Tuesday January 14, 2014

 Ann Arbor Schools to Expand School of Choice

Neighboring districts may have hard time competing unless they have something unique Click Here for Details

Raising Cold Cash

Polar Plungers raise money for Special Olympics Click Here for Story

Mismanagement Often to Blame for School District Financial Troubles

Flint Community Schools lost students but continued to overestimate revenue

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Flint Community Schools received $5,400 more per student than the nearby Grand Blanc school district in 2011-12, yet Flint has been losing money for three years while Grand Blanc balanced its budgets. In part, that’s because Flint has been losing students and overestimating its revenue. … more

‘Deep Freeze’ Adding Inches of Ice to Great Lakes Levels

Experts unsure if water levels will remain high

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Because of low temperatures over the past few weeks there is more ice cover on the Great Lakes than in recent years. Experts are now trying to determine what this mean for long-term lake levels. … more

Let the Games Begin

Obama Meets with Dems to Discuss Election Agenda Click Here for Details

The Hillary Hit List?

   Team Clinton has axe ready to grind against those who cross them? Click Here for Story

This is Not Going to Work

5.6 of 6 million Obamacare signups will be a drain on the system Click Here for Details

Ignoring the Law?

   Ted Cruz calls Obama Admin lawless as it makes changes without Congress consent Click Here for Details

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

    Democrats use Christie Scandal to ruin his chances Click Here for Story

China on Edge

  Allegedly ready to seize an island by force Click Here for Details

Epic Fail Continues

Oregon Obama Exchange still not working Click Here for Story

The Next BIG Bailout

  Feds are ready to bailout health insurance companies after Obamacare makes them fail? Click Here for Details

Not Well Liked?

P   Poll shows HIllary ranks lower than Bush and Limbaugh but the Dems want to push her on US anyway Click Here for Details


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