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Education Fail

Department of Education shows why they should be disbanded as they miscalculate student loan spending Click Here for Story


Ghislane Maxwell is in jail Jeffrey Epstein is dead but what about their child sex trafficking customers why is the government hiding the client list and why are customers being charged with crimes ? Click Here for Story

Michigan Trump Endorsement?

Who if anyone will get the Trump endorsement for Michigan governor Click Here for Story

Jaye: Triple-dippers are draining governments in Michigan

Michigan offers ‘golden handcuffs’ to longtime workers who want to retire, denying opportunities for advancement to younger ones

The January 6th Committee IS Un-Constitutional

The Democrat inquisition is a sham and a witch hunt AND Un-Constitutional Click Here for Story

Bill would ban sanctuary cities in Michigan

Government officials in knowing violation of law could face fines up to $7,500 Read more

Government Lying to The People

Media propagandists including Wikipedia try to cover for the failed Biden regime on inflation and “recession” by changing definitions Click Here for Story

What Did Manchin Get?

The question has to be asked as to what Manchin got to change his mind on bankrupting America Click Here for Story

Well The DC Don’t Like Open Borders?

When it affects them that is Click Here for Details

FBI Manipulating Data to Back Democrat Narrative

Who is ordering data to make domestic terrorism look prevalent? Click Here for Story

The Idiotic World of Democrats

President Joe Biden speaks about the economy during a meeting with CEOs in the South Court Auditorium on the White House complex in Washington, Thursday, July 28, 2022. Biden was updated on economic conditions across key sectors and industries. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Biden and the Democrats somehow think borrowing more money for the government will reduce inflation? Click Here for Details

NOT Good for Pennsylvania

Democrat’s Senate candidate would only worse crime for the state Click Here for Story

Germans Pay the Price for Bad Policies by Their Government

One city in Germany is now banning hot water Click Here for Details

No Cars For YOU

Global elitists don’t believe average people should own their own cars Click Here for Story

World War III?

Its against YOU Click Here for Story

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