Thursday March 28, 2019 The Daily Drift.Com

POTUS in Michigan

Rally set for Thursday in Grand Rapids Click Here for Story

Border Arrests Surging

Most arrests in one  in a decade Click Here for Story

Flint Paid City Workers To Stay Home

One staffer collected nearly $20,000 last year to be on standby

Road Work: Should State Prioritize ‘Horse Boobs’ or Highways?

Subsidized film festival starts today

Democrat Anti-Semite

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar renews attacks against Jews Click Here for Details

Now Lets Look for Real Russian Collusion

It wasn’t the Trump team it was the DNC and the Clinton team colluding with Russia Click Here for Story and Video

Russia in Venezuela?

  US warns Russia on putting troops in Venezuela Click Here for Details


The Associated Press  Smollett lawyers weigh a lawsuit AGAINST the Chicago PD? Click Here for Story

But Maybe NOT Off the Hook

FBI reviewing Smollett case Click Here for Details

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