The News YOU Need to Know Friday January 15, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

McCarthy Shows His Weakness

Liz Cheney: Objecting to Electoral College Votes Sets ...

Fails to hold Liz Cheney accountable for backing Democrats Click Here for Story

Antifa Did It

Antifa leader caught on tape admitting to posing as Trump supporter and breaking in to the Capitol Click Here for Details

Obama Gate Exposed

Info Finally Coming Out Click Here for Story

Obamagate's Worse Than Watergate, But Media's Covering It ...

Information Finally Coming Out Click Here for Story

Standing Behind POTUS

Trump’s base is not going away Click Here for Story

Only 200 Signed Up, But Traverse City’s Government Broadband Wants To Borrow $18 Million More

New pitch includes potential for energy savings

Impeaching Joe Biden?

QAnon supporting lawmaker ridiculed for whining that face ...

House Rep says she’ll introduce impeachment article against Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Judge Orders Michigan Secretary of State Benson to Produce Documents

A little late but will we finally see the fraud? Click Here for Story

Girls Won’t Be Safe?

Biden will let men choose to use girls restrooms and locker rooms? Click Here for Details

Big Tech is Hiding Truth

Hiding info from Americans on the internet Click Here for Details

Democrats Can’t Handle the Truth

Impeachment hearing exposes their own hypocrisy Click Here for Story

The Real Insurrectionists

From stealing elections to phony impeachments the Democrats have pulled off a coup Click Here for Details

Dirty Republicans

These 10 GOP Congressmen sided with Democrats to help further divide America Click Here for Story

RINO Morons

Democrat minions at the Lincoln Project are in it for themselves? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday January 14, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

What About This Violence Nancy?

BLM clash with police outside Capitol and Democrats ignore it Click Here for Story

Democrats Impeach Again

Once again dividing the country Democrats want Trump out Click Here for Story

Whitmer Continues Killing Businesses in Michigan

Extends closing orders and Republicans do nothing? Click Here for Details

Number Of State Government Jobs Up As Michigan Crushes Its Restaurant Industry

One-third of all restaurants here may be toast, but government keeps growing

Cancel Culture Ups the Ante

Now threatening peoples lives over their political opinions Click Here for Details

State’s Biggest Teachers Union Repaying COVID Grant It Shouldn’t Have Received

Federal CARES Act benefit was intended for struggling small businesses, not big unionsRead more

Where Will Mitch Stand?

Does the Senate Majority Leader support impeachment? Click Here for Details

Iran Gears Up for Biden

Seeing a weak US President emboldens Iran Click Here for Story

Cheney Disgrace

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 08: House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) answers questions during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on May 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. Cheney commented extensively on efforts by House Democrats to find U.S. Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. (Photo by …

Following her father’s globalist footsteps ? Click Here for Details

Goodbye 1st Amendment

(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden says he wants to limit free speech Click Here for Story

DOJ has Hundreds of Cases over Capitol Attack?

Quickly prosecuting but will we ever see names? Click Here for Story

Erasing Conservatism

Big Tech, Media and even Republicans are destroying the conservative movement Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday January 13, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Team Will Be Pro-Iran

CIA pick has history of back door deals with Iran Click Here for Story

Citing the American Revolution … Baraga County Officials Revolt Against State COVID Orders

Upper Peninsula community’s leaders point to their oath

Pelosi Kept Money from Americans

Reporter gets Nancy to admit Click Here for Story

Metrics Appear To Meet Goals Specified To Reopen Michigan

Fewer COVID cases in hospital, fewer confirmed new daily cases, fewer positives in those who get testedRead more

Be Careful Out There

Violence threats abound before inauguration Click Here for Story

What Liberals Think of YOU

Take kids away from conservatives? Click Here for Details

Douche Bank

German bank goes full liberal woke Click Here for Story

Open Border

Caravans full of migrants ready to invade with a Biden Presidency Click Here for Details

Party of Hate

Democrats can’t accomplish anything constructive so they fan hate and division instead Click Here for Story

Facebook Colludes in Election Theft?

