Sunday September 8, 2013

U of M Takes Night Game

Michigan beats Notre Dame in special night game Click Here for Details

Fixing Roads

Is there enough support for Brighton Road Bond? Click Here for Story

Right-to-Work Event Marred By Protesters Spitting At Worker Freedom Advocates

Union activists and supporters disrupt event where Mackinac Center expert was invited to speak

By Manny Lopez | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Union activists and big labor supporters who were upset that people were gathering in Vancouver, Wash., to talk about worker freedom resorted to violence and intimidation Thursday night, which resulted in a Mackinac Center for Public Policy employee getting spat upon. … more

‘Special Interest’ Campaign Rhetoric Doesn’t Match With Reality

As a legislator, Mark Schauer voted to approve tax breaks and subsidies to plenty of favored businesses

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Rallying against special interests is a common political theme and a bipartisan complaint made by candidates. But gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer doesn’t have much room to criticize the governor. In his years as a state senator, Schauer had a long history of voting in favor of tax incentives for favored businesses. … more

Even Dems May Not Support Obama on Syria

Voting their conscience or following their constituents they may not support Syria strike Click Here for Details

Teamsters Discriminate Against Dearborn Workers

Play Video Below

Why Is Liberal Hollywood Afraid to Speak up Against Syrian Attack

Too cowardly or afraid of being labeled racists for disagreeing with Obama? Click Here for Details

Ghosts of Benghazi

Obama’s unanswered questions on Benghazi may support for Syria even harder Click Here for Story

Feinstein Wrong Again

Ignores voters and pushes for Syria Click Here for Details

Conservatives Take Control of Australia

Tony Abbott wins as voters punish the Labor party Click Here for Story

Graham Pushes Syria Attack Too

GOP Senator sides with Obama at the same time he insults him? Click Here for Details

Wacky Rodman Back to N. Korea

“Friends for Life” with Kim Jong Un Click Here for Story

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