Monday October 14, 2013

Whitmore Lake Schools Board Meeting Tonight

The Whitmore Lake Public School Finance Committee will be meeting tonight in the Whitmore Lake High School Media Center this evening at 6 to be followed by the regularly scheduled School Board Meeting.  Please attend and give your imput to the School Board. 7430 Whitmore Lake Road  Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189
phone: 734.449.4461    fax: 734.449.5576

House Fire in Northfield

Northfield residents escape house fire Click Here for Details

Beer Website Provides More Information About Taxpayer Investment Than The State

Deals that never materialize are not reported by the MEDC

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The state of Michigan will give out an estimated $577 million of taxpayers’ dollars this fiscal year in the form of tax credits to various companies. But getting information about those deals remains a challenge. However, in one instance, a popular beer website sheds more light on what happened to a deal the state brokered than the state organization charged with its oversight. … more

Dirty Harry Shouldn’t Dismiss Compromise

Senator Susan Collins says the Senate Majority Leader should start negotiating Click Here for Details

Veterans Protest in Washington

Tired of being used as pawns by the Obama Administration Click Here for Story

I’m With Stupid

By Micahel Goodelll

The bad news for the Obama Administration is the Obamacare rollout is every bit the train wreck Max Baucus said it would be. The good news is nobody knows about it, except for the millions who have lost their insurance thanks to…Click Here for More

Dems Want to Remove Sequester as Part of Deal?

What part of overspending do the Democrats not understand? Click Here for Details

Default Would Be Obama’s Fault

Gary Wellings, Chief Editor

The Democrats are already wrongly trying to blame the GOP for the 17% Federal government shutdown. Next they will try to blame a default on US debt on the Republican controlled House. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like it or not The House of Representatives has passed bills to fully fund the government albeit without funding Obamacare. They compromised and passed a bill to fully fund the government with just a…Click Here for More

Cattle Deaths Will Cost

Estimates have reached 100,000 dead cattle as result of fall snow storm Click Here for Story

The Left Joins Big Banks

  Obama’s pick for Fed chair is loved by the Left and Wall Street Click Here for Details

Food Stamp Glitch

Computer problems seizes up EBT program Click Here for Story

Syrian Rebels Target Chemical Inspectors?

Suicide bombers hit hotels of UN inspectors Click Here for Details

Obama’s Ponzi Scheme

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s description of handling debt ceiling sounds like the SEC’s definition of Ponzi Scheme Click Here for Story

Myths About Shutdown

What is real about Federal Government shutdowns Click Here for Details

Unlimited Access to US Nuclear Lab

How do foreign nationals from the Middleast and communist countries get open access to US labs? Click Here for Story

Companies Fleeing Obamacare Exchanges

Nebraska loses 9 companies as Obamacare launches Click Here for Details

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