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Israel Helping

Donating drugs to the US to combat Corona Virus Click Here for Story

Hold China Accountable

China owes the world some explanations and more…Click Here for Details

Michigan Corona Virus Update

Click Here for Details

Arrest Them

Teenage morons contaminating others on purpose Click Here for Details

Stay Home Orders

California orders residents to stay home Click Here for Story

Dirty Senators?

4 US Senators unloaded stocks before Corona Crisis Click Here for Details

American Positivity

82% of Americans feel they can do their jobs despite the Corona outbreak Click Here for Story

Chinese Lap Dogs

Image result for main stream media logos Which US news outlets are spewing Chinese talking points? Click Here for Details

New York Lock Down

Cuomo Issues Lockdown Order: New Yorkers Must Stay Home! New York State also tells people to stay home Click Here for Details

Return of Kingship

Putin set to follow President Xi with an appointment for life Click Here for Story

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