Sunday July 28, 2013

Rogers Defends NSA Collection

  Says lives are  being saved and privacy protected Click Here for Details

Teacher Union President Continues Misrepresenting School Aid Facts

Michigan public schools never saw $1 billion cut

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The School Aid budget was never cut by $1 billion. It dropped from $12.98 billion in 2010-11 to $12.75 billion in 2011-12, a drop of about $235 million. In 2013-14, the state is expected to spend $13.37 billion on the School Aid budget. At the same time, Michigan public schools are serving less students, down 2.5 percent since 2011. … more

MEDC: The Same Old Run Around On Jobs Numbers

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Cnfidential

The Michigan Economic Development Corp., the state’s corporate welfare and promotional arm, is still ducking direct questions about job creation. … more

A Look at Michigan’s June Spike in Unemployment Rate

By James M. Hohman |Courtesy of MIch Cap Con

Michigan’s recent increase in unemployment was caused by an uptick in the number of people looking for work. While an increased proportion of people looking for work is rarely good news, this time it is. The reversal of the state’s long-term trend of losing its workforce is a positive for the state. … more

Obamanomics Doesn’t Work

  Middleclass left behind by Obama policies Click Here for Details

Family Troubles

Anthony Weiner’s wife has her own scandal to worry about Click Here for Story

What? Black CNN Host Supports Bill O’Reilly Views

And gets scolded by liberal white  guy? Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Criticizes Keystone Pipeline

Doesn’t want union jobs? Click Here for Details

And This Wasn’t Terrorism According to the Feds?

Ft Hood shooter releases his Jihadi manifesto…from prison Click Here for Video

States Fight Back Against Fed

Laws  undermining Fed rules are popping up consistently Click Here for Story

The Only Boom Town in America?

  Federal spending drives real estate shortage and price jumps in Washington DC Click Here for Details


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