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The Damage of A Democrat Victory

Your country will be forever changed and not for the better Click Here for Story

Polls Tightening

Trump cutting Biden’s lead in battleground states Click Here for Story

House Speaker Says Whitmer Endangered Legislators By Not Disclosing Capitol Terrorism Plo

This IS the Democrat Party

Supporters of Biden are increasingly violently intolerant Click Here for Details

Spend $99 Challenging This Group’s Agenda And It’s ‘Climate Science Disinformation’ 

They invoke science but their arithmetic equates $99 with $364,000Read more

Exactly Why ACB Needs to be Confirmed

Amy Coney Barrett is precisely the right SCOTUS pick Click Here for Story

The Newest Coup

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announces a bill to create a ommission to evaluate the president's capacity to discharge the duties. (Photo: Screen capture)

Speaker Pelosi still trying to get rid of Trump Click Here for Details


With all the proof of Whitmer kidnap plotters being anti-Trumpers Governor Whitmer still blames Trump Click Here for Story

Conservative Protester Killed in Denver

Is it now open season on Trump supporters Click Here for Details

Hand in Hand

Media carrying the latest propaganda from the Democrats Click Here for Story

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