The News YOU Need to Know Saturday November 26, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Suing the FDA

Prominent doctor launches lawsuit against the FDA for suppressingIvermectin as Covid treatment when they knew it could help people Click Here for Story

Amazon’s World Wide Strike?

Amazon warehouse workers around the world go on Black Friday Strike Click Here for Details

Further Evidence of a Politicized DOJ

Special counsel Jack Smith is an anti-Trumper so how can he be a fair and impartial investigator? Click Here for Details

Brazilian Discontent Grows

World soccer match show Brazilians suspect and don’t support the alleged winner of the election Click Here for Story

The Liberal Utopia?

Where robots could use deadly force Click Here for Details

Will Fauci Ever be Investigated

Uncovered messaging from Fauci concerning Covid origins doesn’t look good Click Here for Details

Undue Influence

Why are Zuckerberg and Soros supporting a group that is looking at the racial makeup of Capitol Hill Staff? Click Here for Story

Does McCarthy Have the Votes?

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

Can Kevin McCarthy gather enough support for the House Speakership? Click Here for Details

Misinformed Youth

Rock the Vote organization pushes left propaganda on today’s youth Click Here for Details

Coming For Your Guns…

Biden and Democrats feel emboldened enough to come after semi-automatic weapons Click Here for Story

One Has to Ask, What Are Nancy’s “Many Blessings”?

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Out going Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells her Democrat colleagues to be thankful their many blessings? Click Here for Details

YouTube Hypocrisy

YouTube censors user who published list of Democrats who claimed election fruad in 2016 when Hillary lost Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Friday November 25, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Wasting His Money…And Our Time

Mike Pence seems to be gearing up for a Presidential run but his support will be negligible as most conservatives see him as a pathetic elitist at best and treasonous at worst Click Here for Story


Biden claimed averting the railroad strike as a success but he failed on this task too. The strike is looming for December 9th Click Here for Details

Tables Finally Turning at Twitter?

Liberal account finally gets suspended for threatening conservatives? Click Here for Story

Its Obvious…

Merrick Garland wants to eliminate Trump from running for the Presidency. He’s doing the dirty work for the DC elite who are scared of 4 more years of exposing Washington DC’s corruption Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice

Why isn’t Democrat donor Sam Bankman-Fried being arrested for his financial fraud? Click Here for Story

Mocking Biden

Iran knows Bide is weak and suffering from dementia and they openly mock him for it as they play games with the nuclear “deal” Click Here for Details

More Lies and Division From Nancy Pelosi

Blaming conservatives for attacks against the LGBTQ community is disingenuous and damaging to the country Click Here for Story

Voting Oddity Points to Voter Fraud in AZ?

How could down ballot Republicans in Arizona get hundreds of thousands more votes than the high profile Republicans? It doesn’t make sense Click Here for Story

Ray Epps Was An FBI Asset or Employee?

More video points to January 6th instigator being part of a FBI scheme? Why isn’t he in jail like others if he isn’t Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday November 24, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Liberty, Prosperity and Humility on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Proclamation in George Washington’s own words

Oh So the Colorado Shooter ISN’T a Conservative?

Despite Mainstream Media wrongly accusing conservatives the Colorado gay nightclub shooting was caused by a They/Them Click Here for Story

White House’s Thanksgiving Propaganda?

Biden Admin releases dinner table talking points to shore up Biden’s failures? Click Here for Story

U-M should do more to respect due process, civil liberties group says

Even with improved policies involving sexual misconduct allegations, Ann Arbor campus earns only a “C”

Slave Labor for Apple?

Huge protest in China over working conditions for Apple? Workers beaten by authorities Click Here for Details

Walmart Shooter Identified

Andre Bing was a Walmart manager? Click Here for Story

Arizona Election NOT Certifiable?

Hobbs wins Arizona governor's race, flipping state for Dems | AP News

Problems and fraud evidence mounts as whistleblowers come forward Click Here for Details

Blowback Against Woke Corporations

Kroger has to pay workers they fired for not wearing LGBTQ logos? Click Here for Story

Election Fraud IS Worldwide

Brazilian election had huge irregularities and now President Bolsonaro files for a challenge to the results after protests continue against the alleged winner the socialist candidate Click Here for Story

Public Education Is Bad

There is no accountability for the propaganda being foisted upon our children Click Here for Story

Alaskan Stupidity

Ranked choice voting system gives conservative Alaska a RINO Senator and a Democrat Congressperson Click Here for Story

Green Grift

Who is more corrupt US or Europe? Click Here for Details

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The News Need to Know Wednesday November 23, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

DOJ IS Interfering in Elections

They did in 2016, 2020, 2022 and corrupt Merrick Garland fully intends to do so again in 2024 Click Here for Details

Delaware Election Fraud

Why did election officials detour ballots and hard drives into an empty building? Click Here for Story

The Idiot Media

CBS finally announces that Hunter Biden laptop is real and another journalist tries to start World War III? Click Here for Details and Video

Michigan Democrats go 0-6 in predictions on right-to-work’s economic effects

In the decade of right-to-work in Michigan, dire predictions have not panned out

Democrats Hate Tit for Tat?

