Friday February 8, 2019

Karma for Democrats

Top 3 Dems in Virginia all involved in Scandal Click Here for Details

Democrats Show Their Disdain for Americans

Congresswoman tells teen on twitter to be afraid?  Click Here for Story

Drivers Will Pay More At Pump If Oil, Gas Pipeline Shut Down

Estimates vary on the effects of closing Mackinac Straits pipeline

Democrats Embrace Socialism?

New Green Deal is the epitome of how socialism can ruin a country Click Here for Details

More Liberal Hypocrisy

Joy Behar also in the racial crosshairs? Click Here for Story

Gun Grabbers

  Democrats in the House plan on going after your guns Click Here for Details

Voters Reject Medicare for All?

Kamala Harris (David McNew / Getty)  In California of all places?  Click Here for Story






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