Thursday March 8, 2018

Economic Weapon

China is winning the globe by just buying land, infrastructure and communication Click Here for Story

Texas Not Going Blue?

Sen. Ted Cruz, who is up for re-election, won the Republican Texas primary with over 1.3 million votes out of more than 1.5 million GOP votes cast. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)Primary votes in Texas show media myth of a blue wave? Click Here for Story

Make An Example

Threats to schools need to be punished severely Click Here for Story

DTE Earns Big Gas Pipeline Profits, Lobbied For More Gas-Fired Electricity

  More renewables and less coal means more gas, and DTE is big in the gas business … more

Insanity of the Left

Connecticut governor says the NRA has ‘become a terrorist organization’Governor calls law abiding NRA members terrorists Click Here for Story

Democrats Side with Globalists

Schumer: Trump must back down from ‘sweeping’ tariffsSenate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rails against tariffs which protect the American worker Click Here for Details

Going After California

AG Sessions target California for their sanctuary status Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Trump pictured in January: he traded playful digs with the media Saturday at the Gridiron Club DinnerJobs rock in February Click Here for Story

China on Campus

Promoting Communism just one part of China’s agenda on a US campus? Click Here for Story

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