Conservative News Aggregate Monday June 22, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Death in the Zone

Police and medical help can’t get to victims in the CHAZ Click Here for Story

Turning Arizona?

Biden campaign hoping to turn Arizona Blue Click Here for Details

Michigan, Other States Want More Flex On Federal Virus Relief Money

This state in line for more than $3 billion

Weak Republican

Once Again Senator Graham shows he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Democrats Click Here for Details

State and Local Bailouts Would Reward Fiscal Wastefulness

Congress should avoid bailouts

American Workers First

Trump Admin looks at limiting more visas Click Here for Story

Epstein’s Accomplice?

 Jeffrey Epstein 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell has been hiding out in a sprawling Paris apartment

“Madam” Ghislane Maxwell hiding out in Paris? Click Here for Details

Stop The Bias

MDM is not covering riots and protests like they cover Trump Rallys Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday June 21, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Fathers Day!

Celebrate your fathers

Investigating the Leakers

Senator Grassley looks at DoD official over Flynn leaks? Click Here for Details

Fed Court: Let Michigan Supremes Decide If Whitmer’s Emergency Powers Valid

Current law puts no time limit on assumption of extraordinary powers

BLM is a Marxist Group

Leaders admit they have an agenda and its not race Click Here for Story

Federal Court Orders Michigan To Lift Lockdown On Gyms

Court sees no evidence of ‘a rational relation between’ closing gyms and public health

Make China Pay?

Trump ally Stephen Moore thinks the president will ask China to pay reparations over COVID-19

Will POTUS ask China for Covid reparations? Click Here for Story

Michigan Population Winners And Losers

Surprises include Ann Arbor decline, topped only by last place Detroit

Missing Those Police Yet?

Multiple shootings in Minneapolis Click Here for Story

Ninja Missile?

Did US use this unique drone missile in Syria? Click Here for Details

Do Aborted Babies Lives Matter to BLM?

African American babies are aborted at a huge rate Click Here for Details

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Conservative News Aggregate Saturday June 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Majority Want Order

80% of Americans want to restore order after riots Click Here for Story

Jeep Recall

95,000 Cherokees will get a recall notice Click Here for Details

Media Anecdotes Galore, But Little Data On Frontline Workers Catching COVID-19

Walmart silent since early April; big New York grocer reports 0.5% rate

Time to Stop the Destruction


Our very culture and history are at stake Click Here for Story

Whitmer Extends Emergency Even As Hospital Occupancy Rates Back To Normal

The rate was 66% on June 15, same figure as 1990 and 2010

Treasonous Bolton

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and then-National Security Advisor John Bolton at the White House in October 2018.  (Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)

Secretary Pompeo mixes no words over John Bolton Click Here for Details

Whitmer: Attempt To Strip Emergency Powers ‘Irresponsible, Dangerous, And Foolish’

Extends her extraordinary powers until end of July or longer

Hiding Biden

Joe Biden is hiding his weaknesses by staying home and relying on the media to cover for him Click Here for Details

MSM Pushing Biased Polling Again

Just like 2016 MSM polls show Democrat Biden with big lead Click Here for Story

Real Election Interference

Big tech will try to shape the election for Democrats? Click Here for Story

No Civil War?

But the problem in America is very serious Click Here for Details

Cruz Speaks Out on SCOTUS Decision

Ted Cruz Sounds Off on SCOTUS's 'Clever Little Twist' in DACA Decision

Is the Supreme Court not following the Constitution ? Click Here for Details

Poll Shows Some Common Sense Remains?

Americans oppose reparations and renaming bases Click Here for Details

Liberals Seek to Infect Trump Supporters

Ad in Tulsa for infected people to attend the Trump Rally Click Here for Story

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Conservative News Aggregate Friday June 19, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Admire Cuomo?

Not so fast…Click Here for Story

Indo-China Clash

Rhetoric and violence between India and China Click Here for Details

Whitmer Extends Again

Governor Whitmer extends Michigan’s Emergency Order yet again Click Here for Story


Trump Admin gets blocked by SCOTUS decision Click Here for Details

Lansing Activists Want To Defund Police 

But city owes public safety retirees $764 million in benefits

Will Democrats Hinder Police Reform?

Senator Schumer can move forward or keep dragging his feet Click Here for Details

Why Can Funeral Directors Only Manage One Home Per County?

