Wednesday December 20, 2017


House passes tax reform, what will the Senate do? Click Here for Details

Mueller Won’t Be Fired?

Dershowitz says these are the reasons the President wont’ fire Mueller Click Here for Details

School Choice Breaks Down Racial Barriers

  Opponents of school choice seem to be working overtime to discredit programs that give students in tough circumstances a better chance to succeed. These critics would be well-advised to ensure their own house is in order first. … more

Middle East Heats Up

Saudis intercept missile from Yemen Click Here for Story and Video

Media Cover Up

Report: Major news networks refused to cover bombshell story about Obama protecting Hezbollah Mainstream Media won’t cover up Obama support of Hezbollah drug running? Click Here for Details

Proof Republicans are Fair

EPA contract canceled due to the perception of allegiance? Click Here for Story

Jill Stein: Russian Collusionist?

Senate probe for Russian collusion leads to Jill Stein? Click Here for Details

Standing Up for Israel

 Nikki Haley stands the  US behind Israel at UN Veto Click Here for Story

Economy Facts the Media Won’t Tell You

Trump Flags Thumb Up Trump Economy is firing up but the elites, Dems and Media won’t talk about it Click Here for Story

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