Tuesday October 3, 2017

New Abortion Limitation Plan

White House backing 20 week limitation bill? Click Here for Story

School Officials Claim Teacher Shortage; Job Applicant Numbers Tell Another Story

 The debate about an alleged teacher shortage continues in Michigan, with the most recent treatment coming in the article “Crisis point: Michigan faces teacher shortage,” which appeared in the Houghton-based newspaper The Daily Mining Gazette. … more

It’s Time to Allow Direct Vehicle Sales

  If you’d like to drive a Tesla, you’ll need to go to Ohio to buy it. Michigan doesn’t allow car or motorcycle manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. … more

The Russian North Korean Connection

Did Russia help North Korea Click Here for Story

Idiot Dems Still Want to Blame Inanimate Objects for Killings

Libs want to ban guns not bad guys Click Here for Details

Bad Genes?

Vegas Shooter’s father was a most wanted bank robber? Click Here for Story

Who IS Attacking US Spies?

And what are they using? Click Here for Details

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