Bill seeks to keep rural undertakers from going under

UN Hypocrites

Abusive regimes want to complain about US racism charges? Click Here for Details

Lying Bolton

National Security Advisor John Bolton, pictured on April 13, 2018, said President Donald Trump "has made no decision on the nuclear deal" with Iran

Disgruntled John Bolton sells his book with lies? Click Here for Story

Breaking America

CHAZ or CHOP whatever you call it, its about dividing up America Click Here for Story

The Scam Behind BLM

Black Lives Matter only cares if a black death has political influence Click Here for Details

Cultural Jihadism

Aunt Jemima Just Got Beheaded by the Culture Jihadists

Political correctness causes companies to give up their history Click Here for Story

Democrat Shows his Racism

Democrat Senator shows his true racist self? Click Here for Details

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Conservative News Aggregate Thursday June 18, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

GOP Senate Mulls Police Reform

Will Democrats oppose or help pass a bill? Click Here for Details

Michigan Schools Might Open in Fall?

Queen of the lock downs thinks schools can open in September Click Here for Details

Union Announces Cost To Reopen US Schools: $116.5 Billion

‘…should be provided in addition to other funds’

Media Hyping 2nd Wave

VP Pence says the liberal media is once again fear mongering Click Here for Story

Former Ann Arbor Chief Speaks Out On Police Unions

They exploit a process ‘staggeringly favorable to bad cops’


Senate passes major conservation bill Click Here for Details

Bolton Ends Career as a Liar?

John R. Bolton et al. standing next to a person in a suit and tie: John R. Bolton was President Trump’s national security adviser for 17 months. Mr. Trump asked if Finland was part of Russia, Mr. Bolton wrote in his new book.

Deep State war monger John Bolton goes for broke to sell his book Click Here for Story

Atlanta Officer Charged

Felony charges are pending against fired police officer Click Here for Story

Governor Whitmer Honors Radical Muslim?

Honoring those who hate America? Click Here for Story

Losing Police

Lack of support for officers will lead to a lack of officers Click Here for Details

Dementia Joe

55% believe Joe Biden has dementia Click Here for Story

Prisoner Swap?

Will Russia release spy charged American in prisoner swap arrangement? Click Here for Story

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Conservative News Aggregate Wednesday June 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Exec Order on Police Reform

POTUS signs executive order for policing reforms Click Here for Story

Bad News for Senator Peters

MI Poll: Only 19 Percent of Voters Say Sen. Peters Deserves a Second Term

New Michigan poll looks grim for incumbent Click Here for Details

Trump Rally to Change Venue?

Discussions on changing the Tulsa Rally location Click Here for Story

Whitmer Won’t Defund ‘All The Police,’ State Police Handle Her Emergency Communications 

Wants less law enforcement, criminal justice in budget

China 2nd Wave ?

Did they ever have it under control ? Click Here for Story

Cop Or Barber? Clipping Hair In Michigan Requires Three Times More Training

594 hours versus 1,800 hours

More CNN Bias

Former anchor says CNN required her to book only “the right kind of black guests”? Click Here for Story

Gorsuch’s Surprise Decision?

Conservative on SCOTUS have issue with newest Justice’s decision Click Here for Details

Big Rebound?

A woman in a clothing store in a medical mask because of a coronovirus. Quarantine is over, now you can go to the clothing store.

Trump economy seems to be powering through Covid and protests Click Here for Details

Destroying History

Rioters and protesters want to destroy and abolish history Click Here for Story

Election Fraud

Mail in balloting is ripe for abuse Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday June 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Not Erasing History

France refuses to remove colonial era statues due to political correctness and protests Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Insurance Laws Change

July 1st means big changes this is what to know Click Here for Details

Township Officials Sue Tax Hike Opponents For Successfully Committing Politics Online

Voters deprived officials of opportunity to spend more

Targeting Lincoln?

Statue of Abraham Lincoln targeted by activists? Click Here for Story

Police Unions In The Crosshairs

Former chief says they make it ‘almost impossible to fire and hold officers accountable’Read more

SCOTUS Rules for Gays and Transgenders

Ruling protects gay employees in 17 states that have not offered equal protection Click Here for Story

2nd New York Shutdown

Governor Cuomo threatens another shutdown Click Here for Details

NFL Star Supports Police

Not all police are bad Click Here for Details

Seattle Warlord

Inside the mob ruled CHAZ Click Here for Story

Decentralize the Internet?