Speaker Pelosi threw Republicans off of important committees and now Democrats are angry thatKevin McCarthy will do the same to them Click Here for Story


Outgoing loser Adam Kinzinger has cat fight with “Catturd” on social media Click Here for Story

Truth is Illegal in the UK?

Police investigate teacher for stating that the 9/11 Hijackers were Muslim. Uhhh..they were Click Here for Story

Incoming GOP Chairs Won’t Support DOJ’s Special Counsel on Trump

Jack Smith is a scandal plagued deep state goon? Click Here for Story

RINO Ryan Likes to Push Blame on Trump

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 19: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivers a farewell address in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building on Capitol Hill December 19, 2018 in Washington, DC. While steering the House of Representatives through a major GOP tax cut and negotiating major increases in military spending, Ryan was unable to tackle the solvency of Social Security and Medicare and presided over the federal deficit ballooning from $438 billion in 2015 to $779 billion this year. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Former useless House Speaker Paul Ryan won’t let the republican elite take the heat for their failures in the midterms Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud

Why were laws broken and ballots being mixed in duffel bags? Click Here for Story

China Opens New Front on War With US Economy

The US is at war with China they just won’t admit it Click Here for Details

How America is Destroying Its Health Care

Picking and training doctors by race instead of ability will lead to a medical disaster in the US Click Here for Story

Special Interest Warnock?

steered money to his apartment real estate group? Click Here for Details

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The News You Need to Know Tuesday November 22, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Rail Strike

Not a good holiday if the railroad workers go on strike another Biden failure Click Here for Story

Will Nancy Pelosi Be Investigated?

She managed to hide all her actions and information related to January 6th while the Democrats controlled the House but will McCarthy allow an investigation? Click Here for Story

Berlin Has A Do-Over?

Elections in Berlin were so full of irregularities they decided to redo the election. Sound familiar? Click Here for Details

Rent control could be coming to Michigan mobile home parks

Six of the eight legislators who endorsed the idea will be in the majority next year

How Many Died Because of This?

FTX scammers funded phony research that said Ivermectin didn’t work against Coivd when its now confirmed it does Click Here for Story

Amazon: Just Another Department of the US Government?

How deep and corrupt are the ties between Amazon and the Federal government? Click Here for Story


Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the annual leadership meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Mike Pence agrees the DOJ should not be wasting time investigating Trump? Click Here for Details

Went Woke, Got Broke

Disney’s attempt to go woke caused such a failure they’re bring back the old boss Click Here for Story

It’s Bad and Going to Get Worse

The southern border is a disaster and its about to get even worse Click Here for Story

Destroying the Medical Profession

DEI is destroying business and now targeting the medical community Click Here for Details

Not a Sure Thing yet?

IS Kevin McCarthy still on track for the Speakership? Click Here for Story

Arizona IG Sends Election Integrity Unit to Maricopa County

Allegations of fraud and mistakes are going to be taken seriously this time? Click Here for Details

Biden Supporting the Taliban

And the Taliban just keep getting worse Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday November 21, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Allowed Back on Twitter

Elon reinstates Donald Trump to Twitter but will he use it? Click Here for Story And Here for Update

Fix the Damn Grid

Michigan’s poor energy reliability is the crisis few are talking about

Michigan vacation towns could face downturn if short-term rentals not legalized statewide

Local bans could affect homeowners’ property rights; Lansing must step inRead more

EV Fire Issues

Electric cars have a serious and dangerous drawback Click Here for Details

Where’s The Conservative Pelosi?

Love her or hate her she was merciless in fighting for Democrat Socialist values why don’t Republican House leaders for for Conservative values just as hard? Click Here for Story

Political Nonsense from Merrick Garland

The DOJ investigation into Trump and Mar-A-Lago is political propaganda and nothing more Click Here for Details


Buffalo gets 6 feet of snow! Click Here for Story

Scamming Taxpayer Money

Canada spends billions on homelessness and they have no idea it helped?? Click Here for Story

Democrats in Republican Clothing

These 12 “Republicans” are just Democrats and their latest votes betray their constituents Click Here for Details

Biden and Democrat Foreign Policy Failure

Defense Secretary warns of Ukraine conflict caused by a weak Biden Admin could lead to a nuclear exchange? Click Here for Story

SBF at FTX Loved His Democrats…

Click Here for Info

But He Gave to Republicans Too If It Fit His Agenda…

Click Here for Info

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday November 20, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Giving Money to Other Countries Including China…

For Climate Reparations??? Click Here for Story

FIFA: A Simple Beer Ban?

No, the sudden ban by Qatar for the World Cup soccer games is part of their consistent bad international behavior? Click Here for Story

Will the New GOP Congress Keep Funding Trump Investigations?

