Wednesday January 10, 2018

Sheriff Joe Running for Senate

Iconic Arizona law man is running for US Senate Click Here for Details

Property Owner: Mackinaw City’s Ban On Airbnb Rentals Violates Our Rights

 The Mackinaw City Village Council banned rentals of less than 30 days in part of the residential section of the village. … more

More Winning!!

Major electric utility plans to lower customer bills because of tax reform billPower company plans to cut bills because of Trump Tax cuts Click Here for Details

States Win From Trump Tax Law Too

States should see windfall from new tax plan Click Here for Story and Video

Really Oprah?

Amidst the libs talk for Oprah to run for President they forgot she said this…Click Here for Story and Video

Fire and Fury of Lies

Wolff Admits: Didn't Interview Any WH Cabinet Officials For Anti-Trump BookMore fake revealed in new book Click Here for Details

Dems Failed Predictions

Predictions of economic meltdown due to Trump Election are a complete failure on Democrat’s parts Click Here for Story

Saving Europe

Hungary and Poland leading the way to try and stop mass immigration and the destruction of Europe? Click Here for Story

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