Saturday June 17, 2017

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Beware of Fake News?

FBI says there IS fake news beware of “Anonymous Sources” Click Here for Details

Investigated for Following the Constitution?

Trump confirms Mueller is working for the Democrats? Click Here for Story

Michigan is Spending As Much on State Police Pensions as Salaries

 The cost of providing retirement benefits for Michigan State Police employees nearly matched their gross pay last year, with most of the money going toward paying down debts incurred by decades of pension underfunding. … more

Amazon to Buy Whole Foods

Whopping $13.7 Billion deal Click Here for Story

More Power to the Feds?

Congress considers bill greatly expanding feds’ power to seize your money, Bitcoin, and propertyIs Congress mulling another freedom killing bill? Click Here for Details

Attacks on Conservatives Grows

A protester cheers during the Trump Free Speech Rally in Portland, Oregon, U.S. June 4, 2017. REUTERS/David RyderThe Left is getting ore and more violent Click Here for Story

Growing Approval

Despite all attempts by Media and liberals Trump still over 50% approval Click Here for Details

1st State Bankruptcy?

Illinois might be first US state to declare bankruptcy? Click Here for Details and Video


Classic, Dems take no responsibility for their rhetoric causing attacks Click Here for Story

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