Biden’s politically weaponized DOJ wants to keep attacking Trump to stop him from running for office will Kevin McCarthy and Republicans kewep funding it or cut them off? Click Here for Story

America Suffering Under Biden

Biden exceeds Carter as worst President ever? Click Here for Story


Voter irregularities in Arizona aren’t an accident Click Here for Story

The Fall of Men…

What is culture doing to half of society? Click Here for Details

Twitter and The Dems

Did Elon’s latest poll uncover some necessary info for cleaning up twitter Click Here for Story

Walker and Kemp Campaign Together

Herschel Walker, Gov. Kemp Campaign in Georgia Together for First Time

Rare show of unity in Georgia for Republicans? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday November 19, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

China IS the Enemy to The World

They bully, steal cheat, lie and corrupt and the entire world is their victim Click Here for Story

DC Corruption In Your Face

Politicians in DC who took FTX campaign donations SHOULD NOT BE investigating FTX! Click Here for Details

What Kind of Idiocy Is This??

Rep Jackson claims Slave Reparations could have stopped Covid?? Click Here for Story and Video

Like Whitmer, Biden clings to COVID emergency powers

Michigan Senators Peters and Stabenow voted no on effort to terminate COVID emergency Read more

Cat Fight?

Senators McConnell and Graham at odds Click Here for Story

Greater Midland Community Center to receive $5M from state

In two years’ time, the Greater Midland Community Center has benefited from nearly $12M in legislative largesse

The Biden Economy Puts Americans At Risk

25% of Americans could be at risk for heating and electricity issues this winter Click Here for Details

The Unbelievable FTX Debacle

Woke children were given billions with no checks and balances and politicians supported it? Click Here for Story

Another Broken Biden Promise

Biden will shield the Saudi Prince he called a murderer Click Here for Story

Hold Wray Accountable

FBI Director Chris Wray needs to be held accountable for the corruption he seemed to support ? Click Here for Details

Asians Going Right?

Asians in New York districts are voting Republican? Click Here for Story

Strong and Secure Border Wanted

Exit polling showed Hispanic voters overwhelmingly want a secure US border Click Here for Details

Limiting Special Interests

Rep Matt Gaetz wants to ban political donations for Congress from Lobbyists and PACs Click Here for Storylimiting Special Interests

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The News You Need to Know Friday November 18, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

It Begins?

will the Republicans have the guts to follow up on investigating Joe and Hunter Biden? Click Here for Story

Carry Concealed?

Its getting popular Click Here for Story

GOP Samo Samo?

GOP puts the same old RINOs in charge of House and Senate. Will they act different this time? Click Here for Details

Hold The Cheaters Accountable

Kari Lake will not and should not concede in AZ governor race Click Here for Story

UK Goes Full On to Funding the WEF

Brits will fund the globalist elite Click Here for Story

Maybe It WAS Ukraine’s Missile?

Zelenskyy is changing tune on the missile that killed two Poles? Click Here for Story

Weaponized Federal Bureaucrats

Why do we have more weapon carrying Federal employees than Marines? Click Here for Story

The Cost of Uncontrolled Crime

Target posts $400 million loss due to theft Click Here for Details

University Fascism

The top 10 universities actually promoting fascism on campus Click Here for Story

Good Riddance Indeed

Nancy Pelosi leaving leadership is long overdue Click Here for Story

Republicans Don’t Understand the Early Voting Game

Democrats know how to cheat, manipulate and run an early vote ground game Click Here for Story

RINOs Side with Dems Again

Once again RINO elitists join the Democrats in bad legislation Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Thursday November 17, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Brazilians have Had Enough?

Over 3 million protest the election fraud in Brazil Click Here for Details

Can The Recent Voting Issues Be Fixed?

Could Congress do anything about how votes are counted like going back to 1 election day? Click Here for Story

Never Trumpers Get Triggered

Donald Trump’s announcement of running for President sets off the Never Trumpers again Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud

Ballot stuffers caught on video Click Here for Details

Michigan budget includes $40 million for the arts

Edsel Ford House, Grand Rapids, a community center in Midland were among the beneficiaries

GOP Takes the House?

219 GOP to 206 Dems with 10 races still not called Click Here for Story

Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme fails in federal court

A federal judge ruled the plan an unconstitutional exercise of legislative powerRead more

Get Rid of McConnell

This RINO turd must be flushed from leadership position Click Here for Story

Poland’s Missile Deaths Were…From Ukraine

Looking like the missiles that landed in Poland on accident were Ukrainian Click Here for Details

Recount Cometh?

Irregularities were so bad in Arizona that a recount is almost guaranteed? Click Here for Story

Was January 6th a “Fedsurrection”?

Evidence points to a set up and Chris Wray’s alternating denials and silence ring of dishonesty and corruption Click Here for Details

Texas Declares Border Invasion

Why did it take so long? Click Here for Story

Americans Suffer Under Democrats…

But foreign countries prosper Click Here for Details

When Can Mayorkas Be Impeached?

Rep. Flores: Mayorkas 'Lying' About Southern Border

Biden’s DHS Secretary is lying to the public AND Congress about border security Click Here for Story

FBI Director Is A Little late to The Party

FBI Director Wray says Tik Tok app may be spying on Americans. Didn’t Trump warn us of that years ago? Click Here for Details

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