Sunday May 14, 2017

Noko’s Missile Launch

Trump says no one should be pleased Click Here for Story

Michigan Public School Enrollment Down 25 Percent Since 1978

 Enrollment in Michigan’s public schools has dropped to the lowest level since 1978, which is as far back the state has records online. … more

‘$0’ for Michigan Infrastructure? Only If $4 Billion for Transportation Not Counted

 Despite claims to the contrary, Michigan has and continues to allocate billions of tax dollars to maintain and improve infrastructure. … more

Stupid Hollywood

ABC cancels successful sitcom because it supported Trump ? Click Here for Details

Rogers for FBI

FBI agents group urges Trump to pick Mike Rogers for directorOne group of agents wants former Congressman Mike Rogers to lead FBI Click Here for Story

Deporting Somalis

Another round of Somali immigrants get deported Click Here for Details

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