Friday June 7, 2019 The Daily Drift

Hmmmm Maybe It Works?

Mexico cracks down on migrants Click Here for Details

POTUS Honors D-Day Veterans

Speech even has liberal MSM on board Click Here for Story

Detroit Schools The Nation’s Worst, Super Want Its Teacher Pay The Nation’s Best

Worst urban district for 10 years per Nation’s Report Card, but Detroit gives its own teacher high marks

Facts Should Matter in the Realm of Education

The NEA should keep its facts straight when it comes to school choice

Baby Rental?

DHS warns  that babies are being used at the border to aid illegals crossing Click Here for Details

Border Surge

Estimate of illegals crossing this year jumps another 10% Click Here for Story

And Here for Video

Southern Border and Africa?

500 Africans apprehended at US southern border Click Here for Details

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