Friday April 5, 2019 The Daily Drift

Sue Yale

Image result for ted cruz beard Senator Ted Cruz threatens lawsuit against Yale University for discrimination against Christians Click Here for Details


President Ford’s grave site defaced Click Here for Story

People Are Leaving the Nation’s Largest Unions After Janus Case

National Education Association loses 3 percent, AFSCME down 8 percent

Oakland County Takes House For $8.41 Property Tax Mistake

Owner likely will see them in state Supreme Court later this year

No Confidence

Image result for kim foxx More fallout for Prosecutor Kim Foxx after Jussie Smollet case Click Here for Details

Media Still Pushing Collusion

NY Times says Mueller team not happy with report summary Click Here for Story

Russia in Arctic

Russia pushing for control in the Arctic? Click Here for Details

It’s Called Weather Chuck

Image result for dumb chuck schumer Senator Schumer blaming weather on Global warming Click Here for Story

Dems Going Into Illegal Territory

Asking for Grand Jury information that would be illegal to release Click Here for Details

Unveiling the Stone

Judicial Watch sues FBI over Roger Stone raid documentation Click Here for Story

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