Friday June 16, 2017

Retarded GOP

Never Trump Republicans take up Democrat talking point blaming Trump for Liberal gun attack Click Here for Story

Michigan House Dems Propose State Contract Preference for Immigrants

  Democratic lawmakers in the Michigan House have introduced a bill that would require state contract managers to pursue a goal of awarding at least 5 percent of the spending on state contracts to businesses owned by immigrants. … more

Dumb Blond?

Lib co-host Mika from Morning Joe goes on a rambling Anti-Trump tirade Click Here for Story and Video

Is Shooting a Wake Up Call for Congress

Will their own security make Democrats behave? Click Here for Story

Civil War?

Are leftist violent attacks opening a 2nd civil war in America? Click Here for Details and Video

More Fake News

With Russian collusion now a bogus story Mueller tries Obstruction? Click Here for Story and Video

Dems Still Blaming Guns

Governor McAuliffe takes Lib shooting attack and uses it to bash guns Click Here for Details

Media Ties to Shooter

How quickly will they distance themselves? Click Here for Story

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