The News YOU Need to Know Sunday January 10, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Digital Warrior Massacre

With its 230 protections Twitter discriminates and wipes out thousands of conservative users Click Here for Details

More Democrat Failures

Cuomo is a murderer - The Donald - America First!

New York’s Cuomo policies result in Covid vaccines being throw away Click Here for Story

What Policies Actually Matter To COVID? 

Lockdowns may just give illusion of control, at great social and economic costRead more

The Deep State Controls Both Parties?

Senator Toomey is just as bad as Democrats Click Here for Details

Yes It Was Antifa

Handing out weapons at the Capitol Click Here for Story?

BLM Organized Capitol Attack?

Democrats ARE the Coup Makers

Media and liberals want to spin it but the facts are obvious Click Here for Story

Big Tech Fascism

Apple and Google Play ban Parler App becuase they won’t censor the President and his supporters Click Here for Details

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