Thursday August 1, 2013

Fisherman Found

Body discovered in Whitmore Lake Click Here for Story and Video

Self Defense Works

Store Clerk pulls own gun to stop robbery Click Here for Details

The Real Patients of Medicaid: Teraca

By Anne Schieber |Courtesy of MIchigan Capitol Confidential

Teraca is like many Medicaid patients who do not have a relationship with a regular physician. Had she had such care, she might have been more inclined to schedule an office visit for symptoms such as stomach pain and avoided the expensive care she got in the ER, where she said her pregnancy was diagnosed.  … more

Criticizing His Own

Photo - Rep. Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo., implored President Obama to not select Larry Summers to take over as head of the Federal Reserve. (AP File) Obama lashes out at Dem COngressman for criticizing his Fed pick Click Here for Details

Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Economist Milton Friedman would be 101 today. His passing several years ago was lamentable but many of his ideas — involving monetary policy and price theory, for instance — are immortalized in his many scholarly books, academic papers and tributes by fellow scholars who knew him best. … more

Charity Bin Ban on Private Property Spurred By A Few Documented Complaints

One of two complaints obtained through FOIA was from competing thrift shop employee

By Anne Schieber |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

GRAND RAPIDS — The ban on recycling bins on private property here appears to be the work of a handful of individuals, including an employee from a thrift shop that benefits from the ban, according to documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request.  … more

Jay Carney Has to Face “Phony Scandal ” Charge

Press gets gutsy over Obama attempts to call his scandals phony Click Here for Details

GOP Can’t Get Its Act Together

Is Boehner’s leadership failing? Click Here for Story

Another Epic Fail

Homeland Security loses track of 1 million foreignors in US Click Here for Details

DC Monument Vandal an Illegal Immigrant

Chinese woman traveling on expired passport Click Here for Story

How Bad Was the Snowden Leak?

US Gov’t opens up Click Here for Story

No Friend to Israel?

Open using the UN agaist Israel? Click Here for Details

Poor Performance

Under Obama only an average of 1% growth Click Here for Story

Green Job Failure

Report: Exposing $500 million failure Click Here for Details




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