Monday July 22, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Another Democrat Liar

Georgia State Rep claims racism and then has to backtrack Click Here f0r Story

Get A Haircut, Kid? Forget About It

Teachers union resolves to oppose ‘hair discrimination’

Haters Gonna Hate…And Lie

Rep Ilhan Omar continues her racist agenda Click Here for Details

Mueller Testimony

Questions to ask Mueller from both sides Click Here for Story

Ebola May Spread by Plane?

This time there could be wider spreading of the disease? Click Here for Details and Video

Domestic Terrorists

Senator Cruz introduces measure to label Antifa a terror group? Click Here for Details

Will Bernie Now Understand?

Forced to pay his campaign staff $15 per hour cause Bernie Sanders to cut back hours Click Here for Details

Michigan Could Backtrack on Marijuana Charges?

Bill would expunge thousands of charges against people for marijuana crimes Click Here for Details

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