Friday April 8, 2016

Fix The Damn Grid!

National Security Agency director Mike Rogers Cybercom warns that China, Russia and others are attacking US infrastructure Click Here for Story

Opening Day in Detroit

Tigers home opener excites Michigan Click Here for Details

It’s Time For Scope of Practice Reform

  Nurse practitioners and physician assistants offer competent care at a lower cost than physicians, but these professionals are limited by restrictions known as “scope of practice” rules.  … more

Michigan Pushes Back Against Feds on Labor Regulations

  The state Legislature took action to protect small businesses when it passed a series of bills after the National Labor Relations Board handed down a ruling that the American Bar Association said could mean an end to franchising “as we know it.” … more

Obama SCOTUS Threat

Says Dems won’t work with GOP if they don’t give a hearing to Obama’s nominee Click Here for Details

The Coming Tragedy

US needs to account for debts and liabilities and fast Click Here for Story

Bill in the Spotlight

Bill Clinton’s record is becoming a liability to Hillary’s campaign? Click Here for Details and Video

This IS Sharia

Handshake (file pic) Muslims forcing rules on Swiss culture Click Here for Story

Is This A Ryan for President Ad?

Ryan video seems like a campaign ad Click Here for Details and Video

Cutting Corners on US Safety

Obama Admin is fast tracking refugee intake Click Here for Story

ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

© نضال حنان Kurds being attacked with mustard gas ? Click Here for Details

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