Monday January 22, 2018

Day Three of the Schumer Shutdown

Republicans are ripping Democrats up for reelection over the budget shutdown. Among those targeted and seen with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer are Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., left, and Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)DACA Debbie Stabenow and Democrats still holding our military and America hostage for the illegals Click Here for Details

Charter Teachers Get No Pensions, Amendment Would Make Schools Pay Anyway

 State Rep. Martin Howrylak sought this week to require that charter schools pay into the underfunded public school pension system, something Democratic politicians and well as teachers union officials have been seeking for years. … more

State Rep. Howrylak Explains Why He Believes Charters Should Pay Into Public School Pension System

  State. Rep. Martin Howrylak says the public school employee pension legacy costs should be shared equitably between traditional and charter schools. … more

Corruption: The FBI is Hiding What?

Breaking: FBI admits it ‘failed to preserve’ five months of text messages from anti-Trump FBI agent FBI admits is “failed to preserve” 5 months of texts??? Click Here for Details

#Use 51 Votes

With Democrats obstructing everything is it time to end the filibuster rule? Click Here for Story and Video


Planned Parenthood condemns bill that would treat babies born during an abortion Click Here for Details

Seeds of Its Own Destruction

California will now automatically register illegal immigrants to vote? Click Here for Story

Socialist California

 Lawmakers in California look to grab money brought back by new Fed tax law Click Here for Details

Release The Memo

IS this the treasure trove to prove Obama FBI & DOJ corruption? Click Here for Story

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