Tuesday December 5, 2017

Trump Collusion Just a Ruse

All signs point to law breaking by Obama Admin? Click Here for Story

Another Pension ‘Spike’ For Outgoing Teachers Union President

  MEA President Steve Cook suffered through policy defeat after policy defeat during his six-year tenure. However, the union still gave him a $23,000 annual raise in his last year that served as a boost to his state pension. … more

Crooked FBI?

FBI agent got Hillary off the hook? Click Here for Story

How Right-to-Work and the End of the ‘Dues Skim’ Killed the SEIU in Michigan

  In 2012, the Michigan branch of the Service Employees International Union representing home health care workers was riding high. It had 55,000 members, brought in $22 million annually and was able to spend nearly $3.5 million on politics. Then it all came crashing down. … more

Travel Ban Allowed

SCOTUS gives the go ahead for Trump Travel Ban Click Here for Details

Net neutrality is Anything But

FCC Chair shuts down celebrities Click Here for Story

Moore Gets Trump Support

Will this solidify Moores election to Senate? Click Here for Details

President CAN’t Obstruct Justice

Trump Admin attorney speaks up Click Here for Story

Playing Dirty

Doug Jones candidacy intimidating voters? Click Here for Details



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