Friday July19, 2013

Breaking: Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

Creditors not helpful  Click Here for Story

Direct Opposites?

Hypocritical U of M regents approve instate tuition for Illegal Immigrants at the same time as US military Click Here for Story

Livingston Sheriff Gets New Toy?

MRAP vehicle now in Sheriff Dept. fleet Click Here for Details and Video

OtherCare not Obamacare

Health care event that looks to market for solutions to be held  Saturday in Ann Arbor

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

As the nation struggles with the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, and the Michigan Legislature continues to discuss expanding Medicaid as part of the law, a group of doctors is hosting an event discussing solutions to the health care system. … more

If Medicaid Expansion Passes, GOP ‘Yes’ Votes Likely Stuck Voting to Pay For It Too

Attorney General Bill Schuette Opposes Medicaid Expansion

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy  of Mich Cap Con

Republicans who voted for Medicaid expansion but say they oppose Obamacare may have locked themselves into automatically supporting future Medicaid spending bills.  … more

Congressman Tires of Obama Admin Dodging

  Rep.Jason Chaffetz says he’s tired of the Obama Admin dodging questions and hiding info on scandals Click Here for Story and Video

Issa Vows to get The Truth on IRS Scandal

 After fingers point up the chain of command Congressman Issa says the truth will come out on who initiated targeting of Tea party groups Click Here for Details

Old School Race Baiter

Jesse Jackson wants to call Florida and Apartheid State Click Here for Story

Holder Wants to Violate Florida Law?

  Tells Florida they must retain all evidence including the gun of exonerated George Zimmerman Click Here for Details

Barkley Has Common Sense

 Charles Barkley agrees with Zimmerman verdict Click Here for Story

Rioting for their Own Good?

Teens riot over Trayvon as excuse to steal and vandalize Click Here for Details

Forging Passports Not a Crime?

   Senators Leahy and McCain have no idea what is legal or not? Click Here for Story










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