Friday March 15, 2019

The Truth IS Coming Out?

Strzok says he was blocked from having access to Hillary email by DOJ agreement Click Here for Story


Beto O’Rourke jumps into the 2020 race Click Here for Story

Pelosi Is On the Stupidity Bandwagon

 Speaker endorses wanting 16 year old children to vote Click Here for Details

Big Recall

FCA institutes recall for 862,000 vehicles in the US Click Here for Details

Homeowner: Are All Uses Not ‘Permitted’ By Zoning Forbidden? 

That’s what one Michigan city appears to claim

Will Sanctuary Cities Wise Up?

Another woman stabbed to death by illegal who was protected by a Sanctuary City Click Here for Details

The Republicans Who Won’t Protect Our Border

OREM, UT - NOVEMBER 6: Republican U.S Senate candidate Mitt Romney talks to his supporters after he won the Utah Senate seat, at his campaign headquarters at an election night party on November 6, 2018 in Orem, Utah. Romney is running to replace retiring Utah Republican Senator Orin Hatch who … Mitt Romney will join Democrats to try and stop National Emergency for the border wall Click Here for Story


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