Thursday May 18, 2017

Mueller To Lead Russian Investigation

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller will head up the alleged Russian situation Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan Senate Race

Who could take on Debbie Stabenow? Click Here for Details and Video

National Park Service Spends $506k to Promote Old Cars

Michigan’s Woodward Dream Cruise began in 1995 as a fundraiser for a local soccer field. Today the annual celebration of classic automobiles draws an estimated 1.5 million people and 40,000 vintage cars in August. … more

Michigan Democrats Vote to Give Detroit Schools Money for Students Who Don’t Go There

If Democrats in the Michigan Senate had gotten their way on May 3, Detroit Public Schools Community District might have a new source of revenue next year: state money for students no longer enrolled there. … more

Crazed Liberals Not Professional

Liberal CNN anchor has a meltdown on a Trump-supporting former Navy SEAL. It does not end well. Liberal anchor loses her mind on air Click Here for Details and Video

Pathetic Un-American Michigan Congressman

Image result for justin amash  Rep Justin Amash shows himself for the Democrat supporting Anti-Trumper he truly is Click Here for Story

Good Pick for Homeland Security

Sheriff David Clarke hill join DHS Click Here for Story and Video

Deep State Told to Resist Trump

Dems and Media want the deep state bureaucrats to continue to hurt the President Click Here for Details

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