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BREAKING NEWS: Iran Attacks with Ballistic Missiles

Image result for iran missile attack At least 15 missiles launched from Iran at US/Iraqi/Coalition bases Click Here for Story and Video

USMCA Getting Close

Bipartisan vote send USMCA trade deal to the Senate floor Click Here for Details

Ricky Destroys

Golden Globe host demolishes his critics Click Here for Story

‘The Nation’ Blames Michigan GOP For Cuts In School Budgets Signed By Dem Governor

Cuts came during single-state recession; funding only higher since GOP gained trifecta in 2011

CNN Settles with Sandmann

Image result for nick sandmann  Covington Kid maligned by CNN get suit settled Click Here for Story

Forfeiture Cases Can Take Years, Even for the Innocent; Supreme Court May Help

Mackinac Center signs onto amicus brief in Salgado v. United States

Schumer Thinks Hes the Boss?

Schumer vows to force votes on impeachment witnessesVows to control the Senate impeachment nonsense Click Here for Details

Still Swindling

Chelsea Clinton continues her parents work of raking in millions for nothing Click Here for Story

Rush Rules

King of Talk radio  gets another record contract Click Here for Story

Biden Says America Is Terrorist

Joe Biden takes part in a Democratic presidential debate in Los Angeles last month. (Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images) Says actions of America is the same as Iran Click Here for Details

Border Still Not Secure

See one of the parts of border that is still not secure Click Here for Story

The Disgrace that IS the Democrat Party

Democrats and the liberal media continue to side with a terrorist killer of Americans Click Here for Details

More Ukrainian Corruption

Former US Ambassador was in on stealing from the Ukrainian people? Click Here for Story


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