Is there a way to stop socialism? Click Here for Details

A World Turned Upside Down

Insane: Black Female Principal of Prominent Chicago High School Under Pressure to Resign for Warning Against Violence and Looting

Principal threatened over her warning telling people not to loot? Click Here for Story

Fighting Back Against Social Media Censorship

New legislation may remove protections for social media giants Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Monday June 15, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Obvious Red Flags

Rick Grenell says the red flags about the phony Russian Collusion investigation were obvious? Click Here for Story

Michigan MAGA Parade

Decorated boats travel down the Detroit River in Detroit on June 13, 2020. Hundreds of boats participated in a "Make America Great Again" boat parade in celebration of President Donald Trump's 74th birthday.

Michigan boaters celebrate the President’s 74th birthday Click Here for Story

Police Quitting

SWAT team members in Florida quit over lack of support Click Here for Story

Attorney General Cited ‘Mussels’ 38 Times, ‘Flood’ Once In Suit Over Dam That Failed

Suit filed 19 days before flood for lowering waters behind dam

Hiding Churchill ?

Google hid images of Winston Churchill over protests? Click Here for Story

Misleading Pictures Of Detroit School Funding

It’s not hard to get things wrong when big revenue sources are left outRead more

How a Mid-Michigan Dam Failed

EGLE and Boyce Hydro actions appear to have compounded the May 2020 floodRead more

All Lives Matter?

(Screen Capture)

Governor Cuomo says every life matters Click Here for Story

Defund At Your Own Peril

Truckers say they will stop delivering to cities that defund police Click Here for Details

The Minneapolis Mistake

Lack of common sense? Lack of Education? Both? Click Here for Story

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The News YOU Need to Know Sunday June 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Majority Supports Police

2/3 of Americans do not support defunding the police Click Here for Story

The Big Roar

Niagara Falls is running huge this year with record Great Lakes water levels Click Here for Details

Wayne Prosecutor Endorsed By Attorney General Nessel Seized Poor Peoples’ Cars

Took more than 2,600 cars over two years in aggressive sting operationRead more

Real Justice Coming?

Will these rioters get the real justice they deserve? Click Here for Story

Whitmer Agrees Armed Blacks At Capitol Would Be Killed; These Weren’t

Read more

POTUS at West Point

Stresses unity for cadets at graduation ceremony Click Here for Story

The Beastly Beauty?

Kim Jong Un’s sister threatens South Korea Click Here for Details

Seattle Chaos

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.  (Getty Images)

Seattle Police Chief says they cannot get to rape and robbery victims in autonomous zone Click Here for Details

Hypocrite Hillary

Hillary Clinton

Says nothing about Coronavirus amid violent protests but criticizes peaceful Trump rallies? Click Here for Story

The Kneeling Agenda

Average Americans have nothing to apologize for Click Here for Details

Phony Joe

Biden claims to be tough on China and its a complete lie Click Here for Story

Tennessee Tough

Tennessee Gov. Says Seattle-Like Autonomous Zone Won't Be Allowed in Nashville

State of Tennessee won’t put up with Seattle style protests Click Here for Details

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The News YOU Need to Know Saturday June 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com


Autonomous zones are not acceptable in the United States Click Here for Story

Whitmer Agrees Armed Blacks At Capitol Would Be Killed; These Weren’t

Whitmer’s 114 Coronavirus Executive Orders Bring 22 Lawsuits So Far

More of both seem likely

Say What Joe?

Says George Floyd’s death had bigger global impact than the death of MLK Click Here for Story

Governor’s ‘Trying To Save Your Life’ Standard Places Few Limits On State Epidemic Orders

Telling diners they can remove their mask before they eat

New Cancer Treatment Works?

Former Senator Harry Reid ecstatic over new treatment Click Here for Story

Some Covid Spikes

But most governors will proceed with openings Click Here for Details

Attacking History

More figures of American history are under attack Click Here for Story

Record Spending

(Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Record spending and deficits being set again Click Here for Details

The Real Racism

Liberal whites shout down black women as they hijack Black Lives Matter protests Click Here for Story


Seattle Mayor's Infuriating Characterization of Autonomous Zone

Seattle Mayor’s view of anarchist takeover is not based on reality Click Here for Details

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