Sunday September 28, 2014

Another Bad Weekend for U of M

Gophers beat out Wolverines Click Here for Details

Some Progressives Want to Silence, not Debate, Opponents

‘Intellectually challenged, paranoid’

Rather than participate in the national discussion involving the market place of ideas, some on the “progressive” side of the debate want to silence — or in one extreme case imprison — those who disagree with them. … more

Government Fraud?

Federal agencies playing games with funding to ineligible contractors Click Here for Details

Total Ignorance

  Dept of Justice wants to tie Law enforcements hands by banning profiling Click Here for Story

Early Voting Begins

November election comes early with absentee ballots Click Here for Details

Oklahoma Murderer Shouted Islamic Phrases

Murder was ideologically driven? Click Here for Story

Officer Shot in Ferguson

Are things ramping up again? Click Here for Details

Internet Threatened?

  Inventor of the internet warns of attempts to control the internet Click Here for Story

Iranian Ostriches?

APTOPIX UN General Assembly Iran  Iran’s leader says ISIS/ISIL are not Muslims? Click Here for Details

Executive Amnesty Will Pardon Terrorists?

Will Obama’s actions make illegals with terrorist ties legal to be in the US? Click Here for Story




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