Monday August 5, 2013

Big Plans for Mt. Brighton

$10 million dollar renovation starts Click Here for Details

Medicaid Expansion: New Exterior, Same Core

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A Senate work group has come up with the latest version of House Bill 4714, the legislation to expand Medicaid in Michigan. In spite of the redrafting, the heart of the measure remains intact. It would accommodate the implementation of Obamacare. … more

Guest Editorial

Who is Really Running Things Around Here?

 I’ve put up with a bunch of crap in the work force for a long time…as both a union worker…and as a non-union worker.

Did you see “Let It Rip” on WJBK Fox 2 News on 8/1/2013?  One of the topics that was discussed was fast-food workers wanting $15.00/hour and wanting to form a union for better working conditions.  Earlier this year there were fast-food workers who walked off the job in protest to the …Click Here for More

Senator Schumer Calls for No Talks With Putin?

Is Edward Snowden worth throwing Russian relations away? Click Here for Details

Al Qaeda Stonger Than Ever?

Changed and mutated but certainly not dead Click Here for Story

Embassy Closings Will Be Longer

Threat will shutter embassies longer than 1 day Click Here for Details

Your Money… Their Waste

Feds spend half a billion on training for Green Jobs that don’t exist Click Here for Story

Yup. Who’s Doing the Running?

Bill Kristol calls it like he sees it Click Here for Video

Liberal Media Attacks Conservative Donors?

Moving from reporting to attacking Click Here for Story

Rep. Amash Still Supports Snowden

He’s a whistleblower not a traitor Click Here for Details

The New World Power Structure

China and Russia participate in Joint Military Drills? Click Here for Story

Courts Not Happy With Obama Backdoor

Backdoor amnesty gets wristslap from Texas court? Click Here for Details

Paying Welfare…To the Dead

Millions being paid to people long dead Click Here for Story

Democratic Corruption

Former DNC Chair and current Dem Governor candidate Terry  McAuliffe under investigation for fraud? Click Here for Details

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