The News YOU Need to Know Thursday July 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Time to Oust DeBlasio

Congressman joins call for removal of New York City’s mayor Click Here for Details

More Attacks on Working Folks

Democrat wants to reequire workers to pay union dues Click Here for Story

Whitmer Praises Or Condemns Social Distancing Violators Depending On Who And Why

It looks political

As Coronavirus Case Numbers Soar, Deaths Plummet

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Snowflake Generation

Current generation puts comfort over freedom Click Here for Details

Win for Religion

SCOTUS sides with religious school in decision Click Here for Story

What’s the Story on Roberts?

Chief Justice Roberts had a health issue last month Click Here for Story

Protests Caused Uptick in Covid?

Miami Dade rise in cases caused by protests? Click Here for Details

Removing Religion from Schools?

Is this what caused crime increase? Click Here for Details

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