Short on School Budget

Birmingham district loses students, messes up revenue projections

The Lies Just Keep Coming…

Jan. 6 Committee Taps Former ABC News President for Prime-Time: Report

Democrats and never Trumpers just keep pushing outrageous lies from their sham January 6th committee Click Here for Story

Drag shows for kids are inappropriate. In Michigan, should they be illegal?

‘There Should Be A Law’ is the banner over every government overreachRead more

The Biden Economy

Wall Street goes bearish with the failing policies of the Democrats Click Here for Details

Google Engineer Placed on Leave…

Where is Artificial Intelligence Used Today? By ITChronicles

After saying Google’s AI has become sentient Click Here for Story

Swinging Right

Independent voters are swaying to the right and the GOP with the insanity of Democrat policies and the destruction of America’s economy Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Needs to Stop Breaking the Law

Court rules again that Biden Admin can’t keep releasing illegals into the US Click Here for Details

Do Democrats Ever Stop Lying?

Senator Raphael Warnock blames his brother’s drug conviction on systemic racism Click Here for Story

Its Going to Get Worse

Economist says inflation will get worse before it gets better Click Here for Details

Communism Kills

The left wants to take America into Communism but new museum shows how it only leads to the murder of millions Click Here for Story


rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel speaks at a summit

RNC Chair says what most of us already know…Biden is intentionally pushing fossil fuel prices higher, he actually campaigned for that Click Here for Details

…And Here’s the Proof…

Video of Biden saying he will destroy the oil and gas industry Click Here for Story

Dumbing America Down

Schools now canceling Honors classes in the name of “equity and Social Justice”? Click Here for Details


Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is now growing across the globe Click Here for Story

Our Biggest National Security Risk?

President Biden of course Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday June 13, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Return of Sarah?

Sarah Palin Poised to Advance to Special General Election in Alaska House  Primary Race | National Review

Will Sarah Palin return to Washington DC as a Senator? Click Here for Story

Gone Sentient?

Google employee says its AI system has become sentient? Click Here for Details

Drag shows for kids are inappropriate. In Michigan, should they be illegal?

‘There Should Be A Law’ is the banner over every government overreach

Spineless Republicans?

Did GOP senators cave to Democrats on Gun control? Click Here for Details

Teacher Pension Fund’s Good Earnings Last Year Not Good Enough

Still $16 billion short of amount needed to meet pension promises to school employeesRead more

Farmland At Risk

Multinational Corporations Buying U.S. Farmland - Cornucopia Institute

Idiotic US policy has allowed US farmland to be bought by foreigners Click Here for Details

Not Interested

Americans ignored the Democrat sham January 6th program Click Here for Story

Yet Another Biden Record

Fact-check: Did BP executive blame Biden for high gas prices?

Gas prices hit yet another new high Click Here for Story

Political Distraction

January 6th commission is simple theater to detract from the disaster that is the Democrat party and its failing agenda Click Here for Details

You Got What You Voted For?

Even Democrats voters now see that voting for Democrats has screwed themselves Click Here for Story

Fox Sells Out Its Base?

Has the left finally taken over FoxNews too? Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday June 12, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Real Inflation Rate

Government manipulates data to fool the American people on inflation Click Here for Details

Just Making It Worse

Everything the Biden Admin is doing is putting America’s economy in more peril Click Here for Story

Violent Democrats

Nearly half of male Democrats under 50 support using violence Click Here for Details

Chinese Threats Get Bigger and Bolder

IS China already at war with the US but US politicians are too stupid to realize it ? Click Here for Details

Grooming Our Children…

Why are schools and organizations exposing our children to Draq Queen events? Click Here for Details

Double Standard Democrats

Democrats don’t mind violence… if its against Conservatives Click Here for Story

Taxpayer Funded Sex Change Surgery?

Yes and its for a terrorist Click Here for Details

Finally It Gets Said Out Loud

Biden needs to be investigated for his ties to China Click Here for Story

Pride Goeth Before a Fall?

