Wednesday October 26, 2016

POTUS Caught in Outright Lie?

Obama said he didn’t know of Hillary’s private server until the public did. Wikileaks emails show Obama sent emails to it Click Here for Details

Iran Demands Ransom for US Citizen

"What I can say again is that we do not pay ransom. We don't pay ransom," State Department Spokesman John Kirby said. "We didn't then, we don't now. We're not going to change that policy going forward."State Dept says we don’t pay ransom…but they have once already Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Best Pizza?

Top 12 pizza places Click Here for Details

Tilt from Tax Cutting to Corporate Welfare Renews Failed Approach to Economic Growth

  During Michigan’s economic “Lost Decade” of the 2000s, state government seemed to have just one response for crushing declines in income and employment that cost about 800,000 residents their jobs between 2000 and 2010: more corporate welfare. … more

Media Loves Corporate Welfare Stories, But Silent When Jobs Go Bust

  Free-market economists have coined the term “press release economics” to refer to state corporate welfare deals whose job projections generate round after round of favorable media reports — but seldom any follow-up when no jobs materialize. … more

Orange Should be Hillary’s Color

Giuliani says Hillary should serve prison time for her actions Click Here for Story

We Told You SO!

Morning Joe panel discusses how Obamacare is falling apart as conservatives said it would Click Here for Story and Video

Sweden Bans Christmas Lights?

Sweden Bans Christmas Street Lights; To Avoid Offending Muslim Migrants?Is this an appeasement to Muslims? Click Here for Story

Media Bias and Rigging?

Absolutely, study shows 91% of Trump coverage has been hostile Click Here for Story

Why McMullin is a Bad Choice

Evan-McMullin-ImWithHerWould rather stop Trump than Hillary Click Here for Story

Police State?

Filmmakers arrested for videotaping pipeline protests? Click Here for Details

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