Wednesday June 19, 2013

Forcing Smart Power Meters

Appeal file against them Click Here for Details

Vehicle Tax Increase Unnecessary

Vehicle Tax Increase Unnecessary

Spending cuts can provide more than enough

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The Michigan House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is considering legislation to raise taxes on vehicle owners as a way to get more money for roads. Roads may need the extra attention but there is no need to increase taxes on net balance. … more

House GOP Leaders Vote With Dems To Pass Medicaid Expansion

GOP House leadership: Reps. Bolger, Stamas, Walsh, Haveman, Lori, Pscholka voting for Govt expansion of Medicaid

First in a series


By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Last week, 28 Republicans in the Michigan House helped pass House Bill 4714 to expand Medicaid in Michigan. … more

The Latest Rundown on Immigration in the Senate

Senator Reid moving to cut off debate Click Here for Story

Was A Supreme Court Justice Intimidated?

  Senator outline why he thinks so Click Here for Details

Wasted, Lives, Wasted Money, Wasted Time

12 years of war later; Obama ready to talk peace with Taliban even as the killour soldiers, close girls schools and kill innocent civilians Click Here for Story

Preferential Treatment for Muslims?

Lawsuit asks for NYPD to end surveillance of suspected Muslim programs even as the Government increases surviellance on the rest of us Click Here for Details

…Meanwhile Karzai Says No

Afghan President on opposite side from Washington Click Here for Details

Elbert Guillory: “Why I Am a Republican”

Black Lousiana State Senator explains why he left the Democrats and became a Republican.  Take 4 minutes, watch and share this video please.

You! Find Your Receipts! We’ll Go Get Our Bonuses

While the IRS holds your feet to the fire, wastes money and victimizes opponents of the Obama Agenda, they’re set to receive over $70 million in bonuses. This tells me someone approves of their bad behavior Click Here for Story

Obama Should be Tried for War Crimes?

  You’ll never guess what ultimate hypocrite is calling for Obama to be tried for war crimes Click Here for Story

Islamists Seize Control in Syria

And will we regret supporting them? Click Here for Details

Even Germany Tells Obama Internet Monitoring Must Have Limits

Merkel reads Obama the Riot Act? Click Here for Story


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