Tuesday December 12, 2017

Terror Attack in New York

Breaking: NYPD responding to explosion at NYC Port Authority bus terminal near Times SquareBomber apprehended Click Here for Details

Violence in Mid East Should NOT Dictate US policy

Being passive and tolerant hasn’t worked to find peace in Middle East Click Here for Story

Unions Complicit in Retirement Benefit Crisis

  Public sector union members protested at the state capitol this week because lawmakers are considering reforms to post-employment health insurance benefits promised by local governments to their employees. Union officials loudly proclaim that these benefits should not be cut, and it’s not clear that the recently introduced package would cut them.

Charters Schools ‘Segregated’? Children Only Attend If Their Parents Choose

 For years, the most common criticism of America’s public charter schools was that they cherry-picked the best students from conventional public schools, which opponents said accounted for charter’s superior academic performance. … more

GOP Bad at Marketing

Unpopular tax plan because they allow Dems and Media the upper hand Click Here for Story

Calling the Kettle?

Turkey’s Prime Minister calls Israel a terror country? Click Here for Details

Fox Phony Poll?

Has there been a huge drop for Moore support or is Fox polling wrong again? Click Here for Story

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