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Memorial Day

Remember those who paid for our freedom Click Here for Details

Helping Doctors

St. Louis-area doctors look at connections between strokes and ...

Trump Admin looks to cut regulations hurting doctors Click Here for Story

Gyms Sue Whitmer

Another group of businesses take aim at tyrant Whitmer’s lock down Click Here for Details

U-M Football Cancelled? Washtenaw County Had Two Cases Of COVID-19 on May 22

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Lock Downs Hurt More Than Being Open?

Nobel Prixe winner explains Click Here for Details

We’re No. 45 In Readiness To Reopen Society and Business

Only five states are less prepared to open up than Michigan

Will We See Justice?

The Durham probe should yield indictments for justice to prevail Click Here for Story

Get the Facts First

Fed aid to the states should rely on real Covid numbers Click Here for Story

South American Covid Cases Rise

With colder weather returning is it helping virus spread? Click Here for Details

Biden Not Good for Blacks

Joe Biden's Next Big Decision: Choosing A Running Mate | Voice of ...

Former VP says he speaks for the African American community but the facts don’t back it up Click Here for Details

Terror in Texas

Report: Texas Naval Base Jihadi Secured U.S. Citizenship Despite Living in Syria

Jihadist had managed to secure US citizenship Click Here for Story


Democrats blame Trump for the racism they commit daily Click Here for Details

Elder Assaulter Arrested

Man who filmed himself beating up nursing home patients is arrested Click Here for Details

Contract Tracing Stupidity

Efforts to expand contract tracing is useless but is it cover for something else? Click Here for Story

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