Tuesday March 6,2018

How Guilty is The Obama Admin?

Will evidence show Obama was targeting the Trump campaign? Click Here for Story

A Lot Fewer Detroit Public Schools Teachers Rated ‘Highly Effective’

 A few years ago, while the highly regarded National Assessment of Educational Progress rated the Detroit public school district as the nation’s worst urban school district, the district’s administrators determined that more than four out of five of its teachers were “highly effective,” the best rating an Michigan educator can receive. … more

Moving to JerusalemGuatemala announces it will move embassy to Jerusalem, thanks Trump for ‘leading the way’

Guatemala also moving embassy to Jerusalem Click Here for Story


POTUS says a better NAFTA deal can avoid tariffs on Canada and Mexico Click Here for Details

The Lustre is Gone?

Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars Oscars rating drop. Hollywood is losing its shine due to its own hypocrisy Click Here for Story

Rolling Back Dodd-Frank?

Senate looks at banking rules Click Here for Story

Another Special Counsel?

 This one may look at Hillary and the Democrats? Click Here for Story

The Swamp Doesn’t Like America First

Global dollars pay for the DC swamp and that’s why they hate protective tariffs? Click Here for Details


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