Facebook removing all #StopTheSteal references Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday January 12, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Amazon Fascists

Parler sues Amazon for removal of App and millions of users Click Here for Story

Ford Gets Big Wins

2 of 3 vehicles of the Year awards Click Here for Details

Fewer Workers At This Michigan City Collected More During Pandemic

New series on how government workers have fared covers Jackson this time

Attacking Free Speech

Even France and Germany see Big Tech as being wrong Click Here for Story

Democrats Continue Division Agenda and Media Helps

File impeachment charges on POTUS Click Here for Details

Deep State Educator?

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Betsy DeVos resigns mouthing Democrat talking points Click Here for Story

Admission Of Leftist Violence?

Democrats may be looking to do false flag at inauguration to go after 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

The Oligarchy Shows Its Hands

Big Finance join Big Tech in assault on conservatives Click Here for Details

Has The Swamp Won ?

And what it means for your freedoms Click Here for Details

Surprising Win for Texas?

Supreme Court sides with Texas over Democrat id for Universal mail in ballot cheating Click Here for Story

Big Tech RICO?

Racketeering charges recommended for Big Tech as they seek to destroy Parler and conservative sites Click Here for Story

As Biden Solidifies Big Tech Control

Biden Selects Over a Dozen Big Tech Executives to Serve in Administration or Advise Transition

Big Tech names to join Biden team Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday January 11, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com


So, readers, just how wrong am I about Joe Biden? - Chicago Sun-Times

Joe Biden is weak and temporary Click Here for Story

State COVID Citation Dampens The Fun At This Family Fun Center

Big Tech and Big Corp Trying to Stifel Free Speech

Corps trying to stop Parler because it won’t censor Click Here for Story

Eastwood Was Ahead of His Time?

Famed actor has been calling out the left ford decades? Click Here for Details

You’ll See More of This in America

Portland violence continues Click Here for Story

Will Dems Tear Themselves Apart ?

President-Elect Biden Announces His Key Justice Department Nominees

With full control coming is trouble brewing within ranks of Dems? Click Here for Story

Forbes IS a Disgrace

Will look to punish Trump supporters Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday January 10, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Digital Warrior Massacre

With its 230 protections Twitter discriminates and wipes out thousands of conservative users Click Here for Details

More Democrat Failures

Cuomo is a murderer - The Donald - America First!

New York’s Cuomo policies result in Covid vaccines being throw away Click Here for Story

What Policies Actually Matter To COVID? 

Lockdowns may just give illusion of control, at great social and economic costRead more

The Deep State Controls Both Parties?

Senator Toomey is just as bad as Democrats Click Here for Details

Yes It Was Antifa

Handing out weapons at the Capitol Click Here for Story?

BLM Organized Capitol Attack?

Democrats ARE the Coup Makers

Media and liberals want to spin it but the facts are obvious Click Here for Story

Big Tech Fascism

Apple and Google Play ban Parler App becuase they won’t censor the President and his supporters Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday January 9, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Americans Deserve the Truth

Giuliani says President should declassify everything for the people to see and judge for themselves Click Here for Story

Hypocrite Politicians

They talk good but don’t live their words Click Here for Story

Michigan In School Learning

Governor says they should be back by March 1, 2021 Click Here for Story

Michigan Hospitals At Pre-COVID Occupancy Levels

ICUs 75% occupied Read more

What Is Nancy So Scared Of?

(Screen Capture)

Speaker Pelosi wants Trump removed before the 20th Click Here for Details

POTUS Won’t Attend Biden Inauguration

Not a snub but better for security and planning Click Here for Story

Let the Discovery Begin!

Sidney Powell

Dominion trying to sue Sidney Powell Click Here for Details

The Dangers Ahead

The Oligarchy is now fully in charge and average Americans are in danger Click Here for Story

The Great Censoring Begins

Failure to remove 230 from Big Tech now has them boldly censoring and removing conservative groups from all their platforms Click Here for Details

We Were Warned

A Biden Admin would bring a recession? Looks like it ? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday January 8, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com


Antifa vandalizes Capitol but Democrats and media want to blame Trump and his supporters ? Click Here for Story

An Inside Job?

