Saturday January 20, 2018

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Obstructionism taken to new level to try and get Dreamer’s voting Click Here for Details 

Ann Arbor Gets Top Spot

Best place to live in America? Click Here for Story

Governor Granholm Called to Underfund Pensions 6 Years Before Company Bankruptcy

Jennifer Granholm criticized federal rules governing pensions and called for weakening their funding requirements. … more

Disturbing Info Out of FBI and DOJ

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz says intel document contains ‘disturbing’ information about the DOJ and FBI Exactly what, how and why was the Obama FBI and DOJ investigating? Click Here for Details

Obama Weaponized Shutdown

Trump and the GOP will not? Click Here for Story

Yes Walls Work

gettyimages 865157896 Border Wall Models Thwart US Commandos In TestsNew wall prototypes thwart US Commandos Click Here for Details and Video

The Results of Mass Immigration

Italians soon to become a minority in their own country Click Here for Details

More Reason to be Worried?

Almost 60% of illegals caught at border are NOT Mexican Click Here for Story

The Amnesty Shutdown

Chuck Schumer and Democrats hold America hostage for Illegals Click Here for Details

You’re Paying for What?!?!

Illegals quietly being relocated throughout the US? Click Here for Story




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