Sunday November 12, 2017

Stop Crying About Russia?

Trump met with Putin during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vietnam where the pair had Good foreign relations with another super power is not the worst of things Click Here  for Details

With Income Tax Rejected By Voters, East Lansing Looks at Spending Cuts

 The city of East Lansing will likely have to cut spending after voters said “no” this week to a ballot proposal that would have imposed a 1 percent income tax on residents and a 0.5 percent tax on nonresidents who work in the city. … more

City Claims It Will Cut Almost Everything Without a ‘Needed’ Tax Hike

 The city of Fraser asked citizens for a tax hike in 2016 but the measure failed. Apparently undeterred by the outcome, Fraser officials increased taxes anyway with a new budget and are asking voters again for a hike. But the city has a spending problem it should look at first. … more

Roy Moore Responds

Judge Roy Moore responds to Fake news claims Click Here for Details

Space Lasers?

NASA ready to test new weapons? Click Here for Story

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