Why were Capitol police letting violent protesters inside the Capitol Click Here for Story

What’s a Probable Coronavirus Case?

Michigan numbers still go up despite lockdown Click Here for Story

State Health Department Calls On Athletes To Enter Four-Week Bubble

Only limited contact with others for two weeks before and after an event

What Comes Next ?

The Socialist Agenda AOC is pushing with Biden Click Here for Details

Final Proof of Vote Switching?

Did Congress just certify a completely fraudulent election including foreign interference?

Go Figure

Elaine Chao (Mitch McConnell’s wife) resigns from Trump Cabinet Click Here for Story

When Votes No Longer Matter People Get Angry

Supporters of President Donald Trump enter the US Capitol Rotunda as irritating smoke fills a corridor on January 6, 2021. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

The contract between the governed and the government has been broken Click Here for Story

The Coup Renews

Vice President-elect Mike Pence meets with Senator Chuck Schumer (R), D-New York, in his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, November 17, 2016. / AFP / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Democrats and some Republicans want traitor Pence to remove Trump Click Here for Story

What Did Pence Receive?

Is this a normal handoff and handshake?

Its All Fun Until Riots Come Home

Democrats said nothing about riots until their own chickens came to DC to roost Click Here for Story

This Is One Party Rule

Democrats take over all government by cheating now watch what they do to Trump and Americans Click Here for Story

Tyranny Cometh

Fasten your seatbelts the Democrats are going to drag you along Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday January 7, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS Sends in National Guard

Demonstrators Are Swarming Capitol Hill to Protest Brett Kavanaugh's  Confirmation – Mother Jones

DC protests get rowdy as Capitol building is breached Click Here for Story

Pence Sides with The Fraud

Won’t send electors back to the states Click Here for Story

Electoral Commission?

Will there be a legitimate investigation into election crimes? Click Here for Story

Restaurant In Trouble For Letting A Single Family Use A 100-Person Room

The law’s the law, says state health department

Democrat Sweep in Georgia

Socialism wins Click Here for Details

Small Town UP Diner Attracts Big Crowd To Protest Ongoing Lockdown

More attended nearby Houghton event than live in establishment’s hometown

The Next Step

Abolishing Police Click Here for Story

There They Go Again? U-M Looks To Be Dodging Open Records Accountability

Hide the substantive discussions, bury requestors in chitchat and already-published materialRead more

Samo Samo

Georgia election ran by same fraudsters Click Here for Details

Turning Republican

Rep Vernon Jones leaves Democrats Click Here for Story

Does Civility Still Exist?

Sen. Joe Manchin in December 2020

Joe Manchin wants it but is it too late? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday January 6, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Georgia Runoff


Latest results Click Here for Details

VP Pence

Will preside over electoral count ,will he just play along or stop the steal? Click Here for Details

Not Welcome?

Washington DC and Big Tech conspire to stop March on Washington Click Here for Story

The Real Collusion

China colluded with Democrats and Biden for the 2020 election Click Here for Details

Wall Win

Trump Admin hits 450 mile goal for border wall in 2020 Click Here for Story

Evil Buys No Good Will

Georgia’s Secretary of State didn’t curry favor with Stacy Abrams in stealing the election for Biden Click Here for Story


Governor Noem warns of the consequence of Democrat control Click Here for Details

The Biden America

Antifa shows up at Senator Josh Hawley’s doorstep to harass his wife and baby Click Here for Story

China Still Hiding

WHO Chief 'Very Disappointed' China Has Not Let In Coronavirus Experts

WHO inspectors still not let inside China Click Here for Details

Soros + Attorney Generals = High Crime

George Soros-Backed Prosecutor Leads St. Louis to 50-Year-High Murder Rate

What is behind George Soros funding elections of soft on crime AGs? Click Here for Story

RINOs Making a Comeback

If Trump leaves office does he take the Republican’s spines with him? Click Here for Story

Vice Plagiarizer in Chief

Kamala Harris follows in Joe Biden footsteps with lies and plagiarism Click Here for Story

Europe Picks the Wrong Side Again

EU cutting deals with China Click Here for Details

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