Tuesday July 21, 2015

US -23 to Close Tuesday Night

Plan  your routes Tuesday evening Click Here for Details

Michigan Radio Features Fight Against Forfeiture

The Mackinac Center has joined with groups from across the political spectrum, including the ACLU of Michigan and FreedomWorks, to push back against Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture laws. … more

National Teachers Union Boasts of Having ‘Conservative’ Members While Undermining Their Values

The agenda for the National Education Association’s recent annual conference was dominated by buzzwords of the left: “social justice,” “institutional racism,” “family planning clinics,” and “climate disruption.” Yet, the teachers union has highlighted that it has a lot of conservative members. … more

Immigrator in Chief

  Guess how many illegals came to the US under Barack Obama Click Here for Details

 Leader of Peace?

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei held a gun during his Saturday speech during which he commented on the nuclear agreement. (Image source: YouTube/PressTV) Iran’s top religious leader gives speeches while holding a rifle? Click Here for Story

UN Gets First Crack at Iran Treaty

Obama bypasses Congress…again Click Here for Details

The Latest Obama Gun Grab

AP Photo Obama Will Use Social Security to Prevent People From Getting Guns Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Disrespects Military

image  No half mast flag order from Obama for murdered Marines and Sailor Click Here for Story

Boycott Sanctuary Cities?

  Is it time to put economic pressure on misguided municipal leaders? Click Here for Details

Not Immune: Terror Attack in Turkey

© Dicle News Agency  Turkey hasn’t been on board with stopping ISIS now they are paying the price Click Here for Story and Video

More Rewards for Illegals

Those who have been committing crime the longest get rewarded Click Here for Details

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