Friday August 4, 2017

Obamacare Implosion Continues

Aetna is leaving Obamacare exchanges Click Here for Story

50% Felons?

Half of Detroit’s Mayoral candidates have committed felonies Click Here for Story

As Feds Expand Forfeiture, Michigan Looks to Restrict It

 The Trump administration is gearing up to expand federal forfeitures, a law enforcement tool that enables the government to confiscate people’s property before they are convicted of a crime. … more

The Biggest Hypocrite

Only 3% of Al Gore’s home uses green energy Click Here for Story

Congress Is At Fault for Bad Russian Relations

Following the media and Dem allegations on Russian collusion and interference is hurting international relations Click Here for Details and Video

China Helps US Look for Sailor

The sailor went missing during a joint US-Japanese drill in the South China SeaUS Sailor goes overboard during drills Click Here for Story

Americans Not Fooled BY Democrats and MSM

 Poll shows more Americans worried about ISIS than climate change scam Click Here for Details

Anti-American, Anti-Israeli, Anti-Trump

H.R. McMaster (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press) National Security Advisor McMaster is purging employees who support Trump Click Here for Story


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