Monday December 4, 2017

Strange Bedfellows…

Hatch advisors recently reached out to Bannon and spoke with the Breitbart News executive chairman about 2018, signaling the senator could be having second thoughts about retiring. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Bannon eyes supporting elitist GOP to stop other elitist GOP in the Senate? Click Here for Details

The Highest-Paid Employees in Michigan’s State Government

The top salary for an employee in Michigan state government in 2017 was $377,137, according to the Michigan Civil Service Commission. … more

MEA Attack on Online Charters Misses Mark

One way to attack an education option that works for families is to be selective about data and your own standards. … more

Obstruction of Justice…FROM the FBI

House Intelligence chairman says he’s going to hold the FBI in contempt of Congress — here’s why Time to hold the deep state accountable Click Here for Details

Sickness in North Korea

Ghost Disease symptoms in North Koreans Click Here for Story

Mueller’s Dishonesty

Mueller demotes one of his own for being Anti Trump Click Here for Story

Liberal Hypocrite

Joy Reid gets caught up on her anti-gay posts Click Here for Details

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