The Pride movement has gone from protecting its members to forcing their lifestyle on children? Click Here for Details

Facts the Sham January 6th Committee Doesn’t Want You to See

Why are they hiding this and why is the media helping them? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday June 11, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com


United States Inflation Rate - May 2022 Data - 1914-2021 Historical - June  Forecast

The worst inflation in 40 years, how’s that vote for Biden and the Democrats treating you? Click Here for Story

Despite the Lies by Democrats, This Inflation is NOT Caused by Corporate Greed

Janet Yellen says its not greed its policies? Click Here for Story

Still Think January 6th Wasn’t a Government Plot?

Evidence mounts that government corruption was behind the violence Click Here for Details

School District Delays, Partly Denies FOIA Request About Mayor’s Misconduct

Cites privacy concerns

Covid Fear Mongering Isn’t Working Now?

Biden Admin ends Covid testing for international travel Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 23: Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi attend the TIME 100 Gala 2019 Cocktails at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 23, 2019 in New York City. (Jemal Countess/Getty Images for TIME)

Police won’t release video of Nancy’s Pelosi’s drunken law breaking husband Click Here for Story

Schumer and Pelosi Put Capitol At Risk?

Both ignored troops offered by Trump and had knowledge there could be issues ? Click Here for Story

There Was Foreign Agents in the 2016 Campaign…

For Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

DOJ Is Helping Threats Against SCOTUS Justices?

There are laws in place to protect the Supreme Court Justices but Biden’s DOJ and Merrick Garland won’t enforce them because they want to influence SCOTUS decisions with threats? Click Here for Story

What Do You Do When Hispanics No Longer Believe the Democrat Lies?

…You buy up Spanish speaking television stations like a Soros backed group just did Click Here for Story

Starve the Kids, Feed Them Sexuality

Biden Admin is holding school lunch funding hostage over transgender policies Click Here for Details

So Much for Travel?

Airline fares skyrocket 38% Welcome to Biden’s America Click Here for Story

Real Crime Stats

The Democrats, Media and Woke crowd won’t like these facts Click Here for Details

How School Security Should Work

Walnut Park Elementary School

Uvalde was a failure on every front but this school in Alabama did it right? Click Here for Story

Tucker Carlson is Spot On

Once again Tucker Carlson exposes the lying Democrat party Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday June 10, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Trump Offered National Guard to the Capitol Four Days BEFORE January 6th

Trump's Support in the Military Is Tanking | Time

Pelosi and the Democrats turned it down Click Here for Details

Why Did the FBI Arrest Ryan Kelley?

FBI arrests GOP candidate for Michigan governor Ryan Kelley | National |

Michigan Republican governor candidate arrested by the FBI Click Here for Story

Democrat House Passes Gun Legislation

Are Red Flag laws the slippery slope to gutting the 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Story

Will Implicit Bias Training Improve Health Care in Michigan?

Medical lobby says training will save lives; activist nurse worries it will push away talent

When Will Journalists Be Held Accountable?

Is Kyle Rittenhouse the one to bring justice to the biased woke media Click Here for Story

Michigan Residents: Whitmer Did Not Fix The D@mn Roads

New poll shows governor’s credibility on this issue full of potholes Read more

Biden’s Jokes Show His True Intent

The mythologies of 'Joe being Joe' Biden – Chicago Tribune

Sending Republicans to jail? You bet that’s what all Democrats want Click Here for Details

Sanctuary Now Means Death?

Fentanyl - Snohomish Overdose Prevention

Sanctuary cities are harboring criminals and drugs Click Here for Story

Monkey Pox Is Just Fear Mongering…

By a Democrat held government that wants to control you and elections with fear Click Here for Story

The Balanced Budget Dream?

House conservatives say the can balance the budget in 7 years? Click Here for Details

The Warnings Are Loud and Clear

Farming costs are skyrocketing and you’ll see it in your fall food prices Click Here for Details

Vacationer in Chief

Biden on track to become the most absent President in history Click Here for Story

Behar the Racist

The View's Joy Behar crushes Meghan McCain for demanding they treat Trump  fairly: 'The man lies 6 times a day!' - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of  Independent Journalism

Joy Behar ay have made the most racist comment ever? Click Here for Details

Disgraceful Pizza Hut

Restaurant chain pushes transgenderism on kids Click Here for Story

Pelosi Won’t Protect SCOTUS

Democrats seem fine with Justices being threatened as protesters break laws that DOJ won’t enforce Click Here for Details

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